Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Best Three Ton Floor Jacks in 2022

Have you ever got stuck in the middle of a deserted road with a punctured tire? This is a situation we all have faced numerous times. You never know what will happen, so isn’t it better to be always prepared for the worst? A spare tire is essential, but without a floor jack, how can you fix the tires? Especially if you are alone, you need to have them both to fix whatever the problem is. Whether you are buying a new one or replacing a damaged one, it’s important to know what you are getting. Let us help you get started with our list of best three-ton floor jacks for various vehicles.

Our Best Top 3

List of the Top 10 Best Three-Ton Floor Jacks in 2022

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1. Best Overall: Milestones Tool Powerzone

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  • Weight: 98.8 pounds
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Material: Steel

If you want a durable floor jack within a reasonable price range, your search ends here. This floor jack includes a 3-ton garage jack, and a pair of jack stands. Besides, there’s a padded foldable creeper of 38-inches metal frame and a pair of tire chocks. The lifting range for this model is from five to eighteen inches.

A safety valve is attached to the jack stand so it won’t overload. Its frame has wheels that swivel for easy arrangement.  The padded frame prevents the vehicle from getting scratched. A good choice for people who always want to have a backup.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Ratchet locking bar on the jack stands
  • Wheels are provided so you can position them easily
  • Creeper is foldable for easy storage

2. Best Runner-Up: Liftmaster Ultra Low Profile

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  • Weight: 72lbs
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Material: Steel

Are you looking for a low-profile yet strong floor jack? With this jack having two pistons, within 6 to 8 full stroke pumps, your car will be up. So you can say goodbye to hours of sweating under the sun. At its lowest, the jack is 3 inches, and at full height, it can go up to 19 inches. The range is more than sufficient to accommodate whichever vehicle you have.

It has front as well as rear wheels, and the rear wheels are movable so you can roll it in whichever direction you want. The jack is broad enough to accommodate your needs and has a detachable pad for safe lifting. It is definitely heavy, but that is to be expected from a floor jack that has a capacity of 3 ton.

Key Features

  • Durable and low-profile
  • Can lift the car within 8 full-strokes
  • Can go up as high as 19 inches
  • Wheels for easy transportation

3. Best Under $200: Big Red T830002

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  • Weight: 78 pounds
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Material: steel

The Torin Red Hydraulic jack is constructed from heavy-duty steel that ensures longevity. Its minimum height is 5.5 inches, and the maximum height is 20.5 inches. The safety bypass system prevents it from overloading and ensures safe handling. It is strong enough to lift heavy loads quite easily, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tears.

For easy maneuvering, it is equipped with 2 steel casters and 2 casters which swivel 360 degrees. It comes with a really detailed booklet that would help you set it up and take proper care of it. So you don’t need to panic over how you are going to set it up. The double plunging pump makes it easy for you to lift your vehicle up.

Key Features

  • Durable, heavy-duty steel frame
  • Casters are movable
  • Double plunging pump
  • 40-inch handle with a safety valve

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4. Best Value For Money: SUV 3 Ton Jack

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  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Material: steel

The Torin SUV 3 ton floor jack relies on hydraulic pressure for the lifting of the vehicle. That cuts down the time it would take you to pump it up. It has a lifting range from 6 inches to 21 inches, so it can support your SUV just fine. The SUV floor jack isn’t the lightest but is lighter than the majority of all the others in the market.

This model is lightweight as compared to others, and the handle is detachable. When you are not using it, there’s a slot on the jack where you can fit the handle once removed. This makes sure that you don’t lose sight of it when you need it urgently and also helps you save space.

Key Features

  • Has 4 caster in total for easy handling
  • Even red coating makes for an attractive design
  • Removable neck and storage slot
  • The most lightweight for such a huge capacity

5. Cheapest Amongst All: Maasdam Pow’R Lift

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  • Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Material: Steel

Maasdam has been in the market for 62 years and is a reputable brand. If you are worried about heavy floor jacks and want a lightweight one, then here’s an ideal choice for you. It has a unique foot pump feature which comes in handy if you are trying to lift the vehicle sidewise.

Fully lowered, it is 5 inches long, and at full height, it is 13 inches. The model is the most compact and lightweight floor jack you can find with a capacity of 3 ton. This is designed specifically for easy handling, quick fixes, and portability. If you travel a lot and want a floor jack that you can lift on your own, then you should consider this.

Key Features

  • Saddles swivel for easy positioning
  • Small structure for transportation
  • Has a range of 4 to 21 inches
  • Meets all ASME requirements

6. Most Compact: Tfwalog Portable Air Jack

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  • Weight: 38.5 pounds
  • Capacity: 6600 pounds
  • Material: Steel

Dragging a heavy tool with you at all times can be difficult. This 38-pound air jack by Tfwalog is perfect for quick fixes. It saves you from labor and lifts your vehicle within a matter of minutes easily. This has a special overlay, which makes it easier for you to lift the vehicle.

The most enticing feature might be the fact that it is great on soft and uneven grounds. If you get stuck on a muddy road, then this will fix your car just fine. Customer service is also known to be very cooperative, so you can get it replaced easily if you receive a faulty piece.

Key Features

  • Works well on the collapsible ground
  • Doesn’t require you to struggle with pump
  • Durable steel body
  • Three overlay airbags

7. Most Diverse: Arcan 3 Ton Floor Jack

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  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum

If you aren’t too sure about a steel floor jack, then here’s an aluminum jack with great features. The entire structures, as well as the wheels, are made from aluminum to make it durable. It comes well-oiled already so you can simply assemble it without hydraulic fluid.

The padding on the jack may seem thin, but it does its job well.  You can remove its handle without using any tools on it, which is pretty handy. The handle has a protective sleeve that prevents your vehicle from getting damaged or scratched.

Key Features

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Dual pistons for quick pumping
  • Bypass system prevents overloading
  • Has a one year warranty

8. Most Durable: Pittsburg Automotive 3 Ton Floor Jack

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  • Weight: 79 pounds
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Material: Steel

The Pittsburg automotive jack is perfect for all vehicles less than 3 ton with its low-profile build and lifting capacity. Built from industrial grade, high-density steel, this floor jack is extremely sturdy. This also means that it will be heavy. For stability, extra-large steel casters are provided along with a universal release joint for precise load control.

Designed with a dual-piston pump, it has rapid pump technology for easy lifting. The low-profile is great in case you have sports cars. The saddle is made of steel and has a diameter of 4.5 inches. The handle is detachable, so you can connect an adapter to it. It is suitable for picking up Trucks, SUVs, and other heavy load vehicles.

Key Features

  • Low-maintenance; occasional greasing and cleaning
  • Low-profile is fit for sports cars
  • Can be connected to an adapter
  • Easy to set-up

9. Best Suited To Heavy-Duty: USATNM Automotive Floor Jack

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  • Weight: 78 pounds
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Materials: Steel

If you want a quick and sturdy floor jack, then this 3-ton floor jack is perfect for you. It comes with a dual-piston pump so you can lift your vehicle with 3-4 full strokes. For release, it has a twist valve that you need to turn. So overall, the handling is easy.

The height is 5 inches, and at maximum, it goes up to 18.5 inches. It is very much capable of handling heavy loads as it has a two-piece knurled handles made of aluminum. Thanks to its foam bumper, you don’t have to worry about damaging your car. For quick lifting of heavy load vehicles like Range Rover, Audi, it is a great fit.

Key Features

  • Tough high-grade steel
  • Universal release joint
  • Rapid pump technology
  • Protective foam bumper

1o. Most Diverse: Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack

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  • Weight:72 pounds
  • Capacity: 6000 pounds
  • Material: Steel

This is another great low-profile floor jack, which is perfect for all sorts of vehicles. The powerful Craftsman floor jack can lift any vehicle from 5.5 inches to 19.25 inches. Due to its hydraulic lifting, it can easily lift minivans, SUVs, sport utility vehicles, and trailers.

While you are working under it, you can rest easy because it comes with twin jack stands. In addition to the jack, you will also receive a padded creeper. The creeper has 3 pairs of wheels on it so you can move under the vehicle freely. It can lift hefty trucks as well, so you can trust its strength.

Key Features

  • Fit to lift trucks, trailers, minivans and other heavy vehicles
    Comes with a heavily padded creeper
    High grade, industrial steel body
    Lifting range is 5.5 to 19.25 inches

Quick Fix For Your Vehicle

Floor jacks have become an essential tool, not just in shop sites but also in your personal garage. While working with a vehicle, you always need at least some assistance. But with a floor jack, you can work alone without any trouble. The ones we have listed out are perfect for home use as well as business use. They are all portable thanks to the casters, and a lot of them come with creepers as well. That saves you from the additional purchase of a creeper separately. So what are you waiting for? Check out which one will fulfill your demands and grab it before they run out!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques.1 Can A Three Ton Jack Lift My Truck?

Ans- The thumb rule is that a floor jack should rate for at least 3 quarters of the total weight of the vehicle. So yes, according to that rule, a three-ton floor jack can lift your truck without any trouble. As long as the truck is around 6000 pounds, you won’t face any problems.

Ques.2 Can A 3 Ton Floor Jack Lift My SUV?

Ans- A three-ton floor jack can lift any SUV of 6000lbs safely, but what you should check the range. All floor jacks have different lifting ranges; make sure your SUV and jack are compatible in terms of lifting range. So as long as your SUV isn’t more than 6000 pounds and matches with the jacks’ lifting range, you are good.

Ques.3 What’s The Difference Between A Floor Jack And A Trolley Jack?

Ans- A trolley jack has springs and a really long pole attached to it. They can lift heavy-duty vehicles easily but are very heavy and can’t be carried around. Floor jacks are their replacements that can perform all the same functions. The reason floor jacks are preferred is that they are portable and lighter than trolley jacks.

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