Top 10 Best Mahjong Sets in 2022

There are many activities to do as a group when we start to get bored. That includes playing video games, playing cards, playing monopoly and playing mahjong. Mahjong is a Chinese traditional game. Many people will find mahjong games entertaining, brain-stimulating, and addictive. Nevertheless, not everyone knows what a good set can be and where to get them. Here, we are presenting you the ten best mahjong sets in 2022 with their key features. Feel free to use the buying guides at the very end at your best as an assistance to help you make the only one and correct decision.

List of 10 Best Mahjong Sets in 2022

10. Hey! Play! Chinese Mahjong Game Set with 146 Tiles Dice & Ornate Storage Case

mahjong set with numbers

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Hey Pley is a premium mahjong set with a lot to offer. It comes full with whatever you need from a set. That includes a carrying case, two dice and 146 tiles. Additionally, the tiles are constructed with melamine that is scratch-resistant. The quality is premium with everything you need as players that can count from characters to dragon tiles. Besides, those tiles are long-lasting in uses and smooth in their textures. It’s good to play mahjong with Hey Play. Overall, mahjong is a good game to play which involves calculation, strategy and skill. Buyers of the set will also get full-satisfaction warranties from the company as well.

Key Features

  • Comes as a full set
  • Tiles constructed with melamine
  • Scratch-resistant tiles
  • Includes everything from characters to dragon
  • Full-satisfaction warranties from the company

9. American Mah Jongg Set – 166 Premium White Tiles

american mahjong sets with pushers

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You will fall in love and enjoy playing mahjong with American mahjong set. There are some reasons for this. First, every tile comes with a full white color. Second, those tiles are engraved fully and painted beautifully. Those paintings are going to last because of the engraved nature of those tiles. Besides, they are constructed with quality and premium melamine that is a top-graded material for the mahjong set. You can consider this set along with a Mahjong table if you are in need of one as well.

Besides, American features an attractive carrying case that is soft and made with canvas. The carrying case stands unique from a traditional carrying case. Everything comes as a combo. Therefore, players will enjoy playing it alongside putting it away for later playing as well.

Key Features

  • Tiles come fully white color
  • Ties engraved fully and painted beautifully
  • Long-lasting painting because of engraved nature
  • Constructed with premium melamine
  • Features an attractive case soft and made with canvas
  • Comes as a combo set of mahjong

8. Nova Jongg Mahjong 166 Tile Set with 4 All-in-One Rack/Pushers with Soft Bag

luxury mah jongg sets

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We all will find Nova a desirable mahjong set. There are one or two things with it that enable the set as one of the most outstanding. It is manufactured with melamine that is dense and scratch-resistant. The material is so premium that the mahjong set will last for generations. The premium material also helps to give a weighty feeling when you touch each piece of tiles as well.

Additionally, it has very fine details with it. Besides, Nova features plastic lids and trays that will keep every piece of tiles for playing and later playing. Furthermore, there comes along a carrying bag for the mahjong set. Therefore, you can bring the set along anywhere you go and play the mahjong game with your friends or family members. Lastly, everything comes complete as a whole set. There shouldn’t be any hassles at all.

Key Features

  • Manufactured with melamine
  • Featured as dense & scratch-resistant tiles
  • Premium material that lasts for generations
  • Gives a weighty feeling when touching
  • Enabled with very fine details for each piece
  • Features plastic lids & trays to keep everything
  • Includes a carrying bag for carrying the set around
  • Comes as a whole & complete set

7. Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Game Set

vintage american mahjong sets

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There is something special with Yellow Mountain. There are some reasons that it stands out as a set of mahjong tiles. The whole and each piece of tiles are constructed with melamine that is a premium material to produce those tiles. Besides, there is everything you need for a mahjong set ranging from circles to blank spare. They are everything you need for a mahjong set.

Moreover, those pieces of tiles and the whole set are very compact, by small and large. Therefore, it’s easy to carry the whole set around for a trip or to play anywhere at your cousin’s home. Lastly, Yellow Mountain features a vinyl case that is good for storing the mahjong set as well.

Key Features

  • Tiles constructed with premium melamine
  • Comes as a full pack for everything you need
  • The whole set as compact
  • Easy to carry around with a vinyl case

6. CHH American Mah Jongg Soft Bag Case New 166 Tile Set with 4 Color Pushers

mahjong set high end

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Everyone is impressed with the CHH mahjong set. The set comes as a full pack with everything you need. The mahjong game set nonetheless doesn’t come with a Chinese style. Therefore, it’s not for you if you are looking for the traditional set of Chinese of mahjong. It features a new Western style of Mahjong game. Regardless, players of traditional Chinese sets can give it a try for this American styled mahjong set.

Furthermore, you have choices as to whether you want the set to come with a carrying bag or some cases. The company offers four different options for the mahjong sets. Those options are different from one another for just their carrying bags or cases, lastly.

Key Features

  • Comes as a full pack of everything
  • Features American/Western style of mahjong set
  • 4 different options for the set
  • Either coming with a carrying bag or some cases

5. New American Mahjong Set by Linda Li8482

chinese vs japanese mahjong

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It’s hard to guess whether we will find a favorite in New mahjong set, but it’s highly likely that we all will like to play with the mahjong set. There are some reasons. Those tiles that we all see are engraved fully and painted beautifully by hands. That’s a good starter for a mahjong set. Moreover, everything comes as a full pack that includes from dots to spares.

The most important part of all is that the set comes as a three-dimensional graphic for each tile. It looks apparent for every piece of tiles. The product features a carrying bag as well.

Key Features

  • Comes with fully engraved tiles
  • Featured with manually painted images
  • Serves as three-dimensional graphics for each tile
  • Comes as a whole pack with everything
  • A carrying bag for storing

4. UsamjTable American Mahjong Set in Burgundy Bag

jade mahjong set

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UsamjTable doesn’t feature the traditional Chinese mahjong set. Rather, it features the Western or American styled mahjong set. It’s good for players who want to try new things and challenge themselves. Those tiles come all in white color and are manufactured with premium materials. There are trays and instruction manuals for how to play those American styles of games. Lastly, UsamjTable is equipped with a carrying bag in a lovely pink color as well.

Key Features

  • Features American/Western styles of games
  • Tiles all come in a white color
  • Tiles manufactured with premium materials
  • Trays and instruction manual coming together
  • A carrying bag in a pink color

3. Yaheetech American Mahjong Set Mah Jongg Sets Aluminum Case 166 Tiles 4 Pushers

white swan mah jongg sets

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Yaheetech has one of the best tile packages of all. Tiles are deeply carved and painted so that they are fade-resistant. Those tiles will let you play with it from your generation to your grand children’s generation. Besides, the company has a care for its customer with an instruction manual for those beginners as well. Furthermore, everything is included in the package from tiles to dices.

In addition, Yaheetech designs with an aluminum case that is of a premium quality. It’s safe and easy to store those tiles. Moreover, it’s for those who want to play mahjong in an American style for the whole mahjong set. The company offers its customers full-satisfaction warranties for the product as well. You’re going to be satisfied with it if you are challenging yourselves by playing those American styles of games.

Key Features

  • Tiles deeply carved & painted for fade resistance
  • Designed to last for generations
  • Includes an instruction manual for beginners
  • Comes as a whole pack of mahjong set
  • Designs with an aluminum case
  • Good for those who play in American style
  • Offered with full-satisfaction warranties

2. American Wholesaler 166 Premium Ivory Tiles, 4 All-In-One Rack/Pushers

mahjong set barnes and noble

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It’s amazing to have American Wholesaler mahjong set around to play with your friends or family members. Those tiles have an ivory color, first. Besides, they are engraved fully and hand-painted beautifully. That makes up for the awesomeness of the whole pack, but those painting and carving are going to last for the mahjong set as well. Furthermore, the set is constructed with melamine that further doubles up the product’s quality. Lastly, a black carrying bag is a part of the collection as well.

Key Features

  • Comes with an ivory color
  • Engraved fully & hand-painted beautifully
  • Product designed to last long
  • Constructed with premium melamine material
  • Includes a carrying bag as a part of the collection

1. Yellow Mountain 2 Imports American Mahjong Set, Mojave (Ivory) with Brown Soft Case

mahjong travel set

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It’s hard to dislike Yellow Mountain 2 with all its qualities. The whole set for the tile parts is constructed with melamine. The material gives those tiles scratch-resistant & heavy feeling qualities. Furthermore, they come fully engraved with detailed and fine paintings. Your experience of playing the mahjong game is going to be more illustrious with the fine details.

Specially, players can play with the American styled mahjong game or Chinese traditional styled mahjong game. You can go for one or another without any hassles at all. The whole collection is stored in a nylon case that is lightweight and easily portable. A carrying bag doubles as a storing item for the whole set, lastly.

Key Features

  • Tiles constructed with melamine
  • Materials giving in scratch resistance & heavy touch
  • Comes fully engraved with paintings
  • Fine details and illustrious experience
  • Go with either American or Chinese style
  • Featured with a nylon carrying case
  • A carrying bag doubling the carrying case

Buying Guide

Material: Those tiles should be constructed with premium materials such as melamine. Melamine is a good material to produce a mahjong set. It enables long-lasting uses of the set and can get engraved very easily.

Paintings: The whole mahjong set should come as the way it’s supposed to be. Those tiles should get fully engraved and featured with hand paintings. Therefore, those paintings are going to last as long as those tiles last. You can play your mahjong game from one generation to another.

Heavy feeling: Those tiles should give you a heavy sense of feeling when you touch them. Even though playing mahjong is about tricks and strategies; players should feel comfortable holding those tiles and dice. As you can see, it can make a difference to your experience with just a heavier touch to each piece of tiles.

Western or Chinese: Most of the mentioned mahjong set features as those sets for traditional Chinese mahjong games. A few we mention are American or Western-styled mahjong sets of games. Only one or two sets can go with both the Western and traditional Chinese styles of games. Please take note of this difference before you go for a set.

Carrying Bag: Carrying bags matter to those sets of mahjong because they store those tiles and dice. Good carrying bags or cases give flexibility for players to travel around and bring those mahjong sets to play for your entertainment.


Some of us like playing cards, monopoly and more. The rest of us like to play mahjong games. Mahjong can be a complex and challenging game to play around with those tricks and strategies. As a result, it’s fun to play the game. It’s only fun when you have the right mahjong set, however.

A premium mahjong set should have qualities such as good or premium construction material, fine or detailed paintings that are going to last, heavy feelings to touch as you sense each piece of tiles, good carrying case or bag and lastly whether it is for the Western or Chinese or both styles of the games.

You can find a good or premium mahjong set with all the qualities in the product buying guide. Readers can also scan for the info in key features of your preferred options that you take notes so far. Lastly, please feel free to leave us a comment if you want us to review any other product besides these mahjong sets.

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