Editor’s Pick: 10 Best Phone Screen Magnifiers Updated in 2022

Are you tired of focusing on your small size phone screen? Do you feel inconvenient when you need to watch a video or movie on a phone? If so, these should no longer be a problem since a phone screen magnifier is present. The best thing about this magnifying glass is that it performs many functions for you, including magnifying screen resolution, increasing volume and charging phone as well.

Today, we have eventually compiled a list of the top 10 best phone screen magnifiers for you. Our choices are based on the reviews from customers worldwide. Also, there is a buying guide section at the end of the article. So, to learn more about what they are, let’s follow us now.


Here the 10 Best Screen Magnifiers for Smartphone in 2022

#10. Fanlory Phone Screen Magnifier with Carry Bag

Foldable Phone Stand with Screen Amplifier

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First of all, we have this phone screen magnifier from Fanlory. It is available in 2 colors: black and red. It provides a 3D HD visual effect, which includes the protection for eyes from blue radiation. It serves just like a projector screen, enabling you to have a comfortable view of videos and movies.

Also, with a folding design, users can always put it into a carrying bag to bring along wherever they go. The position and height of the magnifier are both adjustable. The adjustment of the height can be achieved using the ring stand. Moreover, it is designed for most standard smartphone devices, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy as well as other Android phones.

This screen magnifier can also be a great gift for your family and friends to have them enjoy the best time with their phone. There is a full refund warranty to support this purchase.

#9. dizaul Lightweight Phone Screen Magnifier

Foldable Phone Stand with Screen Amplifier – Compatible with All Smartphones

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Next, we should take a look at this phone screen magnifier from dizaul. The magnifier is designed for you to have a great visual feast with the movies on the phone. Users will never have to feel bad while trying to see from the small phone screen again. The size is double, and this little phone projector is compatible with most smartphones.

In addition, this phone’s screen magnifier does not require the use of batteries to operate. It is also super portable and lightweight in the design as well. If you need to work with games, you can also pair with a Bluetooth keyboard as well.

The magnifier stand is built from solid wood, and therefore, it guarantees both of the durability and stability in the long run. Still, if you are having any problems with the magnifier, you can always claim for a full refund or replacement from Dizaul.

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#8. Apad 4-in-1 Phone Screen Magnifiers

3D HD Movies Amplifier Projector Cell Phone Screen Enlarger with Foldable Stand

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Another choice for a good screen magnifier for Smartphone is from Apad. It comes with the size of 12 inches, and it is made with HD and 3D visual effect. The best thing about this magnifier is that it performs a 4 in 1 function, including Bluetooth speaker, power bank, phone stand and magnifier at the same time.

The magnifying effect is about 2 – 3 times larger than the original phone screen size. This is to prevent you from getting eye fatigue or strain by focusing too much on the small screen. It also enables you to integrate a Bluetooth speaker, so that you can fully enjoy the high volume while streaming videos and movies.

On the other hand, the stand comes with a foldable and non-slip design. It is also adjustable to your favorite angle in order to serve you with convenience. After all, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, including home use, café, camping, and many other places.

#7. GLISTON 5-in-1 Magnifying Phone Screen

HD Screen Amplifier, DIY Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone, Phone Screen Enlarger with Folding Screen Magnifier for Movies

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GLISTON also provides us with one of the best phone screen magnifiers. It is built-in with a 5 in 1 function, which can serve as a little stand, a phone’s screen magnifier, a Bluetooth speaker, a mini power bank, and a hand free phone call operation tool. With a portable and compact design, it is super convenient for outdoor usage, making it ideal for outdoor movies and games.

It is suitable for a 12 inches phone screen, and it can enlarge the screen resolution by 2 – 4 times. With the integration of Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy both the best visual effect and sound quality while playing a movie on the phone. This also makes it desirable for children since it will never cause any harm to the eyes.

It is very easy to use, and you can charge the phone and play with it at the same time by using the mini power bank. Therefore, it serves as a good present for both the seniors and children in the house. With a 2 years warranty, you can rely on the quality of the product with confidence.

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#6. WILEVLA Clear 3D Phone Screen Magnifiers

12" Anti-Blue Light Cell Phone Projector Amplifier with Foldable Holder Stand

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Moving onto the next phone magnifier screen from WILEVLA, it provides a variety of protection layers for you. It eliminates the visual fatigue by enlarging the screen size and promoting a clear vision. It can zoom the phone screen size by 2 – 4 times. Also, the video would result in a 3D effect to make it more realistic and enjoyable.

It is also built-in with a Bluetooth speaker so that you can have a hand free phone call operation. The magnifier is not only a magnifier, but it also includes the mini power bank, so that you can charge the phone whenever you prefer.

It is super easy and convenient to install this magnifier. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. As a result, no matter if you are going on a business trip or planning for a camping trip, this magnifying phone screen should always appear on the gadget checklist.

#5. GLISTON Screen Magnifier for Phones

Folding Screen Magnifier for Movies, Videos, Gaming

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Here comes another phone screen magnifier from GILSTON. This one is for a smaller size smartphone with the screen size at 8 inches. Yet, it still provides the zoom effect at 2 – 3 times larger than the original size. This largely reduces the impacts on your eyes while still ensuring the entertaining time for you.

This screen magnifier also consists of 5 roles, including Bluetooth speaker, stand, phone screen magnifier, mini power bank, and hand free phone call assistant. This is the most complete set ever that you can get for the phone to make your daily life super convenient. More importantly, it is lightweight and compact to carry on a daily basis. If you invest your time and money with this magnifier, it is guaranteed that you will get the best satisfaction.

#4. ORETECH Screen Magnifier, 12″ Foldable Smart Phone Screen Amplifier & Projector

3D Screen Magnifying Amplifying Glass for All Smart Phone Model

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This phone screen magnifier from ORETECH is also worth taking into consideration. It comes with a stand, it is foldable to a smaller size, making it convenient for carrying and traveling. This larger tool is responsible for giving you a 3D effect for you to enjoy the movies and videos with the most fun moment. It can magnify the screen for about 3 – 4 times.

With the use of acrylic lenses, the larger pictures do not have any bad quality. Instead, it comes in a crystal clear quality to ensure the best visual effect. This phone screen magnifier is compatible with all smartphone models, including the iPhone and Android.

More importantly, even after the purchase, you can still enjoy the best customer service from ORETECH. A refund or replacement is guaranteed for you if the quality of the product does not match its description provided by ORETECH.

#3. [Upgraded] ARCTIC EAGLE 12″ HD Mobile Phone Screen Projector for Movies and Videos

12" HD Mobile Phone Projector for Movies and Videos iPhone Accessories Gadgets Tech Gifts for Men

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What about this smartphone screen magnifier from ARCTIC EAGLE? It is responsible for making your phone screen 2.5 times larger than the original size. This is for the protection of your eyes, and it also prevents the eyes from exposing to radiation as well. It also serves as a stand, which means you do not need to use the hands to hold the phone while using it.

The screen magnifier comes with universal compatibility. It is suitable for the maximum phone screen size at 6.8 inches. This is applied to most iPhone and Galaxy models, such as iPhone 7/8/7 Plus and Galaxy S8/S9. With a portable design, it can serve you on all occasions no matter you are staying indoors or outdoors.

You can always depend on this magnifier to make your day more beautiful with better screen resolution and quality from your smartphone. The warranty is limited to a 2 year period.

#2. Foonii 12’’ 3D Screen Magnifier for Cellphone

HD Phone Screen Magnifier for Movies, Videos and Gaming with Foldable Holder Stand

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For this cellphone screen magnifier from Foonii, it is the newest 2022 version which provides the 3D visual effect to serve your demands of high-quality movies and videos. This screen magnifier is made from ABS plastic and acrylic lenses so that you can use it for many years ahead with a warranty on the durability and stability of the product.

In terms of its magnifying effect, it can zoom about 2 – 3 times, and this is super desirable for most people to avoid eye fatigue on a daily basis. Moreover, this cellphone’s screen magnifier is also compatible with mobile games, and it still gives you the best gaming effect that you are always looking for.

In case you are running out of ideas for a gift for your friends and loved ones, this can be a good choice since most people would love to own such a convenient tool.

#1. GLISTON Curved Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone, Folding Screen Magnifier for Movies, Videos, & Gaming

Curved Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone

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Last but not least, we should not miss this smartphone screen magnifier from GILSTON. With an affordable price and elegant design, it is a great choice recommended by consumers worldwide. This screen magnifier is designed ideally to match the demand of many smartphones. It can magnify the phone screen about 2 – 4 times based on your demand.

Also, it is built from high-quality ABS, and it provides a 3D curve screen design to maximize your experience in movie streaming. it is also compact enough for you to carry on a daily basis outdoors. The design aims to provide a comfortable growing environment for the kids since it can prevent them from being exposed to the smartphone for many hours.

Also, the quality of the product is guaranteed on a 2 year warranty to maximize the customer satisfaction in this shopping experience.

What is the best screen magnifier for phone?

If you find it difficult to compare between many phone screen magnifiers on the market, please refer to the criteria below while choosing a magnifier for your beloved smartphone.


A good phone screen magnifier comes with many functions. It can serve as not only a screen magnifier but also a Bluetooth speaker, a phone stands as well as a mini power bank. This one particular tool provides the fullest set ever for your smartphone.


Before getting a phone screen magnifier, you should first make sure that it can be used with your smartphone. Otherwise, it would become a waste of money. In this case, a screen magnifier size can range between 8 and 12 inches. The 12-inch size is compatible with a larger phone screen, such as iPhone 7 plus, 8 plus, XS Max, and 11 Pro Max.

Magnifying effect

The best magnifying effect is seen between 2 and 4 times larger than the original size of the phone screen. This is to make sure that users will no longer get any eye fatigue while using the phone for a long period of time.


A good phone screen magnifier is usually made with acrylic lenses that offer the best quality of the visual effect. This returns the result in HD crystal clear quality for the visual effect.


In short, the above is a round-up on the 10 best phone screen magnifiers of the year. They are so convenient for daily usage that you would never want to miss them in your whole life. Let’s start your daily with one of the best phone screen magnifiers to get the best care of your eyes.

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