Top 10 Best Rectangle Trampolines in 2022

Rectangle trampoline has always been an enthralling piece of item for entertainment. The rush of adrenaline you feel as you bounce up to great heights is just unmatched. Toss in some tricks during mid-air, and you may get a sensation of a professional gymnast. Isn’t that all that trampoline is about? If you’re looking to buy some of the best trampolines in the market, then we are bringing the best collection of rectangle trampolines for you. From robust design and durable material to feasible choices, we encompassed it all in our exceptional collection of the top 10 best rectangle trampolines available on the market. Whether you’re an adult or a child, we have it all on the list. So let’s begin:

Our Best Top 3

list of the  Top 10 Rectangle Trampoline in 2022

1. Skywalker Rectangle Trampolines

Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure

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  • BRAND: Skywalker
  • JUMPING SURFACE: 92 sq. ft.
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 250 lbs.

Skywalker Rectangular Trampolines is a great choice for aspiring gymnasts and athletes. Due to their rectangular shape, they offer more bounce than the other trampolines. Skywalker has also equipped its trampoline with basketball hoops for children’s enjoyment. The trampoline is made up of stainless steel and tightly sealed enclosures. Thus, it ensures the safety of children and assurance for the parents. The trampoline can easily be placed in a backyard, providing an enjoyable experience to the children and adults. It has a soft material for basketball hoops, which actually reinforces the construct for fun endeavors. Overall, you have a finely built addition for daily trampoline workout sessions.

Key Features:

  • 15′ Trampoline with an enclosure and a basketball hoop.
  • Two 25mm long heavy-duty springs.
  • An ASTM-standard enclosure net, with a jumping surface, tested for safety and strength.
  • Galvanized and stainless steel framework.

2. Giantex Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net

Combo Bounce Jump Trampoline for Kids and Adults

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  • BRAND: Giantex
  • JUMPING SURFACE: 16ft diameter
  • WEIGHT LIMIT:  375lbs

The Giantex Trampoline is a great selection for teenagers or adults to jump and play with. It has a robust construction and spring mechanism that creates minimal noise. So, there is no chance of your neighbors being bothered by such a trampoline. This trampoline offers a 16ft jumping surface for a few hundred dollars. The bounce surface offers great elasticity and is made of waterproof PVC cloth. Very few products in this range offer value for money and strong build-quality. The framework is solidly built with galvanized metal, which can bear heavy loads. A safety enclosure net provides assurance to parents about their child’s wellbeing.

Key Features:

  • Can support a weight of up to 375 lbs
  • An enhanced spring system ensures a long life
  • A No-gap design to prevent accidental falls
  • The product is ASTM certified

3. Best Trampoline USA-Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Outdoor Trampoline

High Performance Commercial Grade Trampoline

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  • BRAND: Best Trampoline USA
  • JUMPING SURFACE: 10’x 17′ sq. ft.
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 1500 lbs

This trampoline is the king of load-bearing. It can bear the weight of up to 550lbs, while most trampolines give up beyond the weight of 300lbs. Thus, it is absolutely safe for beginners and aspiring athletes, as well as for children looking to perform backflips and cartwheels.

User’s safety was also considered while building this trampoline, so it comes with standard safety measures. It has been constructed with a specialized galvanized steel that is as sturdy as it sounds, and stainless steel frame. The trampoline is strong, stable, and sturdy, ensuring a long lifetime. This product goes through good quality control check and safety measures and is thus ASTM certified.

Key Features: 

  • Lifetime warranty on frame and springs.
  • Equipped with 9″ springs, greater than any of the other trampolines in the market.
  • Myriad springs for a softer landing
  • Galvanized and stainless steel construct for heavy-duty performance

4. Happy Trampoline- Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

High Performance & Safety Features Commercial Grade rectangle trampoline

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  • BRAND: Happy Trampoline
  • JUMPING SURFACE: 10’x17′ width
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 250lbs

User safety is a primary objective for Happy Trampoline company. Thereby, it comes with a safety enclosure net and no-gap integration. Furthermore, the manufacturer has ensured a product that is galvanized inside out. Its stainless steel tubing and strong spring mechanism ensure that the trampoline stands out from the other competitors. This product guarantees a trampoline that lasts for a lifetime. This one also comes with an exceptional weight-bearing of 550 pounds. More importantly, it has 90-120 springs under the surface. This ensures soft landing and padding for the highest bounce even from an adult.

Key Features:

  • Compatible for children to adult age groups
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on frame and springs.
  • Comes with a safety net enclosure
  • Shock absorbing steel framework and sturdy spring mechanism.

5. Skywalker Trampolines 10-Foot Round Trampoline And Enclosure With Spring

10 -Foot Round Trampoline and Enclosure with spring

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  • BRAND: Skywalker
  • JUMPING SURFACE:  59 sq. ft.
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 125 lbs.

Skywalker Trampoline brings back the sweet memories of childhood with its large bouncing surface. It is one of the most quality-oriented products available in the market. The trampoline is likely to get your blood pumping with its massive jumping area and a framework. It is supported by strong and sturdy T-sockets at each of its joints. The no-gap design of the trampoline offers a hassle-free jumping experience, with no ropes and threads to interrupt. Significantly, the jumping area has been filled with thick foam for extra comfort.

Each spring is made of quality steel material and an anti-rust layer that ensures the ultimate jumping experience and long-lasting life of the trampoline. The jumping surface is vinyl-coated polyester that is greatly used to create flexible structures.

Key Features:

  • T-Sockets at the joint for amplified stability
  • A safety net enclosure
  • 59 square ft. jumping area
  • 3-year warranty on the frame comes.

6. Fashion sport OUTFITTERS Trampoline

Indoor or Outdoor Trampoline for Kids

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  • BRAND: Fashionsport
  • JUMPING SURFACE: 15′ trampoline
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 220lbs

Jumping on a trampoline is the most preferred outdoor activity for most American kids. An ideal trampoline in such cases is the Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline. It offers a colossal jumping area, great safety measures, and extra cushioned spring pads. The trampoline can be easily set up in a large room and used as a play area for children. It is equally great for summers, as parents want their kids to move outdoors and stay away from the TV and video games.

The jumping area is about 5ft in diameter, which provides ample space for jumping. It is perfect for keeping young kids engaged, while adults can continue to focus on their work.

Key Features:

  • Easy to assemble with tools provided
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Safety net enclosure with zipper for entrance
  • Indoor and outdoor options

7. GreatGiftList 12Ft Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Outdoor Trampoline

Outdoor Trampoline for Family School Entertainment

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  • BRAND: GreatGiftList
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 130 lbs

This one also comes with a fully galvanized steel framework, which ensures safety, not just for kids, but for adult jumpers too. The UV-protected jumping mat ensures a long-lasting life and better bounces. Large loading capacity of 442 lbs ensures that several people can jump on the surface together. The safety enclosure net makes you feel safer while jumping.

All the necessary equipment for assembling, including enclosure net, jumping mats, and ladders are provided within the set-up kit. The solid construction and large capacity make the jumper feel safe and secure. Overall, it is a highly feasible addition to the list.

Key Features:

  • 72 springs-mechanism for greater elasticity.
  • Wear and tear-resistant mat with anti-UV coating.
  • 4 big legs for better strength and sturdiness.
  • Can bear the load of 442 lbs

8.Welovejump Rectangle 7×10 Foot Smart Trampoline

Smart Trampoline with Safety Enclousre Net, Ladder and Energy Jumping Detector

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  • BRAND: Welovejump
  • JUMPING SURFACE: 7×10 ft
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 335 lbs

The Welovejump Rectangle Trampoline offers a 0.6-inch thick pad preventing you from any injury. It also offers high quality and safer enclosure net that ensures complete safety. A total of 56 high-quality tensile springs work together to provide a joyful experience. The trampoline has four triangular structures at the four corners, it makes the trampoline more stable, providing more stability for you

In addition to the above features, the trampoline offers a ‘Jumping Detector’ within its package. It calculates the user’s jump time, jump height, and total accumulated weight while jumping. All you have to do is install the detector near the springs. Then you will be able to access jumping and energy consumption data on its official app.

Key features:

  • Comes with an automatic jumping detector
  • Easy to assemble with instruction manuals and installation kits.
  • 24/7 Customer Care Service
  • 3 years warranty

9. TIS_SUIT 12FT Kids Trampoline

Ladder Trampoline for Kids

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  • JUMPING SURFACE: 12 ft diametrically
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 130 lbs

This trampoline offers a mammoth loading capacity of 442 lbs, making it suitable to pitch it on the group and enjoy it together with your friends. This offers a perfect solution to the people who want to remain safe, yet have a fun and exhilarating experience. The jumping mat is manufactured of wear-resistant and anti-UV material. This mat is capable of bearing high pressure and sustaining a longer life. The steel poles, which hold the trampoline in place, are constructed of galvanized steel. They are also covered with foam sleeves to prevent any injury from the poles.

The jumping mat is made up of strong polypropylene polymer. It is extensively used to prepare packaging material and special parts of the automotive industry. There is absolutely no gap spared between the safety net and the trampoline.

Key Features:

  • Solid steel frame structure with galvanized parts.
  • Maximum loading capacity of 600lbs
  • A safety enclosure net ensures protection for smaller children.
  • Complete accessories and tools are provided within the kit

10. Happy Trampoline galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Outdoor Trampoline

High Performance Commercial Grade Trampoline Rectangle

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  • BRAND: Happy Trampoline
  • JUMPING SURFACE: 10 sq. ft.
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 1500lbs

This is one of the toughest trampolines in the market. The jumping mat is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and sustain a life of more than 30 years. The frame is meticulously crafted by galvanizing it inside out. It can easily fight against corrosion and is extensively used by jumpers, gymnasts, and professional bouncers. The company uses the thickest steel to construct its trampolines. Thus, it is one of the heaviest trampolines in the market.

A safety net enclosure ensures a safe and enjoyable jumping experience for users. It is equally safe for inexperienced jumpers, which may injure themselves while making high jumps. The steel framework is shock-absorbing that binds trampoline and enclosure together.

Key Features:

  • Trampoline comes with a lifetime warranty on frame and springs.
  • Thick steel tubing ensures a robust and sustainable structure.
  • Fully galvanized framework-one of a kind in the industry.
  • 9″ long heavy-duty springs ensure unlimited bounces and superior tensile strength.


What To Do If I Have A Small Backyard? Would I Be Able To Install And Put This Away As Needed? Is It Easy To Put It Away In The Garage?

To fully disassemble the trampoline, it would take you at least an hour. Then installing it again would take you to double the amount of time. Instead, use a smaller sized trampoline that can fit into your yard. A 10″ size trampoline works just fine for small yards.

What Is The Shipping Weight Of These Trampolines?

Depending upon the size of the trampoline you choose, the shipping weight can range between 300-475 lbs. The smaller trampolines are generally transported in bulk due to their lighter weight. They are also delivered much faster than their larger counterparts.

How High Of The Ground Is the Jumping Mat?

The trampolines are as high as 36 inches above the ground. A high jumping height does not mean a compromise on safety. Most of the trampolines nowadays come with safety net enclosures that provide enough safety.


There are numerous sports and physical activities that people might refrain from because they think it may injure them. But they cannot say the same about trampolines. Trampolines provide the best alternative for physical exercises. It improves mental and physical strength. It also lets people enjoy themselves while working out. Most trampolines nowadays come with safety net enclosures that protect children from any injury. A robust steel framework ensures a long life span and years of fun.

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