These are the Well-Made Tactical Waterproof Pants You Should Wear in 2022

We all have different senses of fashions. And, some of us just fall in love with tactical pants, and waterproof tactical pants or tactical waterproof pants are even better for many purposes. There are many reasons we like the tactical waterproof pants. First, the pants are awesome and make a great sense of fashion and active. Second, they are tough and wear-resistant which allows for years of uses. Third, and, overall, they look cool especially for men with fair, masculine bodies. While there are several reasons to fall in love with waterproof tactical pants, not all them suit you. So, we are here to introduce you to the ten best pairs of waterproof tactical pants in 2022, along with their key features and a product buying guide at the bottom. Let’s begin!

List of the Best Waterproof Tactical Pants 2022


10. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo

CQR Men's Lightweight covert tactical pants

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CQR offers a great variety of colors as a pair of top-rated tactical waterproof pants or tactical waterproof trousers. Nonetheless, just because it comes in a lot of colors, it makes this pair an awesome and cool-looking pair of tactical pants. There are other reasons behind this. The trousers are constructed as a pair of tough tactical pants that is designed for law enforcement activities. Thus, users can use it for tough activities such as climbing mountains, trekking in forest and other more as the product makes it helpful for the wearers.

Moreover, the button is metal alloy. Meanwhile, the zipper makes a tough zipper for the pair of tactical pants as well. The fabric itself is just resistant with dirt, liquids and other sorts contaminants. Those fabrics include cotton and polyester that combine together to reinforce the tactical pants’ overall quality. As there are many pockets for users to put their tools, it is resistant with wrinkles, shrinks and fades as well. In overall, it makes a great product design because of its high quality rather than look. No matter what, the tactical pants also look good on their own as well.

Key Features

  • Many colors to choose from
  • Good for climbing mountains and trekking in forests
  • Fabric-resistant to dirt and liquids
  • Fabric-resistant to wrinkles, shrinks & fades
  • Combined fabrics such as cotton and polyester
  • Many pockets to put your tools

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9. LA Police Gear Mens Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants Waterproof

LA Police Gear Urban Ops Tactical waterproof pants

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La Police waterproof tactical pants are available several colors, but that’s not an important quality of LA Police pairs of tactical pants. The overall pair of the pants is made with polyester for 65′ and cotton for 35′. The combined fabrics just makes a durable and enduring pair of tactical pants. That’s not all at all. Even the zipper closure is tough that makes the product wear-resistant for every gentleman. There comes a front pocket that is good for users to put your phones and more.

What’s more, the knee part is articulating that makes perfect movements for users to move around. That’s a great pair of tactical pants to have whether you use it for trekking in forests or crossing a small stream of river. Lastly, the waistband is elastic that makes a superb comfort quality for the product itself.

Key Features

  • Combined fabrics: 35′ cotton & 65′ polyester
  • Fabrics as wear-resistant
  • Tough zipper closure for users
  • Front pocket to store smartphones
  • Articulating knee piece part for easy movement
  • Elastic waistband for superb comfort

8. TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Pants Waterproof for Men

TRU-SPEC 24-7 kingsmen tactical waterproof pants

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Tru-Spec tactical pants are waterproof and have more than 10 colors to go for. It’s a heavy-duty and tough pair of tactical pants. It is made up with combined fabrics such as 35′ of cotton and 65′ of polyester. It includes a zipper closure that makes great for doing tough work while wearing the pair of tactical pants. Even though the pair is tough and wear-resistant; it is in fact very lightweight. The lightweight quality easily makes your movements fast and convenient.

What’s more, the pair of tactical pants is resistant with water. It makes a great pair of pants for wood craftsmanship and car repairs. That is lightweight and tough that makes up the great performance of the pair of tactical pants. Users can also rely on it as the product is weather-resistant. You can wear it for hiking, camping and tactical missions. That’s a great pair of tactical pants you can have.

Key Features

  • Comes with more than 10 colors
  • Combined fabrics: 35′ of cotton & 65′ of polyester
  • Comes along tough zipper closure
  • Lightweight pair of tactical pants
  • Wear-resistant, water-resistant & weather resistant
  • Good for hiking, camping & tactical missions

7. LA Police Gear Mens Core Cargo Lightweight Work Pant

LA Police Gear Mens Core Cargo Lightweight Work Pants

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Police Gear serves us well as an excellent and wear-resistant pair of tactical pants. It is made up 55′ with cotton and another 45′ with polyester. The fabrics together makes the product wear-resistant and waterproof. Moreover, Police Gear is weather-resistant and fade-resistant because of the combined fabrics as well. The product makes things tough alongside the button closure that is premium in quality. The zipper is heavy-duty as well.

The pants feature front pockets that are good for keeping a pen, light or knife. Those pockets are easy to access as well. The knee parts are very articulating that makes flexible movements for wearers. Moreover, it has an elastic waistband that maximizes your comforts when you are wearing the pair of tactical pants. The product makes overall great tactical pants for all gentlemen.

Key Features

  • Combined fabrics of polyester 45′ & cotton 55′
  • Fabric qualities: wear-resistant & fade-resistant
  • Makes up with heavy-duty zipper
  • Front pockets for storing basic items
  • Easy to access pockets
  • Elastic wristband that maximizes comfort

6. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro Work Pants, Lightweight Poly-Cotton Ripstop Fabric

5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro Work Pants, Lightweight Poly-Cotton Ripstop Fabric, Style 74273

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Taclite is an ideal pair of tactical pants. It is a breathable pair that makes it easy for users when wearing the pair of pants. Furthermore, it’s lightweight as well. As it is waterproof and tough, the pair is good for outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting. It also has seven pockets that make it an excellent pair of tactical pants for storing items when you are on your camping trips. Additionally, the fabric is just resistant with spill, soil and stain. That’s because of the combined polyester and cotton as the main fabrics for the pair of tactical pants.

Taclite pants also features an action waistband that makes it convenient and flexible for users when you are wearing it. The knee and seat part of the clothing are doubled-reinforced that makes the product wear-resistant at the most affected parts that can easily get ripped without a carefully thought design from the company. Lastly, although, it’s good for outdoor activities; there is no shortage of fashions for wearing it casually as well.

Key Features

  • Good for hiking & hunting
  • Comes with 7 pockets (good for camping)
  • Fabrics: resistant with spill, soil and stain
  • Fabrics: combined polyester & cotton
  • Action wristband: flexible and comfortable wearing
  • Overall: wear-resistant & breathable wearing

5. AKARMY Men’s Military Tactical Casual Camouflage Multi-Pocket BDU Cargo Pants Trousers

best combat pants with knee pads

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Akarmy active pants comes with fabrics such as 65′ of polyester and 35′ of cotton. Alongside the combined fabrics that reinforce the product’s wear-resistant quality, it has around 10 pockets that is perfect for camping trips and many outdoor activities such as hunting and hiking. The slash pockets at the front keep things simple for users to store pens, phones or knives.

Additionally, these waterproof pants are also resistant with dirt and liquid, making it one of the most exceptional pairs of tactical pants available on the market. Meanwhile, wearers will feel the pair of pants are breathable and lightweight because of the well thought design from the company. Lastly, the product is water-resistant as well. That is the basic and tough pair of tactical pants for every man.

Key Features

  • Joint fabrics: polyester 65′ & cotton 35′
  • Quality fabrics: wear-resistant, dirt and water-resistant
  • 10 pockets easy for outdoor activities
  • Front pockets for knife, phone & pen
  • Feeling: breathable and lightweight wearing

4. Dickies Men’s Regular Straight Stretch Twill Cargo Pants Waterproof

Dickies Men's tactical waterproof pants review

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Cotton twill and polyester make up a Dickie pair of tactical pants. The fabrics join together to make it resistant with water, wrinkles and stains. In addition, it comes with front pockets that makes things simple for you to store basic items such as knives and phones. The company has been in the industry for no less than 7 decades. The tactical pants are not only an ideal pair of pants for outdoor activities but also good for casual days such as going out to cafés and more.

Key Features

  • Quality fabrics: wrinkle-resistant & stain-resistant
  • Front pockets easy for storing basic items
  • Company with almost 8 decades of experience
  • Good for both outdoor activities & casual days

3. CQR Men’s Flex Stretch Tactical Work Outdoor Operator Rip-Stop Trouser Pants EDC

CQR Men's Flex Stretch Tactical Work Outdoor Operator Rip-Stop Trouser Pants EDC

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CQR Flex Stretch Waterproof Tactical Pants have around 30 colors to choose from. As choices of colors are important, the fabric is also an important feature for the pair of tactical pants to be resistant with wear or not. It is made up with Flexy Stretch design of the fabric that makes the pair of pants enduring. In fact, the main fabric is cotton 21′ and polyester 79′. The joint fabric makes things flexible and breathable for wearers.

For the overall quality of the fabrics themselves, they are resistant with wrinkles, shrinks and fades as well. The product is good for your up-coming camping trips. By small and large, it’s a good pair of tactical pants to have for your comforts while you are hiking, trekking or hunting. It’s tough and flexible at the same time.

Key Features

  • Comes with around 30 colors
  • Joint fabric of cotton 21′ and polyester 79′
  • Fabric quality: wear-resistant & tear-resistant
  • Doubled quality: resistant with wrinkles, shrinks & fades
  • Good for hiking, trekking & hunting

2. LABEYZON Men’s Outdoor Work Military Tactical Pants | Lightweight Rip-Stop Causal Cargo Pants Men

Men's Outdoor Work Military Tactical Pants Waterproof

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LabeyZon pants makes it to the list without a doubt. This pair is cotton 97′ and spandex 3′ that makes up the breathable and lightweight pair of tactical pants waterproof. As far as it is comforting for wearers, the mixture of fabrics also makes the product resistant with scratches and wears as well. The comfort and toughness combine together that makes the product a good fit for either hiking or mundane activities such as exercising.

The front pockets are tough while it can hold heavy items. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend wearers to hold heavy items other than basic tools such as a knife, phone, notebook and pen because it can make wearers inconvenient while wearing the pair of tactical pants. Lastly, it’s an excellent pair of pants to have for varied activities ranging from hiking to army training.

Key Features

  • Fabrics: cotton 97′ and spandex 3′
  • Fabric quality: lightweight, breathable & wear-resistant
  • Front pockets to store basic stuffs
  • Good for hiking, arming training, …

1. ZAPT Tactical Pants with Knee Pads Airsoft Camping Hiking Hunting BDU Ripstop Combat Pants

ZAPT Tactical Pants with Knee Pads Air-soft for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, BDU Ripstop Combat Pants

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ZAPT is the best combat pants with knee pads. The pants offer around 15 color choices. It features up to 12 pockets that users can use for storing items for your next camping trip. Hiking or trekking is cool with those many pockets as well. The product features knee pads as the knee parts are often the most affected. The company, as a result, has carefully thought to make its product wear-resistant. The ankle parts are even adjustable that makes a room for the product’s breathability.

Lastly, ZAPT is recommended for mainly outdoor and tough activities such as hunting, hiking, trekking and army training. It’s not good for casual days because of the highly crafted design for the wear-resistant quality of the tactical pants with all those pads.

Key Features

  • Comes with 15 choices of colors
  • Features 12 pockets
  • Quality fabric: wear-resistant & breathable
  • Good for hunting, hiking, trekking & arming training
  • Not good for casual days

Buying Guide

Fabric: Fabric should make up one of the most important features in a pair of tactical pants. The quality fabric often comes as combined fabrics between cotton and polyester. The joint fabric makes it wear-resistant and breathable. Nonetheless, it’s just a rule of thumb as other fabrics can make the wear-resistant and breathable quality pair of tactical pants as well. In-depth research is needed if you are looking for different fabrics. Most of the mentioned pairs of tactical pants here are made with cotton and polyester as we all can see.

For outdoor activities or casual days: Some pairs of tactical pants are for both outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, hunting and army training and casual days out. However, some other mentioned pairs of tactical paints are only for outdoor activities such as hunting, trekking and more. Therefore, users should see and focus a great attention on it as it can make unnecessary disappointment as you expect the outdoor one to be worn for casual days, yet it doesn’t look appropriate.

FAQs about Tactical Pants

Are tactical pants waterproof?

There are various kind of tactical pants or trousers. They are also made of different materials, therefore some are waterproof while some are not. Thus, if you are looking for waterproof ones, then make sure to choose the tactical pants which are claimed to be waterproof or water resistant. If you are not sure, you should as the sellers before making your purchase.

What are the best tactical pants?

The best tactical pants are those which are comfortable to wear. They must be designed to be breathable and water resistant is preferred. In the present time, tactical pants or trousers are designed to be best for trekking, hiking, climbing and even daily wear. Therefore, the best tactical pants should be the ones you can use for both daily wear and in combat or outdoor activities.

What are the best combat trousers?

If you are looking for the best trousers for combat, I would recommend you to choose the tactical trousers above. You may also consider the following brands:

  • Scollor tactical waterproof pants,
  • Kingsmen tactical waterproof pants,
  • Soldier tactical waterproof pants,
  • Mixfairs tactical waterproof pants,
  • Rizzo tactical pants waterproof,

These trousers are the toughest waterproof pants heavy duty tactical you can use in various combat activities such as fighting, training and more.

What pants do special forces wear?

The special forces from different countries wear different combat pants based on their design and preference. For instants, USA has their special and unique pants for their special forces. However, those pants are not available for normal people to wear. If you want to feel like a special force, you may consider the ZAPT Tactical Pants. It’s good for camping, hiking and hunting activities.


A tactical pair of pants is tough, breathable and wear-resistant so as it is called a pair of tactical pants. Any pair of pants that don’t meet the requirement shouldn’t be called tactical pants, as a result. We hope you get the right and favorite products for yourselves or as gifts for friends or family members.

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