Editor’s Picks: 10 Best Submersible Water Pumps in 2021

Are you looking for a submersible water pump? It’s understandable; a submersible water pump is designed in a manner that it can be immersed in a container-shaped vessel.  They are used in irrigating farmlands, supplying water to the residential areas, industrial water supply, and drainage systems. Additionally, they are very energy efficient as they do not take much energy to push the liquids (or solids) up and down the pump. If you’re looking for pumps that are feasible, efficient and robust in performance then we bring you the list of Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps:


List of the 10 Best Submersible Water Pumps in 2021

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1. Super Pump 91250, Utility Pump, ¼ HP Black

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  • Brand: Superior Pump
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power:  125v

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Superior Pump is a family-owned corporation that specializes in residential and lightweight commercial duty pumps. SuperiorPumps is known for manufacturing pumps that are built to last. These are heavy-duty pumps that come with stainless steel shafts and are capable of pumping up to 1800 gallons of water per hour.

The pump is armed with a suction screen to filter out the large debris. It is capable of handling 1/8-inch solids effortlessly. The pump has got all the certifications from UL/CUL and CSA. A 1-year warranty assists the pump. As the company name stands for selling superior quality products, the focus is on quality throughout engineering, manufacturing, and testing processes.

Key Features:

  • It has the capacity to pump 1800 gallons of water in an hour.
  • Robust thermoplastic construction with 1- ¼ inch NPT discharge for high capacity pumping.
  • Removable suction screen with handle up to 1/8-inch solids.
  • Built to last, engineered with quality components and 100′ factory tested.

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2. VIVOSUN 800GPH Submersible Pump (3000L/H, 24W)

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  • Brand: Vivosun
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty
  • Power: 24 Watts

VIVOSUN has been a renowned name in the field of quality garden equipment and services.  They have high-quality control standards, and they also ensure timely product service. They provide professional indoor gardening and household manufacturing.

Vivosun 800GPH can be used both as a wet and dry water pump. It can pre-filter large particles and also requires less maintenance. The pump has a compact design and saves a lot of space. If you have a fish tank or a small aquarium, then this pump is ideal for you.  This high-performance pump comes equipped with the latest fitting and suction cups.

Key Features:

  • 5ft long power cord
  •  Compact size and powerful motor
  • Knobs for controlling the rate of flow
  • Can be used in ponds, fountains, waterfalls, irrigation systems.


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  • Brand: Growneer
  • Warranty: None
  • Power: 30 Watts

Growneer Submersible Pump is an ultra-quiet, 2000l/H, with 7.2 ft high water-lifting capacity. It has 3 nozzles and can be used in aquariums, fish tanks, ponds, and hydroponics. This pump is manufactured for people’s trust. It provides trustworthy services and minimal power dissipation.

Four individual sturdy suction cups help it keep it in place so that you can stick it on the right side of the aquarium, either vertically or horizontally. The pump is also perfect for making an outdoor fountain or waterfall for your garden.

Key Features:

  • Energy-efficient with low power consumption
  • Stainless steel construct for longevity
  • Easy to detach and clean
  • Option to stick the pump on the side of the aquarium.


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  • Brand: Fountain
  • Warranty: Dealer Dependent
  • Power: 25 Watts

There are very few aquariums in the world that give fishes a near-natural environment. Most pumps in the market create turbulence in the aquarium and produce much noise. Fountain Pumps are best suited for aquariums because of their high-quality motors. It is also safe for fish because it does not expose copper wiring and is completely oil-free. It has a sturdy 25W motor that continuously lifts water up the column. The impeller of the Fountain Pumps has been designed for damage-resistance and long life. The pump also comes with an adjustable water flow rate, which can be tweaked by a knob built on the panel. It is ideal for small ponds, aquariums, water gardens, backyard fountains, fish tanks, tabletop fountains, drip irrigation systems. More importantly, it has 24×7 customer care support ready to help you.

Key Features:

  • 25W super efficiency motor
  • Long power cord of 6.5ft (2m)
  • 3 nozzles and pump’s nozzle threaded design makes it more stable.
  • It is easy to clean as it allows the user to disassemble it easily

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5. WAYNE WWB WaterBUG Submersible Pump

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  • Brand: WAYNE
  • Warranty: One year
  • Power: 120 Volts

The Wayne Submersible Pump comes with Multi-Flo technology that allows easy selection of the appropriate discharge for the application. It offers two water discharge facilities. The multi-flow technology makes it suitable to pump water anywhere, for any use. Therefore, It has multiple uses that are ideal for sewage, sump, lawn, pool cover, wells, and much more.

This premium-grade pump is manufactured in the USA with lasting performance. Furthermore, its patent-pending feature ensures faster pumping with clean water. It is virtually dry and comes with two brass garden hose discharge adapters for other purposes.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured in the US with quality assurance.
  • Removes water from the very bottom of the pump.
  • Eliminates standing water in your yard and reduces the risk of bugs and mosquitos.
  • It can pump about 1250 gallons of water per hour.

6. Growneer 2 Packs 550GPH Submersible Pump:

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  • Brand: Grownee
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power: 110v-120v

The Growneer 2 Packs 550GPH submersible pump comes with an adjustable knob to control the water flow rate. Thus, you can select exactly the type of water pressure you’re looking for. It has a durable build with premium quality and carries a high-efficiency motor for energy saving.  Each water pump has 3 nozzles for different purposes.

Four individual suction cups keep it firm to the ground, giving you the option to stick the pump on the aquarium. It is widely applicable as it can be used in aquariums, fountains, spout, and hydroponic systems. You can easily disconnect the pump and detach its parts to clean it thoroughly.

Key Features:

  • Designed for trustworthiness and ultra-silent operation.
  • Equipped with an impeller shaft, that is trustworthy and roust
  • Adjustable knob to control the water pressure
  • Suction cups enable firm grip on any surface

7. Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7 Deep Well Submersible Pump

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  • Brand: Hallmark Inc.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power: 115 volts

Hallmark industries Inc. is a US-based Company that supplies world-class products. Most of their collection comprises premium quality innovations, suitable for industrial and commercial applications. With trusted 24×7 customer support and extended warranty, Hallmark deep submersible Pumps outperform notable brands from around the world.

The Hallmark Industries Pump offers a built-in control box. They are industrial grade heavy-duty pumps that are good for home usage too. Apart from the highly durable material, each pump comes with built-in thermal protection. It operates quietly wherever it is installed. All stainless steel construction, including shell, motor shaft, discharge, and intake, ensure corrosion resistance. It offers 24×7 customer support for troubleshooting.

Key Features:

  • Complete stainless steel construct to prevent corrosion
  • High-efficiency motor with adamant waterproofing
  • Uses high-quality thermoplastic impellers, diffusers, and intake screens
  • Includes a merge kit and a waterproof tape kit for wiring

8. Fluentpower ¼ HP Portable Utility Submersible Pump

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  • Brand: Fluent Power
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power: 120 volts

Fluentpower pumps have efficient motors with thermal overload protection. The pump can lift water up to 16.5 feet with a rate of 35 gallons per tick. This portable pump is easy to install for quick drainage. It is suitable for water tanks, hot tubs, rain barrels, and pool covers. It merely works by plugging in and removing the water level down to 15mm. Multiple plastic hose adaptors are included for easy installation.

The Fluentpower Pump offers a thermoplastic shell with excellent durability and a one-year limited warranty. Fluentpower is a professional manufacturer of water pumps. With more than 10 years of experience, they are capable of designing, researching, and producing different kinds of pumps with excellent quality.

Key Features:

  • Requires a minimum water level for automatic start
  • Highly-multipurpose for heavy-duty requirements
  • Lightweight and compact design make the pump easy to store and carry.
  • Portable with 16.4 feet power cable provided in the package

9. Freesea 160-1100 GPH Submersible Water Pump

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  • Brand: Freesea
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power: 110-120 volts

Freesea water pumps come with a smart control feature. It allows the motor to cut off the power during a dry run. That’s not all; it has a bottom suction trainer, which makes it highly stable and powerful submersible. These pumps are designed for a variety of uses. They can be used in ponds, backyard fountains/waterfalls, aquariums, fish tanks, garden statuary, and patio drip irrigation.

Freesea Submersible water pump is the best choice when choosing a small power pump. They are distinctive because they are ultra-quiet, producing less 20db noise. It offers better quality and performance as compared to other pumps in this price range due to its high efficiency and high-quality build.

Key Features:

  • Maximum flow rate is 660GPH ensuring strong power and high lift capacity
  • Long chord length for easy installation.
  • The pump consists of a 40W motor that uses energy efficiently.
  • Comes with a one year warranty

10. Hydrofarm Active Aqua AAPW250 Submersible Water Pump:

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  • Brand: Hydrofarm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power: 120v

Hydrofarm is the nation’s oldest manufacturer of hydroponic equipment. Their premium quality components and professional-grade pumps give years of dependable service. Active Aqua Submersible Water Pumps from Hydrofarm can be easily installed in any hydroponic system. Each pump offers a smart and easy to clean design. The sponge filters and impeller can be easily cleaned and replaced.

It removes the last bits of water in any reservoir tank. There is no need to purchase any additional sump pump. Simply connect your bottom draw fitting to the inline port of the pump. Circulation of nutrient solution is an essential part of any hydroponic horticulture, and these pumps offer much more than that!

Key features:

  • A robust mag drive construction
  • Compatible for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Environmental-friendly pump without any requirement for oil
  • Comes with a long cord for easy power connections


Q1. To What Height Can These Submersible Pumps Lift The Water?

It depends on how much flow you can stand to lose. A pump with greater capacity can pump as high as 20ft, while some pumps may not be able to lift water even to a height of 2ft.

Q2. How silent are these pumps?

These pumps are very quiet. Most of the pumps make less than 20 decibel of vibrations, which is barely apparent. This is due to its solid construction quality and builds material.

Q3. Is there any copper exposed in these pumps?

There is no exposed copper or any metallic materials in these pumps. The only possible material you would find exposed is stainless steel that cannot be used in salty water.


Top manufacturers make most of the pumps mentioned in this list. These companies and manufacturers use high-quality materials to build these pumps, which make them strong enough to sustain themselves in water for extended periods. The motors used in these pumps are also highly efficient, and they consume much less power. Most of the manufacturers mentioned in this list are highly reputed and have been manufacturing pumps for decades. Some family owned-corporations have even guaranteed quality assurance in all of their products. These pumps have multiple uses and can be set up quickly at any place due to their lightweight and portability features.

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