Top 10 Best Tactical Watches in 2022

Watches are always a lovely addition on our wrists as they add a sense of style and tell the time as well. Tactical watches are even more advantageous. These tactical watches are tough and water-resistant. Some can stand a considerable depth of water. Furthermore, many of those tactical watches come with irresistible styles. The rest can be smartwatches as well. As beneficial as tactical watch can be whether you be typical people or military personnel, you can pick one from our list of the ten best tactical watches in 2022 below.

Here List of the Best Tactical Watches in 2022


10. Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 40 Watch

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Timex has no fewer than 20 choices of styles for wearers. It is an awesome tactical watch to have. The basic version of Timex has a strap that is constructed with nylon. That designs a durable strap because of the very thick 20 millimeters. Furthermore, the green color belonging to the strap just adds up to the tactical watch’s beauty. The product features Arabic numerals.

Additionally, the case is made with brass cover along glass manufactured with glass crystal. It is water-resistant. It can stand the depth of water as deep as 50 meters. No matter what, the tactical watch is more for civilian uses rather than paramilitary uses. Even though it’s water-resistant; the watch isn’t recommended for snorkeling and diving and rather for recreational swimming. As a result, it still requires care from users.

Key Features

  • More than 20 choices of styles/colors
  • Strap constructed with nylon
  • Strap thickness: 20 millimeters
  • Featured with Arabic numerals
  • Manufactured with brass cover & glass crystal
  • Water-resistant: 50 meters water depth
  • Not recommended for snorkeling & diving
  • Recommended for recreational swimming

9. Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

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Garmin has eight choices of colors. Style remains the same for all those colors. The tactical watch features GPS as the built-in piece of tech that can stand tough environments. The product is constructed with a military standard for shock-absorbent and water-resistant quality. It can stand water as deep as 100 meters. Thus, Garmin is not just good for casual days but for outdoor days such as military training as well.

It can function as a smartwatch as well. Functions such as stress, activity and heart rate monitoring can get done with the tactical smartwatch. Moreover, users receive notifications from your smartphone as they can be synced with each other. The battery also lasts long for 14 days with a smartwatch mode for the watch. It can last for 16 hours for a GPS mode.

Key Features

  • 8 choices of colors
  • Built-in GPS tech
  • Able to withstand tough environment
  • Constructed with a military standard
  • Featured with shock-absorbent & water-resistant qualities
  • Stands water as deep as 100 meters
  • Good for both casual days and training days
  • Functions as a smartwatch with stress & heart-rate monitoring
  • Gets synced with your smartphones
  • Works for 14 days with a smartwatch mode

8. PALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch | Waterproof Tactical Watch with LED Backlight for Men

PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof | Tactical Watch with LED Backlight Watch for Men

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Palada is both a tactical and digital smartwatch. It is thus both sporty and military in styles. The tactical smartwatch features big numbers with light for easy time reading. Moreover, it boasts an EL lamp for easy reading at nighttime as wearers can press the button. The product is thus good for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, trekking and running. It is not recommended for military training, nevertheless.

What’s more, Palada is a water-resistant tactical watch that can stand a depth of 50-meter water with the tactical watch. Furthermore, it’s good for both cold showers and swimming. That makes a great tactical smartwatch for diving and swimming activities. It even has a stopwatch designed for those activities as well. The stopwatch will count from 1 to 100 seconds. Lastly the band is made with rubber. It gives great quality along with comfort for wearers.

Key Features

  • Styled as both sporty and military
  • Featured with built-in EL lamp for time reading
  • Good for outdoor activities
  • Not recommended for military training
  • Water-resistant: 50-meter depth
  • Good with cold shower & swimming
  • Designed for varied swimming activities
  • Band manufactured with rubber for durability & comfort

7. Casio Men’s ’10-Year Battery’ Quartz Resin Watch

Casio Men's '10-Year Battery' Quartz Resin Watch

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Casio tactical watch is yet another digital & tactical watch. What’s special about Casio is that the tactical-digital watch can last for 10 years for its battery. There is a world map that wearers can read, and there is a world time from 48 cities. Furthermore, the product features LED light for watch reading at dark places or nighttime.

Casio tactical watches are water-resistant. It can stand water as deep as 100 meters. Furthermore, there is a stopwatch for 24 hours as well. What’s more, users can set five different alarm clocks for a day with it. The tactical & digital Casio watch is highly recommended for professional & marine activities. It is designed for water as we all can see.

Key Features

  • Designed as a digital & tactical watch
  • Battery will last for 10 years
  • Featured with world map for reading
  • Given with world time from 48 cities
  • LED light for time reading at nighttime
  • Water-resistant: 100 meters depth
  • Highly recommended for professional & marine activities

6. Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

Timex Men's Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

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Timex 2 features a leather strap that designs it suitable as a tactical & classic watch. Wearers can get flexible with their wrists for Timex 2. It can suit different sizes of wrists very well. The watch has a design with Arabic numerals for clock reading.

Additionally, the product has a brass case. Alongside, there is a glass crystal as a cover for the tactical watch. It is a water-resistant watch with 100-meter depth resistance quality. While not good for diving, it is good for swimming and snorkeling for the tactical watch that is designed for professional swimmers. Lastly, it has five choices of styles we all can go for one or another.

Key Features

  • Leather strap designed to look classic
  • Flexible with different sizes of wrists
  • Designed with Arabic numerals for clock reading
  • Features with a brass case
  • Glass crystal as a cover
  • Water-resistant: 100 meters
  • Not good for diving yet good for swimming & snorkeling
  • 5 choices of styles

5. G-Shock GBD800UC-8

G-Shock GBD800UC-8

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G-Shock also has a taste for a much-loved tactical watch. The tactical style is the latest edition designed by G-Shock. There are several qualities with it. First, users can connect the tactical watch with your smartphones via an app. It boasts your workout activities. Additionally, it can track your steps and monitor your daily health.

Setting a timer is easy with it. Moreover, there are three colors that one can choose from for the brand itself.

Key Features

  • Synced with your smartphones via an app
  • Tracks steps & monitors heart rate
  • Timer setting enabled
  • 3 colors for choices

4. Smart Watch for Android Phones Naturehike M1

Smart Watch for Android Phones Naturehike M1

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NatureHike has 5 colors wearers can choose one or two from. Furthermore, users can track your activities daily such as steps taken, distance you walk and calories burned with it. The tactical watch is in fact a smartwatch as well. It has an LCD screen of a smartwatch. Wearers can sync the smartwatch with your smartphones for notifications over your social media on it.

What’s more, it can monitor your heart rate and track your location with the featured GPS tech. The product just stands high pressure and is good for hiking as a tactical watch. Wearers can detach the strap and have fun wearing it, lastly.

Key Features

  • Serves as both tactical & smartwatch
  • Tracks activities such as steps, distance & calories
  • Synced with your smartphones
  • Monitor heart rate & track a location
  • Stands a high pressure & good for hiking
  • Detachable strap for a flexibility

3. Casio Men’s G-SHOCK – The GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch in Black

Casio Men's G-SHOCK - The GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch in Black

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Casio Men is for men. It isn’t designed for any discriminations as a tactical watch, however. It’s just the way it is. All gentlemen will like Casio Men for these reasons. First, it has a rubber strap that gives flexibility and room for breathing to your wrists. Furthermore, it’s a water-resistant tactical watch that can stand water as deep as 200 meters.

Users can use its LED lights to display the time as we all cannot read the clock at nighttime and in dark places. Moreover, it has a world time that we all can read. Casio Men features a stop watch for exercising or recreational swimming as well.

Key Features

  • Manufactured with a rubber strap for flexibility
  • Water-resistant quality: 200 meters depth
  • LED lights: display to read time at nighttime
  • Featured with a world time for wearers
  • Included a stopwatch for exercising or recreational swimming

2. GOKOO Smart Watch for Men

GOKOO Smart Watch for Men

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GoKoo is a good tactical watch for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and running. It is not for military training as it doesn’t have a toughness for it, nonetheless. GoKoo’s frame is constructed with stainless steel. Furthermore, it functions as a smartwatch as it can track your daily activities and exercises. The battery will last for six months for normal uses and per full charging.

What’s more, it’s IP67-rated that proves a point for its quality as a waterproofed tactical smartwatch. Wearers can sync it with your smartphones and receive calls or messages. Notifications from social media can also be well received with it as well. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, lastly.

Key Features

  • Good for hiking, biking & running
  • Constructed with stainless steel for the frame
  • Tracks your daily activities as a smartwatch
  • Batter lasting for 6 months for normal uses
  • IP67-rated waterproof quality
  • Synced with your smartphones for calls & messages
  • Compatible with both iOS & Android

1. NIXON Regulus 29mm-24mm PU/Rubber/Silicone Band 32mm Face

NIXON Regulus 29mm-24mm PU/Rubber/Silicone Band 32mm Face

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Nixon is a tactical watch with eight colors to get chosen from. It features waterproof quality that can get resistant with water a depth of 100 meter. Furthermore, it is designed for toughness as the product design has got input from those special operation force personnel. LED backlight is for reading it at nighttime or dark places such as underneath water. Moreover, Nixon’s battery life can last for five years.

What’s more, it’s featured with a lock strap that enables the tactical watch to be tough and consistent between the watch face and strap. It can stand a tough environment. Other than that, we all should expect to wear it for a lifetime with the product from a reliable company.

Key Features

  • 8 colors to choose from
  • Manufactured with a waterproof quality: 100 meters depth
  • Tough as input given by special operation forces
  • Led backlight for clock reading at dark places
  • Battery life lasting for 5 years
  • Lock strap enabling consistency for toughness
  • Lifetime uses from a reliable company

Buying Guide

Frame Material

A premium tactical watch should be made with quality frame. Frames of those watches should be manufactured with metal such as stainless steel or brass that enables long-lasting uses of those products.

Featured with a smartwatch

It’s not necessary to have a tactical watch with a smartwatch functioning. Nonetheless, we all should know such a watch exists. It combines the toughness of a tactical watch with smart functions of those smartwatches. The type of watches can be called tactical-smartwatches.


The strap should come with premium materials such as top-graded rubber that gives flexibility and room for breathing to our waists. A good strap designs a good tactical watch, as a result.


Waterproof is supposed to be a feature for all tactical watches. Therefore, any watches without a waterproof quality shouldn’t be called tactical watches. Tactical watches combine both toughness and waterproof quality to give themselves what they are.


A premium tactical watch can be a smartwatch or not. The most important part of all nevertheless is about strap, frame material and waterproof qualities belonged to those tactical watches.

Lovers of tactical watches should have some considerations of their own such as outlook design, Arabic numerals or other types of numerals, world map enabled, GPS enabled and more for your favorite watches.

All in all, there are varied tactical watches available in the market. We hope our reviews bring to you some of the best tactical watches you will find on the Internet. Regardless, we wish you found the favorite ones that you will use for years. Let us know whenever you already find one or ones.

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