Top 8 Best Large Ceramic Christmas Trees in 2022

Being a symbol of happiness and joy, the Christmas trees exude positive vibes all around and create a cheerful aura. The concept of having a Christmas Tree in your home is not new. It’s been there since the ages. At that time, Charismas’s trees meant only the real ones. However, today, when you’ll go out to buy a tree for Christmas, you’ll find different types of them in the market including the plastic, ceramic, and real ones. Among all, a large ceramic Christmas tree is winning the race for some people, as it is alluring, stylish, durable, and just perfect to blend in seamlessly with your home décor. So, try a Christmas ceramic tree this time. To help you choose the best one, we have enlisted the top 10 best large ceramic Christmas trees in the market for your pick.

Key factors to consider while buying a ceramic Christmas tree

Hang on, before heading on, let us tell you the significant factors that are necessary to be considered while buying a large ceramic Christmas tree. Else, your purchase might be just a waste. So, have a look at those factors.


No matter what you’re buying, considering the size of the product is vital. The same goes for a ceramic Christmas tree. Therefore, make sure to consider the size of your Christmas tree while buying. Generally, it is a subjective choice and can be different from person to person. So, first, determine your needs and be clear in mind that how large ceramic Christmas tree you want. Then, look for it accordingly. The average size of a ceramic tree is15 inches. Nevertheless, there are available smaller and larger than that if you want.

Number of bulbs

Tell us, why are you buying a ceramic Christmas tree? Obviously, to illuminate your home. Isn’t it? And, your ceramic tree would be able to light up a large space only if it is equipped with numerous bulbs. This is why examining the number of bulbs is significant while buying a Christmas Ceramic tree. So, make sure to pay close attention to the number of the bulbs of your prospective ceramic Christmas tree. At the minimum, it should have 50 bulbs.


This is where Christmas ceramic trees make a lead than other Christmas trees, which don’t provide you the flexibility to customize and revamp the tree. Given the fact, you just can’t afford to ignore this factor. So, make sure your ceramic Christmas tree is completely customizable and lets you repair it if it gets damaged somehow. Also, ensure that it is hand-painted so that you can tint it when it looks old.


The versatility of a product is always loved because it lets you use the product for different purposes other than just the intended one. The case is same with the ceramic Christmas trees too. This is why don’t buy a Christmas tree that is meant only for a particular place like a room. Instead, look for a Christmas ceramic tree that can be used anywhere from large areas to little space like a tabletop.

Our Best Top 3

List of the 8 Best Large Ceramic Christmas Trees in 2022

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8- Mr. Christmas 19416 nostalgic Christmas tree

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An alluring Christmas tree by Mr. Christmas is here to make your Christmas cheerful, joyful, and filled with fun. The ceramic tree is 24 inches large and crafted so beautifully that it really looks like a real Christmas tree. Owing to its size, you can keep this ceramic Christmas tree on the mantle, side table, bedroom, office table, bookshelf, or anywhere you wish to. Made of glossy ceramic, the Christmas tree has a two-tone green finish, which gleams even when the LED bulbs are off. To add further sparkle, the tree is equipped with multicolored faceted bulbs that illuminate the whole surrounding.

Not only this, but the Christmas tree is designed with a star topper too. When it shines, the tree looks really ethereal. Furthermore, the bottom of the tree is completely sealed and flat that ensures reliable stability and enables you to put the tree anywhere.

Key features

  • 24 inches tall
  • Two-tone green finish
  • AC adapter operated
  • LED lightings
  • Illuminated star on the top

7- Best Choice Product hand-painted ceramic tabletop Christmas tree

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If you’re looking for an appealing and not-so-large Christmas tree, go for this Best Choice Product ceramic Christmas tree. Having a height of 15 inches, the ceramic Christmas tree can be perfectly fit in any tabletop, desk, counter, fireplace, mantel, or any small and compact places. The great thing about this ceramic Christmas tree is that it is hand-painted. Means, you yourself can paint it in your favorite color when its color is faded.

Moving on to the lightings of the tree, it is designed with 64 gleaming multicolored bulbs that make its glossy green finish shine at the best. Adding more to that, the ceramic Christmas tree is equipped with a 7-pointer star on the top that brings the tree to life, literally. Moreover, the ceramic Christmas tree is inbuilt with a 5-ft power cord that lets you illuminate the tree just at a tap of the switch.

Key features

  • 15 inches tall
  • Hand-painted green finish
  • 64 multicolored lights
  • 7-pointer illuminating top star
  • 5ft inbuilt power cord

6- Joiedomi tabletop ceramic tree, 70 multicolored bulbs

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Joiedomi tabletop ceramic tree is made for the people who want to see their ceramic Christmas tree illuminating with a number of multicolored bulbs. Equipped with as many as 70 vibrant bulbs, this ceramic Christmas tree emits a vibrant gleaming light that will literally dazzle you. Even after such a luminous light, if your eyes are asking for more, just look at the top of the Christmas tree where a 7-pointer star illuminates at its all glory.

To let you experiment more with the lightings of the tree, this set of ceramic Christmas tree comes with an additional red-colored top star and 10 different colors of bulbs. To see the tree all illuminated, all you need to do is to connect its power cord to electricity. That’s it. Yes, it comes with a 5.6” power cord. Not to forget, the tree is 15 inches tall and can be placed anywhere.

Key features

  • Plug-in powered
  • 7-pointer top star
  • 15 inches tall
  • 70 multicolored bulbs
  • Green glossy finish

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5- Brightown ceramic Christmas tree

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Coming to the next, Brightwon ceramic Christmas tree is the best fit for you if you want a versatile ceramic Christmas tree with multihued lightings. The thing that makes it versatile is its size. Being 15 inches tall, it can be fit almost anywhere from spacious rooms to small desks.

Moving on to its features, the ceramic Christmas tree has a glittery green finish that gets shinier with its 50 LED vivid bulbs. Adding more to that, the ceramic Christmas tree also features a 7-point star topper that further intensifies the beauty of the Christmas tree. With the fact that bulbs are LEDs, they are durable and completely safe to touch even when illuminating. Additionally, they are also energy-efficient. To allow you easy operation, the Christmas tree comes with a 6-ft power cord and an on/off switch.

Key features

  • 7-point star on the top
  • 50 multicolored bulbs
  • 15 inches tall
  • Green shiny finish
  • 6-ft power cord

4- Ceramic Christmas tree by Milltown Merchants

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This vintage-styled ceramic Christmas tree by Milltown Merchants will literally make you nostalgic about the Christmas décor from the old days. The ceramic Christmas tree is 15.5 inches large and can sprinkle its magic anywhere from tabletop to desks, kitchen to the bedroom, fireplaces to foyers, and home to offices. Furthermore, the Christmas tree has a glossy green finish that is dotted with unnumbered of illuminating bulbs from all sides. To ensure the durability and flawless operation, the bulbs are glued to their places.

Adding more to that, the tree is also equipped with a yellow-colored 5-pointer star on the top that looks like the sun when illuminates. Moreover, the tree also offers you a 5’ plug-in light cord and a set of additional bulbs to decorate the tree the way you want. Above all, the stand of the tree is well-built and ensures you reliable stability no matter where you put the tree.

Key features

  • 15.5 inches tall
  • Non-removable lights
  • Green finish
  • 5-pointer yellow star
  • Sturdy stand

3- Joiedomi 15” tabletop Christmas tree with train

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Brighten up your home with this Joiedomi tabletop Christmas tree and make any festivity full of colors, joy, and, of course, lightings. This 15 inches tall ceramic Christmas tree can illuminate your home, office, or any place where you need the decoration. Furthermore, the tree is designed with 7-8 layers and each of them is equipped with a number of vibrant bulbs. Given the fact, the Christmas tree emits such a colorful and illuminating light that can spread in a vast area.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a 7-pointer white-colored star topper too that renders it a more dazzling and captivating look. If you’re not much fond of white color, you can replace the white-colored star with the yellow one that comes along with the set. Other than the yellow star, the set also comes with 10 additional multi-colored bulbs that enhance the decoration of the tree. Moreover, illuminating the tree is also super easy. Simply connect the cord to the power and press the on button. That’s it.

Key features

  • 7-pointer star topper
  • 15 inches tall
  • Glossy green finish
  • Plug-in powered
  • Additional bulbs

2- RJ legend ceramic Christmas tree

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If you want a relatively small ceramic Christmas tree, RJ legend ceramic Christmas tree is worth checking out. It is 8.5 inches and can be placed anywhere. Despite its small size, it doesn’t make any compromise on the lighting. The ceramic Christmas tree features as many as 50 multicolored festive bulbs that can brighten up a large space. Adding more to that, it also features a 7-pointer star topper that will surely amaze you with its dazzling light.

The amazing thing about this ceramic Christmas tree is that it is hand-painted. So, you can paint it on your own when it needs to. Originally, the ceramic Christmas tree is painted in glossy green color that shines beautifully even when the bulbs are off. With the fact that it is small in size, it is also a great fit for a gift. Unlike other ceramic Christmas trees, it is designed with replaceable bulbs. So, if some bulbs get damaged over time, you can replace them without any problem.

Key features

  • Hand-painted
  • 50 multicolored bulbs
  • 7-point star topper
  • 8.5 inches tall
  • Shiny green finish

1- Ceramic Christmas tree with multi-colored lights by Minetom

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Minetom ceramic Christmas tree is a true specimen of the finest craftsmanship of ceramic Christmas trees. The Christmas tree is 15 inches tall and decorated with several multihued bulbs that create a fascinating illumination when lit up altogether. Owing to its size, the ceramic Christmas tree can be placed anywhere from the foyer to fireplaces, outdoors to indoors, bathrooms to bedrooms, kitchen to the living room, and dinner table to the working desk. Furthermore, it is hand-painted and shines with a glittery green finish.

What makes this ceramic Christmas tree stand apart from the crowd is that it is battery powered. Yes, unlike other ceramic Christmas trees of this list, it is battery powered and requires 3AAA batteries to get in action. Given the fact, there is no hassle of tangling long wires. Just turn on the button and it will start illuminating. On the top, it features a 7-point star that adds further glory to the charm of the ceramic Christmas tree.

Key features

  • Hand-painted
  • 15 inches tall
  • Battery-powered
  • 7-point topper
  • Green polished coating


When you can give your home a Christmas-like decoration all-year-round, why to wait for Christmas? Simply get one of these large ceramic Christmas trees and fill your home with the vintage charm of Christmas décor with a touch of modernity. Since these Christmas trees are made of ceramic, they are durable, alluring, and can last for years.

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