Top 9 Best White Ceramic Christmas Tree in 2021

Want to try something different this Christmas? Well, buying a white ceramic Christmas tree. Colored Christmas trees, which are made of ceramic, are absolutely alluring but none can match the classiness of white one. Seriously, they look just breathtaking and add a touch of elegance to your Christmas décor. However, finding the ideal ceramic Christmas tree that can incorporate with your overall home décor is a bit challenging, as there is a deluge of white Christmas trees out there in the market and it will leave you confusing. But, you don’t need to worry. We are here to get you out of this deluge. You can just go through our list of top 10 best white ceramic Christmas trees in 2021. It will definitely help you to pick the right one.

Our Best Top 3

List of the 9 Best White Ceramic Christmas Trees in 2021

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9- Best Choice Products pre-lit hand-painted ceramic Christmas tree

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A glossy white finish dotted with unnumbered of colorful bulbs. Sounds amazing? Well, it looks amazing too. If you don’t believe us, just look at this white ceramic Christmas tree. This 15-inches Christmas tree is beautifully flecked with 64 multicolored bulbs that shine at their all glory and render an aesthetic look. To enhance the beauty of the tree, it is also equipped with a 7-pointed star topper.

The interesting thing about this Christmas tree made from white ceramic is that all bulbs are illuminated by a single interior light. So, just tap a switch and all bulbs will light up instantly. Adding more to that, the ceramic Christmas tree is designed with a 5ft long power cord that eliminates the hassle of inserting batteries. Simply plug it in and turn the switch on. That’s it. Your tree is in all action.

Key features

  • 15 inches tall
  • 64 multihued bulbs
  • 7-pointed star topper
  • White glossy finish

8- ReLive Christmas lighted tabletop ceramic Christmas tree

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If you want a ceramic Christmas tree completely draped in the elegance of white color, ReLive Christmas lighted ceramic Christmas tree is made for you. Unlike other ceramic white Christmas trees, it is designed with translucent white-colored bulbs that intensify the allure of its white glossy finish million times more. The number of bulbs is over 50 and there is also a shiny white-colored star topper. Owing to the fact, the illumination emanated from the tree spreads in a vast area.

Speaking of its size, it is just 16 inches tall and can efficiently fit even in small areas such as tabletop, desk, and counter. Furthermore, the tree is also designed with a wide base, which ensures reliable stability and keeps the tree in its place securely.

Key features

  • White-colored bulbs
  • 16 inches tall
  • 50 bulbs
  • 7-pointed star topper

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7- Milltown Merchants ceramic Christmas tree

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Milltown Merchants ceramic Christmas tree is a good fit for the people who are looking for a blend of classic design and contemporary look. Owing to its unmatched fusion, it is a loved choice among the users. Speaking of its features, it is dotted with plenty of white-colored bulbs that are glued in their places and can’t fall off easily. When these all bulbs light up altogether, the tree looks really breathtaking. The reason for its matchless beauty is its high glossy white finish that incorporates seamlessly with the lightings.

In addition to that, it also features a 5-pointed star topper that caps off the beauty of the tree. Furthermore, the tree has a small size of just 15.5 inches, which enables it to fit in any space from countertop to mantels, kitchen to bedroom, and foyers to fireplaces.

Key features

  • 5-pointed star topper
  • 15.5 inches tall
  • White-colored bulb
  • White coating

6- Brobery 16 inches pre-lit ceramic Christmas tree

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If you want a unique white Christmas tree, Brobery pre-lit ceramic Christmas tree might please you. Unlike other white ceramic Christmas trees, it is battery-powered. Means, no hassle of tangling long untangled wires and searching for an electrical socket to get the tree in function. Adding more to that, it also comes with a music box that includes 8 Christmas songs. Given the fact, the tree offers you melodious music and creates a completely festive aura.

Moving on to its lightings, it is equipped with 65 green bulbs that look fascinating in its shiny white coating. Besides that, a 7-pointed star tops the tree and boosts its magnetism further. What to say more, it even comes with 3 additional stars that can be replaced anytime in case one gets damaged or simply you don’t like its color.

Key features

  • 16 inches tall
  • 65 green bulbs
  • 4 stars
  • Battery-powered

5- Holiday Peak ceramic Christmas tree

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Holiday Peak ceramic Christmas tree is made for the people who want their white ceramic Christmas tree to gleam in vibrant colors. Unlike other ceramic Christmas trees that are equipped with only white bulbs, it is designed with multicolored bulbs. On the top, there is a 5-pointed star that shines dazzlingly in white color. Adding more to that, it has a glossy white finish that looks surreal when kissed by the multihued lights. Furthermore, the tree is not big in size either that makes it a perfect fit for any place.

To your surprise, it is just 13 inches tall. Given the fact, you can keep it anywhere from bathroom to kitchen and tabletops and fireplaces. Above all, it is battery-powered and requires 2AA batteries to get in the action.

Key features

  • Battery-powered
  • 13 inches tall
  • Multicolored lights
  • 5-pointed star topper

4- GoPlus pre-lit hand-painted ceramic Christmas tree

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This ceramic Christmas tree white will surely take your festive decoration to the next level. What puts it apart from the crowd is its unique design with a touch of elegance. Unlike other white ceramic Christmas trees, it is designed with 66 glossy beads that emit multicolored luminous light and sparkle the entire surroundings. Adding more to that, it also features a golden-colored 7-pointed star topper that adds an irresistible magnetism to the alluring charm of the tree. In addition to that, it has a glossy silver-colored hand-painted finish that isn’t only long-lasting but also allows you the freedom to repaint the tree whenever you want.

Above all, the tree is battery-powered and allows you the flexibility to put the tree anywhere and decorate any space. Simply, insert the battery and turn the switch on. Your illuminated white colored ceramic Christmas tree is ready to greet the people.

Key features

  • 66 beads
  • 7-pointed star
  • Battery-powered
  • Shiny silver finish

3- ReLive ceramic 8 inches white Christmas tree

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ReLive ceramic 8 inches white Christmas tree is here to help you relive your childhood memories of classic Christmas décor. Its vintage design with a contemporary look makes the tree stand apart from its competitors. Even after being just 8 inches in size, the tree discharges a gleaming light and glitters the whole area all around it. All thanks to its big translucent multicolored bulbs that never fail to sprinkle their magic.

Adding more to that, it also features a 5-pointed star topper that further enhances the glory of the tree. Owing to its small size, this white ceramic Christmas tree is the best fit for the low-space areas such as tabletop, counter, and desk. Nevertheless, it can also illuminate the spacious areas efficiently. Overall, it is worth the money and won’t disappoint you in any way.

Key features

  • 5-point star topper
  • 8 inches tall
  • Multicolored bulbs
  • Sparkling white finish

2- Lenox 867360 treasured traditions ivory lighted tree

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Hands down, Lenox 867360 treasured traditions ivory lighted tree is the most stylish white ceramic Christmas tree on this list. Its unique curved design puts it apart from the rest. Adding further to its uniqueness, this 11-inches tree is designed with 24k gold accents that don’t only add a touch of inimitability to the tree but also render a captivating look. Besides this, the tree is equipped with a number of multicolored bulbs that illuminate altogether and produce a gush of vibrant light.

Furthermore, it also features a golden-colored 5-pointed star topper that perfectly complements the glory of the tree. Moving on to its construction, it is majorly made of porcelain that makes it lightweight, chirp-resistant, and durable. Above everything, it is battery-operated and requires AA batteries to get it in action. To ensure reliable stability, it is designed with a wide base.

Key features

  • 24k gold accents
  • <h3>5-pointed star topper
  • Battery-powered
  • 11 inches tall

1- ReLive white pearlized ceramic Christmas tree

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ReLive white pearlized ceramic Christmas tree is a head-turner in the market. From its design to functionality, ReLive white pearlized ceramic Christmas tree is unbeatable, truly. The tree has a shiny pearly finish that gets further intensified when its big multicolored bulbs illuminate at all glory. Yes, unlike other white ceramic Christmas trees, it is designed with big-sized bulbs that don’t only look great but also emit brighter light. Adding further to your amazement, the tree doesn’t feature a star topper. Instead, it is designed with a big unique-shaped topper that discharges more dazzling light as compared to other white ceramic Christmas trees. The best thing about this ReLive ceramic Christmas tree is that it is designed with replaceable bulbs, so you can replace them just in case any of them gets damaged. Not to forget, the Christmas tree is plug-in powered.

Key features

  • 7 inches tall
  • Gleaming white finish
  • Plug-in powered
  • Portable

Key factors to consider while buying a white ceramic Christmas tree

Just don’t fall for an alluring design. You need to consider a whole lot of things before deciding to get one if you want your white ceramic Christmas tree to be worth the money. So, make sure to keep the below-mentioned significant factors in mind while making the purchase.


Needless to mention, start your consideration with the size of the tree. In the market, you’ll get different sizes of white ceramic trees for Christmas. If you think small-sized one emit lesser light as compared to the big ones, let me tell you that you have got the wrong idea. The size has nothing to do with the intensity of illumination. So, go for the one that is suitable to your needs as well as to space where you would be putting it. Ideally, the general size of white ceramic Christmas trees is 15-16 inches.

Number of bulbs

Once the size is determined, inquire into the number of bulbs of your white ceramic Christmas tree too. The higher number of bulbs is, the better. Obviously, a Christmas tree ceramic with a large number of bulbs will produce brighter illumination than that of those with a lesser number of bulbs. This is why buy a white ceramic Christmas tree that is equipped with a bunch of high-quality bulbs. At the minimum, it should have 50 bulbs.

Colors of bulbs

Paying attention only to the number of bulbs is not enough to finalize a white ceramic Christmas tree. Go ahead and examine the color of bulbs too. Some white colorred ceramic Christmas trees are designed with only white bulbs, while some feature multicolored bulbs. So, buy the one that looks you better. In terms of quality, neither of them is better or worse than each other. They both are reliable and durable. The only difference is in their looks.

Energy source

Finally yet importantly, check the operational energy source of your white ceramic Christmas tree. There are two types of white colored ceramic Christmas trees in the market. Some are battery-operated, while the others are plug-in powered and require an electrical outlet around them to get in action. Between the two, battery-powered white ceramic Christmas trees are considered better because they are easy-to-operate, portable, and hassle-free. Nevertheless, they both yield the same results in terms of lightings.


Get one of these white ceramic Christmas trees and make the snowy season of Christmas whiter, brighter, and more joyous. These Christmas trees do not only discharge gleaming light but also a bunch of joy, happiness, cheer, and festive vibes. So, what you’re waiting for? Just grab the one.

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