Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Best Ping Pong Table Tops in 2022

Ping Pong, aka Table Tennis, is an indoor sport played by two players on a wooden table with a lightweight ball and is known for its brisk and nervy gameplay.  Consequently, this sport has plenty of health benefits, and a game of Ping Pong can only be effective through the equipment it is played with, usually including a high-quality tabletop, net, and wooden paddles. Since the market offers enough varieties to choose from, selecting the right “Ping Pong table top” or “Ping Pong Tabletop” can prove to be daunting. Thus, here’s a compiled list of the best 10 Ping-Pong table tops for your convenience!

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List of the TOP 10 Ping-Pong Table Tops in 2022

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1. Best Overall – Hathaway BG2323 Quick Set Conversion Tennis Table Top

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  • Assembly type: 2 pieces, 4 pieces
  • Dimensions: 84 inches x 46 inches x 31 inches (9 Feet x 5 Feet)
  • Color: Green

You’re in a mood to have a quick face-off with your family & friends over a game of table tennis. What do you do? When an undying desire of playing the game takes over, the quick-set conversion table tennis top by Hathaway comes in handy! It has a small size allowing it to be folded and assembled on-demand. This green Ping-Pong tabletop is a marvelous addition to your game room!

The BG2323 conversion table sports a built of premium woodwork, with PVC laminated coating and delivers long-lasting hours of play. Hathaway backs this product with a 180-day warranty. With a thickness of half an inch, its compactness makes it easy to store. This table is ideally suitable for converting a pool table, with an inclusive net. From now on, get ready to have endless fun that will last long!


  • Surface protection pads
  • 4-piece Hinged design
  • Warp-free
  • Fits the ideal pool table
  • Easily switchable from pool to a tennis table

2. Best Runner Up – Rally And Roar Indoor Table Tennis Conversion Top With Net Set

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  • Assembly type: 2 pieces, 4 pieces
  • Dimensions: 104 inches x 60 inches (5/8 inch thickness)
  • Color: Blue

This brilliant multi-utility Ping-Pong table conversion top by Rally & Roar is the best in its class of products! This seemingly ordinary tennis table top features a handful of unique features! Using this conversion top, one can convert any table and enjoy the game. This conversion top is suitable for heavy uses as it has a steady hold. What’s more? It houses a unique and exemplary 2 and 4 board design options.

Undoubtedly, one doesn’t have to worry much about the space that this conversion top will occupy. Instead, it can easily be folded and stored in the tightest of storage spaces. It does have a quick conversion time, enhancing its durability. This conversion top comes equipped with a fiercely durable net and metal post system.


  • Easily assembled
  • Effortless storage
  • Standard Tournament Size
  • Convertible for any table

3. Best Under $500 – Franklin Sports Optima Table Tennis Table Conversion Top

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  • Assembly type: 2 pieces with in-built rubber wheels
  • Dimensions: 108 inches x 60 inches x 30 inches
  • Color: Ocean Blue

This convertible tennis tabletop has a lot of advanced features to offer, especially given its price range. Without hurting your pocket much, the Optima tennis table by Franklin Sports has a lot to offer! Given its size, it is surprisingly convenient to set up. The Premium build quality of the playing surface of this table makes the game more enjoyable with a consistent ball bounce.

One prominent feature of this tennis table top is the attachable Pro Clamp Net, perfect for the intended use by kids. This net installs in no time, offering a convenient assembly. The Optima derives its durability through the leg levelers and locking castors installed within. It can be assembled in less than an hour and is undoubtedly a choice to consider!


  • Strongest stability
  • Easy Assembly
  • Pro-Clamp Net
  • Sleek Design
  • Professional quality performance

4. Best Value For Money –  STIGA Advantage Competition Ready Indoor Preassembled Tennis Table Top

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  • Assembly type: 2 piece
  • Dimensions: 104 inches x 60 inches (5/8 inch thickness)
  • Color: Blue and black

The STIGA Advantage competition comes pre-assembled and is unequivocally a deal that’s a complete value for your money! Since it is not completely assembled, it has an average assembly time of 10 minutes, with an adjustable Net setup. This ready to use product has enhanced the Table Tennis experience through its exceptionally well-laid thick tabletop offering UV stabilized rolling surface.

Additionally, this table sports lockable wheel castors to ensure that your play is stable and durable. Furthermore, it is separable into two independent halves and supports a side safety latch system, allowing it to be locked in an upright position. Finally, it allows for a playback position for single player practice. With these many features, it stands out to be worth those bucks!


  • Designed for playback position practice
  • Convenient assembly
  • Casters with wheels
  • Tournament grade material

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5. Cheapest Among All – EastPoint Sports Foldable Tennis Table Conversion Top

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  • Assembly type:  4 piece
  • Dimensions: 9 ft. x 5 ft.
  • Color: Ocean blue

The EastPoint Sports’ convertible tennis tabletop is one of the cheapest tennis table tops available in the market. Astonishingly, EastPoint has not made a single compromise in the quality and utilities of this product, even if it’s cheaply priced!

The unique advantage of this tabletop feature is its easy folding ability and fast storage. For a consumer with light usage, it fits perfectly! This tennis table top has a thickness of 12 mm and is a complete package with durable Net and post systems. This conversion top is so compact that it fits even in the consumer’s dining room table. Finally, foam pads are instilled on the backside of this tabletop to protect the table; it has been kept on!


  • High-speed set up
  • Usable on any table
  • Official Tournament size
  • Effortless to use
  • Ambient Design

6. Best For Small Spaces –  JOOLA Tetra Conversion Billiard Assembly Ping Pong Table Top For Billiard Tables


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  • Assembly type:  4 piece
  • Dimensions: 9 ft. x 5 ft.
  • Color: Sky Blue

JOOLA, as a top sports brand, has earned its name after more than 60 years of servicing the market! Its Tetra Conversion top is one of the most suitable ping pong tables available in the market, as far as things like playing surface, storage, and convertibility are concerned. It is a lightweight conversion top that only weighs 85 pounds (about 36 Kg) when it is folded!

This conversion top is ideal for setting it on any pool table, dining table, picnic table, and can be set up in less than 3 minutes! It also has twelve protective foam pads that let it sit on any tabletop without inflicting a single scratch. Its compact design and soft padding make it more durable! This conversion top is the ideal investment for people with small living spaces.


  • Three Hinged system
  • Custom Net and Post
  • Protective bottom padding
  • Regulation sized tennis table
  • Assembled within 3 minutes

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7. Most Sturdy Of All – JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top With Foam Backing

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  • Assembly type:  2 piece
  • Dimensions: 9 ft. x 5 ft.
  • Color: Sky Blue

With an unmatchable name in the sports equipment industry, JOOLA is known for manufacturing products that have distinctive qualities of their own. Like its tetra conversion top, this JOOLA Regulation model offers unrivaled quality in factors like playing surface, convertibility, and storage. This regulation-sized tennis tabletop has an overall glossy finish with a metal apron on its edges.

Like its tetra Conversion top counterpart, this conversion top can be set up quickly. Within just five minutes, the set can be assembled by attaching the two halves, and an inclusive clamp styled net and post! The metal aprons ensure that this conversion top lasts for years! This smart product weighs a total of 53 kgs and is quintessential for users who love maintaining things!


  • Assembled within 5 minutes
  • Regulation sized tennis table
  • Protective cushions
  • Featuring Supreme quality Metal Apron
  • Custom Net and Post

8. Best For Tournaments – Martin Kilpatrick Table Tennis Conversion Top For Billiards Table

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  • Assembly type:  2 piece
  • Dimensions: 9 ft. x 5 ft.
  • Color: Gray, Blue, Green

This convertible table tennis top by Martin Kilpatrick is one of the ultimate convertible tops for tennis tables. It is one of the best equipment that fits precisely for being used over a pool table! Further, this MK Convertible top sports a fluid design with sterling quality rails, making it sturdy. Complementing its stable structure, Martin Kilpatrick has added protective foams in the bottom of this convertible top for protection from scratches.

A unique feature you get when you buy this product is the three-year warranty which Martin Kilpatrick provides, and is unprecedented in its competition. To give itself more stability, this ping pong table top supports a protective layering of metal aprons on its side edges. Finally, this product is suited best for the impractical user!


  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Lockable halves
  • Protection rails
  • Foam protection in the bottom
  • Table connectors
  • Available in 3 colors

9. Worth Mentioning – GoSports Mid-Size Outdoor Portable Tennis Table With Paddles

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  • Assembly type:  2 pieces foldable
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 30 inches x 36 inches
  • Color: Orange and white

It is not a convertible ping pong table, but it is much better! The GoSports Mid-sized Outdoor and indoor portable tennis table is a full-powered pack. This tennis table houses a high powered aluminum frame body and is a perfect fit as a premium sports room equipment!

What is unique about this tennis table is that even though it is mid-sized, you can play regular competitive games with your friends, and can store it like a box in your room! You should buy this product as it is comfortable to carry anywhere, has in-built handles which you can use after folding. It is a complete package for a regular user that you should undoubtedly choose!


  • Ultra-compact design
  • Four balls, two paddles, a net, and a post included
  • Easy Assembly
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • In-built carrying Handles

10. Best Complimentary Product – NIBIRU SPORT 4-Player Ping Pong Paddles Convenient Tournament Advanced Set

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  • Manufacturer: Nibiru Sport
  • Dimensions: 4.2 cms x 15 cms x 11.5 cms
  • Color: Red

Nibiru Sport presents you with its most delicate piece of ping pong equipment! Some of the most critical tools in the game of table tennis, which include tennis paddles, balls, and net posts, are an essential need. Without them, the game is impossible. Thus, suitable for every table tennis player, Nibiru Sports Ping pong paddle set is an ultimate sports pack!

In this pack, you get four paddles made using premium wood quality, a replacement net, retractable nets with posts, and also six high-quality plastic 40 mm Ping-Pong balls. The paddles have been covered with a 2 mm thick blue sponge for a powerful grip. Finally, this ultimate complimentary tennis table equipment is a must-buy for those who want to excel!


  • Soft spongy grip
  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Premium quality paddles
  • Professional/recreational use
  • Sweat Resistant handle
  • Top-Notch Portable net


A flawlessly crafted ping pong tabletop is all you need to make your game room stand out. A ping pong table top that looks glamorous is something that every table tennis player desires, as a splendid tabletop can embellish your decor. The sheer quantity of ping pong table tops in the market makes it an obscure decision. Therefore, you should carefully analyze your indoor space and consider all the perks of a tennis tabletop before concluding to buy. Hopefully, the above list gives you some insight into what suits your needs and gives the gaming enthusiast within you a classy edge!

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Why Do I Need A Tennis Tabletop?

Answer: For those who love the fast-paced game of table tennis, a tennis table convertible top is the precise solution for their indiscriminate arousals of playing the game. A convertible table tennis top lets you play Table tennis anytime, anywhere!

Question 2: Do I Need To Carve Out Extra Space To House A Table Tennis Top?

Answer: Since most Table tennis tops are convertible, it is not necessary to make extra space for your convertible top. Most products in the market are designed to save the consumer space so that you can play table tennis in the best way.

Question 3: How Can I Improve My Game With A Convertible Ping-Pong Table?

Answer: One of the pivotal purposes of a convertible table tennis top is to let the users practice as and when they wish to. Consequently, there are few products in the market that have an in-built playback position for enhanced user experience!

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