11 Best Torch Lighters for Everyday Carry in 2022 

There are a lot of different ways to light a cigar. You can use matches, a butane lighter, or even a stove. But the best way to light a cigar is with a torch lighter. Torch lighters provide an even heat that lights the cigar quickly and evenly. In this blog post, we will review the best torch lighters on the market. We will discuss the features of each lighter and how they compare to each other. We hope that this blog post will help you choose the right torch lighter for your needs.

List of the Best Torch Lighters in 2022

11. WindBlaze Torch Lighter: The #1 Best Butane Torch Lighter for Every Day Carry

Butane Torch Lighter

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Looking for a high-quality butane torch lighter that you can take with you everywhere you go? Look no further than the WindBlaze Torch Lighter. The sleek and portable design of this lighter is made especially for cigar aficionados, and the windproof blue flames make outdoor use a breeze. Plus, the fast burn and low toxicity butane gas means you’ll be able to enjoy your cigars with ease.

The WindBlaze Torch Lighter is the perfect choice for cigar enthusiasts and anyone who needs a reliable, windproof lighter. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, while the sleek stainless steel look gives it a modern touch. The fast burn and low toxicity butane gas provides long-lasting flames that are safe to use outdoors, even in windy conditions.

Key features:

  • The design is compact and portable
  • Specially made for cigar aficionados and more
  • Made of stainless steel with sleek and modern appearance
  • Utilize fast burn & low toxicity butane gas
  • Blue flame windproof best for outdoor

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This is a triple jet flame, fluid refillable butane torch lighter that comes in a pack of two. They consist of a regulator at the base that lets you adjust the flame height according to your requirement. Their powerful triple jet flame is effective enough to light up the thickest cigar in just 3 seconds. The visible butane tank makes it easy to discern the right time for a refill. The fluid valve needs to be filled before use as they do not come filled for security reasons.

These torch lighters are stylistically structured to conform to the newest trends and also transform the basic lighters into a robust tool. They come in a fashionable gift box, and their elegant designs make a valuable gift. These multipurpose jet torch lighters can be depended on for camping trips barbeque parties and so on. This product comes in two elegant boxes and also gives you a 60-day hassle-free return warranty

The products’ dimensions are 0.9x 0.9x 2.9 inches, and they weigh 5.6 ounces.


  • Has triple jet flames.
  • Equipped with a flame regulator.
  • Visible fuel tank.


  • A switch is a bit close to the fire outlet. So make sure not to allow a child to use it.
  • Not Sun resistant. So, keep away from the Sun’s heat.


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The JoChef kitchen refillable butane blow torch is a high-quality culinary torch that is fit for both expert and novice chefs. With the adjustable flame temperatures up to 2500 degrees F, JoChef professional blow torch will take your culinary art to the next level. This affordable torch lighter is efficient enough for searing meat, browning brulees, roasting peppers, and a variety of other culinary practices.

This butane blow torch has been crafted out of professional grade materials and is equipped with multiple safety locks. Its adjustable flame function assists you to regulate it according to the needs of the dish and also keep your kitchen safe. This blow torch’s power can be adjusted to suit minor purposes, such as welding small plastics, making jewelry, and other DIY crafts.

The product comes in a deluxe gift box set and a free 23 recipe eBook and a heat resistant placemat. You also get a 90-day money-back guarantee as a bonus. The product dimensions are 7.4x 5.5x 2.8 inches and weigh 11.4 ounces.


  • Safety locks system.
  • Adjustable flame control.
  • Easy gas refill.


  • Risks of gas leakage when overfilled.
  • Difficulty in the ignition as the switch is rigid.


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Also known as the crème Brulee torch, the Vatelware butane lighter has been crafted to assist the everyday chef. The brand creates efficient culinary equipments that are effective and affordable and will help to bring out the culinary artist in you. The product’s ergonomic design makes it easy to use from any angle.

This product also comes with a built-in child lock guard and a flame guard facility, which eliminates the risk of fire hazards. Its compact and portable design makes its transportation easy and can be carried to parties, tours, caps etc.

The Vatelware butane torch comes with a 12 month 100′ satisfaction refund guarantee in order to ensure a confident purchase. Its dimensions are 5.5x 2.4x 8.3 inches, and it weighs around 13.6 ounces.


  • Piezo ignition
  • child safety lock and hand protection
  • leak proof fill valve


  • requires lots of fuel, and you might have to keep refilling it.
  • Weak knob becomes dysfunctional when overused.


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The professional Kollea butane torch offers a wide and stable flame to its users and is best suited for chefs and bakers. This torch flame’s intensity can be adjusted according to your preferences. It’s one-touch Piezo ignition technology makes controlling the fire safe, easy and convenient beyond measure. The Kollea blow torch can reach up to the intensity of 1300 degrees C and has various flame modes to choose from. It provides you with a range starting from soft fire too strong spit-fire intensity and caters to all kinds of activities.

This equipment has an easy push and twists butane canister (bought separately) attachment facility, which makes loading the torch a child’s play. The product even comes with a lifetime warranty that includes a refund in case of any dissatisfaction with the product. Therefore bring home the all-new Kollea kitchen culinary torch and add an exotic touch to your cuisines, effortlessly. The dimensions of this torch are 8.3x 6.1x 1.8 inches and weigh 164 grams.


  • Well-constructed and safe.
  • can be used at any angles
  • easy to install and use


  • canister type not mentioned in instructions
  • Unstable flames when burning.


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Kollea presents a multipurpose torch with a 180-degree adjustable nozzle and flame intensity up to 2500 degrees F for enhanced convenience. This mini blow torch comes with an easy ignition button that only needs to be pressed and held onto for an efficient and stable flame. Its special ergonomic design equips the blow torch with a flame adjustment button to regulate the fire as per your choice. The product has a durable ABS body that makes lasts longer than the other local blow torches.

This refillable torch has a wide range of applications. Its strong and powerful flame makes it the best torch lighters for cooking, welding, which also comes handy during hikes, camps or tours. It also comes with a 100′ satisfaction guarantee that promises a 90-day money-back guarantee and a bonus 2-year warranty service. The product’s easy handling with a child lock system, efficiency and warranty ensures a risk-free purchase and hassle free use.

The dimensions of the product are 8.6x 4.1×1.7 inches, and it weighs 9.6 ounces.


  • Portable hang buckle design.
  • 180-degree rotatable head.
  • Equipped with a safety lock facility.


  • Causes spark at the nozzle before ignition hence can’t e used in a house full of children.
  • High fuel consumption requires constant refilling.


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The professional blow torch New Tron is composed of high-quality aluminum and plastic. It has the ability to become your most trustworthy companion with the very many purposes that it serves. This refillable, adjustable and portable torch can be used for cooking, baking, searing, brazing soldering and dabs. Its structure promotes the use of the long nozzle butane canisters which makes refilling and setting easy and safe. The flame guard and hand protection guard makes this blow torch suitable for lighting grill fires and other automotive uses.

This product is equipped with an anti-leak system that sets it apart from the other locally made unsafe blow torches. Its child lock system and a sturdy base make it a risk-free product, and its fixed base prevents it from toppling over his safe and efficient New Tron food blow torch is designed and tested by a company based in the USA. It is manufactured in China and conforms to all safety standards and facilities as demanded by a trustworthy kitchen appliance. This is one of the best torch lighters in 2022, inclusive of a silicon non-slip mat and brush for optimum utilization.

The dimensions of this blow torch are 7.9x 5.3x 2.2 inches, and it weighs 1.09 pounds.


  • Aluminum grip handle.
  • Protruding flame adjustable knob.
  • Easy use and refill.


  • High fuel consumption as it requires lots of gas for both high and low flame.
  • Searing meat takes too long. Hence you can’t depend on it on steak Sundays



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The tropro butane kitchen torch is equipped with a 180-degree rotatable head design, which provides you with two different modes. It also contains an adjustable gas dial that allows flame regulation and easy operation. This lighter can emit a flame of up to 6 inches in height and its temperature can reach up to 2372 degrees F. You can use any brand of butane gas for this product and its well-engineered design does cooking and baking fast and effective. This product is facilitated with a safety lock and guard design to prevent an accidental switching on. It is made with eco-friendly materials to ensure a guilt-free purchase from your side.

This butane-torch lighter is not only effective in the kitchen but is also suitable for lighting bonfires, soldering, welding, and numerous activities. Its wide range of flame intensity makes it safe for minor art and craft uses as well. The brand also provides you with a customer-friendly after-sales service for your benefit and convenience. This butane torch has the dimensions of 2.3x 1.5x 7.3 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces.


  • 2 in 1 rotatable head.
  • Anti-flare protection design.
  • Portable hang buckle design.


  • Too bulky, not suitable for junior chefs
  • Leakage problems caused by its slight protective design.


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This petite double fire professional blow torch can be adjusted to double or single flame as per your requirements. The cadrim torch can reach the maximum temperature of 1150 degrees C, and its ignition lock makes its use effortless. Its wide applicability in numerous uses makes it one of the best torch lighters at the market. This product can be used for cooking, art and craft, camping, plumbing, brazing, soldering and various other activities.

Its special security lock system and wide base prevent accidental ignition and other kinds of fire hazards. The product dimensions are 128.2x 89.5x 44.7 mm, and it weighs 187.3 grams.


  • Dual and single flame.
  • Ceramic body and nozzle.
  • Hassle free ignition lock and control.


  • The absence of a fuel gauge makes if difficult to maintain the quantity of butane used.
  • It can only hold 4g of gas and is therefore very small.



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The Himover culinary chef cooking torch comes with a security lock system that helps you maintain safety standards by preventing accidental ignition. The aluminum alloy body of this torch makes it strong and durable and the wide base helps to maintain balance. This torch can be used by expert chefs for perfecting the crème Brulee top, searing steaks or roasting vegetables, cheese or marshmallows. It’s a multipurpose tool that can serve major purposes like lighting grills and bonfires, welding, soldering as well as minor craftworks.

Its unique electronic settings, easy refill technique, and adjustable flame intensity make this portable blow torch your number one companion. Its dimensions are 8.6x 6.1x 2.8 inches and it weighs 13.6 ounces.


  • Maximum gas capacity of 12g.
  • Fuel gauge window.
  • Hands protection guard.


  • Shoots fire while switching off.
  • Difficulty in loading the canister.



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This professional quality culinary torch is highly suitable for novices and experts alike. It has an adjustable flame intensity that reaches up to 1300 degrees C. This feature greatly assists in processing caramel as well as meat-based cuisines and small handicrafts, lighting cigars and so on. This product needs butane canisters of 8-10 grams for functioning. It is equipped with a security lock facility that makes easy and hassle-free usage possible. The lighter’s durable aluminum alloy body and non-slip grip make its handling effortless.

The product dimensions are of 5.1x 2.4x 6.3 inches, and it weighs 9.6 ounces.


  • Humanized design.
  • Suitable for making various cuisines.
  • Affordable price.


  • Weak switches.
  • Leakage issues.


Are you are bewildered by the wide range of choices regarding torch lighters available at the market? Then do not worry as this article contains a thorough assessment of the best torch lighters in 2022 to help you choose better. Going through the aforementioned product information will surely enable you to select the best torch lighter for your household.

Benefits of Torch Lights

It is a useful accessory: Even though we heavily associate the carrying of lighters with smoking, that’s not the only purpose it serves. It’s a basic instrument to ignite a fire and can come handy at any point of time as emergencies come uninvited.

Multi-purpose: There is no limit to the many uses that a little flame can serve. It can be used to loosen tightened bottle caps, light campfires, cook food, or merely light a candle. Lighters are basically an underestimated component of a mini survival toolkit.

What to Consider before Buying a Torch Lighter.

Before making your purchase, keep in mind on the following features or benefits.

Flame adjustability

Make sure the lighter has adjustable flame functions so that you can use it safely for different purposes such as lighting cigarettes, starting a fire in the stove and so on.


It is good to choose a refillable gas lighter so that you can use it for a long time and also save the environment.


Get a torch lighter, which can be used for various occasions such as hiking, camping trip, BBQ, and more in addition to lighting a cigar or cigarettes.

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