10 Best Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Sets in 2022 | Mechanic’s Best Choice!

When looking for an improvement tool, it’s always a good idea to have a combo set which includes various size and type of tools for our need. It’s applied the same to the screwdriver bit. Therefore, if you own a screwdriver, that’s important to have a screwdriver bit set which has all types of bits to serve you for different purposes. And also for cost-saving as well. Therefore, today we should like to introduce you to the best magnetic screwdriver bit set, the combo of all you look for to do all the basic as well as advanced tasks at hands whether it be with your houses or vehicles. That said, we are here to present you the ten best magnetic screwdriver bit sets in 2022 with their key features as follows:

Our Best Top 3

List of the Best Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Sets in 2022

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10. Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set with Tough Case

Hardened steel screwdriver bits

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Dewalt is an undeniably well-known brand for magnetic screwdriver bit set. There is no doubt it is one of many toppers. First of all, it features a premium case container to keep all the screwdriver bits secured. Furthermore, you will find anything you need from some screwdrivers out there with Dewalt. The company features 54 tips for the whole basic set.

Besides, the bits for double ends come in 12. All the drivers are also collected in one same package. All in all, it’s an amazing set to have as there is anything you just need for screw driving purposes from the company.

Key Features

  • Comes from a very well-known brand
  • Features premium case container to keep secured
  • Featured with 54 tips for the basic set
  • Bits for double ends come in 12
  • All drivers in one same package
  • Everything you all need is in Dewalt

9. Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set, Impact Ready FlexTorq, 40-Piece 

dewalt 10 in 1 screwdriver

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Dewalt 2 is a superb-cool magnetic screwdriver bit set. There are some qualities of the magnetic screwdriver bit. First, it has around ten magnetic screws. Furthermore, there is little chance it is wobbling or dropping because it features a very secure package. Additionally, the collection box is very shock-absorbent, and there would be very little chance of it going to get broken.

Everything in it is 40 pieces of screwdriver equipment. In overall, Dewalt 2 is a tough and shock-absorbent screwdriver package. It enables many screwdrivers and pieces of equipment, so it’s all you need in one same package of it.

Key Features

  • Around ten magnetic screws
  • Very little chance of wobbling & dropping
  • Very secured package for a collection
  • Shock-absorbent package with little chance of breakages
  • 40 pieces of screwdriver equipment

8. Roadtec Mini Precision Screwdriver Set | best magnetic screwdriver for PC, Smartphone and Watch

115 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set with Case, Impact Driver Bits Set for iPhone, Computer, PC, Watch, Glasses, Electronics

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Roadtec screwdriver set is the best magnetic screwdriver for PC, Smartphone, Watch and other electronic devices. The bits look astonishing in its elegant case. There shouldn’t be a surprise, however. The combo is good because it is the way it is. The case includes 115 pieces of screwdriver bits that are great assistance for many jobs at hands from car maintenance to some DIY projects out there. Additionally, the combo set features one handle, one extension rod, one hexagonal sleeve and other handles. We all will never run out of flexibility with Roadtec.

Besides, these handles are very versatile. It is ergonomically designed that it gets good tractions with your hands as you are using the set over time. Everything is included in a plastic case that is tough and strong. You won’t miss anything from it. Everything is already in the case, and you can count on the case to notice whether you are missing any screw bits inside it. In fact, the combo set can get you to fix many things such as smartphones, laptops, eye glasses, home appliances, etc.

Key Features

  • Includes 115 pieces of screwdriver bits
  • Featured with handle, extension rod, hexagonal sleeve, …
  • Handles very versatile and ergonomically designed
  • Everything included in a plastic case
  • Strong and touch plastic case
  • Count on the case if missing anything
  • Fix many things including smartphones, laptops, home appliances, …

7. Rocaris 10pcs 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Long Magnetic Screwdriver Bits Set

electric magnetic screwdriver bit set

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It’s amazing to have Rocaris around as a magnetic screwdriver bit set around. Every piece belonged to Rocaris is shock-absorbent, tough and water-resistant. That’s not enough with it yet. Furthermore, each edge is very precise that it can exactly lock with those screws. It is guaranteed there won’t be any damages whether on the locked screws or screwdriver heads themselves. That’s because of the combined precision and tough qualities of the magnetic screwdriver set.

What’s more, the product features everything you need from a screwdriver set. There shouldn’t be any hassles whether you will lack some screwdriver heads here and there. The whole package is designed for general purposes. Therefore, unless you are doing something very unconventional, it will just be fine. Lastly, everything is metal, and everything is long-lasting.

Key Features

  • Every piece as shock-absorbent, tough & water-resistant
  • Each edge as very precise and exactly lock with those screws
  • Excellent product as combined between precision & toughness
  • Featured everything you need
  • Good for general purposes and general projects
  • Everything metal & long-lasting

6. Jackson Palmer 208 Piece Ultimate Screwdriver Bit Set

comprehensive screwdriver bit set

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Jackson Palmer is a very big and beasty combo magnetic screwdriver set. The whole package includes 208 pieces of those security bits, nut drivers, Phillips, slotted, Torx bits out there. This is very extra. And you don’t do random projects to need all of these. This is for professionals or professional wannabes for the giant combo like this one. Additionally, Jackson Palmer boasts with strong and tough plastic case that can hold everything together

There isn’t a chance that something is missing, and you won’t realize because you will. Every bit has its place in the big and tough plastic case. As a result, users will easily notice if anything is missing from it place, and it doesn’t look normal. Just remember, there are 208 pieces of the whole package, and it’s exactly 208. No matter what, you don’t need to count at all. The case will easily count for you.

Key Features

  • Featured as a giant & big combo
  • Whole package including 208 pieces
  • For professionals & professional wannabees
  • Boasted with strong & tough plastic case
  • Every big having its place in a plastic case

5. Kaifnt K456 Magnetic Phillips/Slotted Screwdriver Bit Set

set of small screwdrivers

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Kaifnt Slotted Screwdriver Bit Set is a basic kit which has 12 pieces of screwdriver’s bits. This is a semi-combo package, and that’s for general uses at households. Furthermore, each tip is magnetic and just absorbs those screws out there. Therefore, it’s very convenient to just work with Kaifnt for those screws. In particular, the bits include 11 pieces of magnetic screwdrivers and one bit holder as a sum of 12 pieces.

Each piece is made of steel. Besides, they are shock-absorbent, tough and water-resistant as well. It’s good for starters and those of you who want to have something handy to fix basic stuff. That’s the first level to begin with before diving deep into deep maintenance works out there, lastly.

Key Features

  • Enabled with 12 pieces of screwdriver bits
  • Serves as a semi-combo package
  • Featured for general purposes and uses
  • Includes 11 pieces of screwdriver & 1 bit holder
  • Each piece as shock-absorbent, tough and water-resistant
  • Each piece constructed with steel
  • Serves as first level for starters to have something handy

4. ZEXETT Screwdriver Bit Set, 55 PCS Extra Long Security Power Bit Se

magnetic screw driver set

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We will count ZEXETT as a useful combo bit set because the collection design includes 55 pieces of those screwdriver bits out there. There are plenty to count including spinner bits, Pozidrive bits, triangle bits, etc. These are a lot and very much more than what you need for a common household use. Therefore, the whole package is designed for semi-professionals or professionals. It’s also good for those who have small sets of ten or eleven pieces before to upgrade themselves with more bits.

Additionally, these screwdriver’s bits are very precise for each piece as it locks exactly for those screws. What’s more, those pieces are very magnetic, so they just lock up immediately as you are using them. They come with a carry case that you can count on. Users can count on the carry case because you all will know when something is missing from the case. Every bit has its place, and all those pieces are always ready to serve you anytime you have them around, lastly.

Key Features

  • Designed as a combo set of screwdriver bits
  • Includes 55 pieces of screwdriver bits
  • Plenty to count including spinner bits, Pozidrive bits, …
  • Designed for semi-professionals & professionals
  • Good for those starters who want to upgrade themselves
  • Each piece as very precise to just lock with their screws
  • Featured with a carrying case we can count on
  • Enables us to know something missing with the case

3. TackLife 61 in 1 Screwdriver Bit Set

best screwdriver set amazon

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TackLife comes with an interesting case with great appeal. The case looks premium and classic. As far-impressive as the carrying case is, those screwdriver bits of the TackLife case are also premium. The whole package includes 60 bits of those slotted, phillips, pozis bits and more. Furthermore, there features one bit holder that enables all the bits to just lock up with all those varied sizes of screws out there.

The package is for professional projects. No matter what, users can use it for normal and simple self-starter projects as well. That’s a good package to start with as when you upgrade your skills, users don’t need to upgrade your items.

Key Features

  • Designed with classic & premium carrying case
  • Those screwdrivers bits as impressive as the case
  • Featured with 60 bits of slotted, phillips, pozis bits and more
  • Enabled with one bit holder to fix up for all
  • Exceptional for professional uses
  • Good for self-starters who are going to upgrade their projects

2. Horusdy 208-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set

best screwdriver bit set on amazon | Chrome Vanadium Steel Security Bit

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Horusdy Chrome Vanadium Steel Security Bit is an exceptional one. We all will need to categorize it into the extra large or extra combo set. The whole package includes 208 pieces of those torq, spanner, driver bits and more. Additionally, all of them are manufactured with CR-V or commonly known as steel with chrome vanadium. The material is very heavy-duty. That assures long-lasting uses of Horusdy magnetic screwdriver set.

Besides, the storage case is cool. Although, it’s just a plastic case; it’s a very tough case so far. It has a place for every bit and piece. However, it’s not a very premium case. Users can get confused whether one bit can be placed at the place of another bit’s. Therefore, it should be a smart thought to give some signs so you can remember locations for particular bits and screwdrivers.

Key Features

  • Categorized as extra combo magnetic screwdriver set
  • Featured with 208 pieces of torg, spanner, driver bits & more
  • Each piece manufactured with CR-V or steel with chrome vanadium
  • Material boasting long-lasting & heavy-duty performance
  • Featured with tough plastic case
  • Not a premium case nevertheless
  • Users easily getting confused with places for those bits
  • Recommendation: making some signs to remember their places

1. Phillips magnetic screwdriver bit set | Yakamoz Magnetic Collar Design 10pcs 1/4 Inch 

Phillips Cross Screw Screwdriver Bits Set Electric Power Driver Bit Set

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Yakamoz Phillips magnetic screwdriver bit is a small magnetic screwdriver set suitable for an array of applications. It is very excellent to be used as hand screwdrivers or electric drills out there. Furthermore, each piece of the whole package of 10 pieces is shock-absorbent. There is no breakage guaranteed with all of them. They are heavy-duty because they are constructed with steels.

Besides, there is a strong magnetism with each of them so that they will lock with those screws immediately by the magnetic pulls. In fact, all of them are manufactured with stainless steel alongside a product design for magnetism.

Key Features

  • Small set of magnetic screwdriver set
  • Serves well as hand screwdrivers or electric drills
  • Comes with 10 pieces of those screwdrivers
  • Heavy-duty because of stainless-steel construction
  • Magnetism working very well for the set

Buying Guide

Size of the Set: We can categorize all the mentioned products in three different sizes. The first one is a small size that can count from around eight to twenty screw bits out there. The second one is a combo size that is from thirty to fifty out there. The third one is an extra-combo that is from sixty and above. It’s up to your uses whether it be for personal and small projects or professional projects to choose one size or another.

Carrying Case: Carrying case matters because it can or cannot tell the exact location of every bit. If it’s a very small size set of magnetic screwdrivers out there, it’s okay to never care about the carrying case. Nonetheless, it matters a lot as those driver bits come around twenty and more. If the carrying case doesn’t tell the locations of particular bits, you should be ready to draw some signs so as to not confuse putting those bits in wrong places.


Everyone should have a magnetic screwdriver bit set out there for your home whether you are professionals or not professionals. It will be very helpful, and you never know. For the qualities, please consider features such as sizes of the set and carrying cases. Users should also check whether those drive bits are tough, shock-absorbent and will be long-lasting or not.

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