Here are the 10 Best Language Translator Earbuds Carefully Picked by Our Editor in 2022

If you love traveling or frequently have a business trip, a language translator earbud is super convenient to do the translation job for you. With this earbud, you will never have to bring a translator or assistant along with you again. Also, when you do not need it as a translator, it will transform itself into a normal headset for you to enjoy the music.

To accommodate your demand for cross-cultural communication, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best language translator earbuds for you. The reviews will include all the best features of the earbud to help you select the right one.


List of the 10 Best Language Translator Earbuds in 2022

#10. WT2 Language Translator Earbuds with Simul Mode: Supports 40 Languages & 88 Accents

Wireless Bluetooth Translator with APP, Real Time Translation, Suitable for iOS & Android

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First of all, we have this language translator earbud from WT2. It is made with 40 languages for translation, and there are more than 90 accents so that users can choose the comfortable accent that they are familiar with. It offers a simul mode, which enables you to have a hand free communication. On the other hand, the touch mode is compatible with a noisy environment, and what you have to do for this mode is simply to touch to speak and later touch one more time to translate. The speaker mode requires an app to have different types of communication.

The best thing about this earbud is that the accuracy is measured by up to 95′. This is applied to the most commonly used languages, such as Japanese, English, and Chinese. It can also integrate external support from Google and Microsoft as well. It is based on Bluetooth 4.2, and the transmission range is up to 20 feet.

#9. TimeKettle Language Translator Earbuds 95′ Accuracy

WT2 Lite Supports 10 Languages & 59 Accents Voice Translator Earbuds

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Next, we should take a look at this language translator earbud from TimeKettle which is a lite version of WT2 Pro above. There are 2 modes to work with the earbud, which includes touch mode and speaker mode. The touch mode requires only the earbud to touch and speak and later translate. However, for the speaker mode, you can have a phone for communication and translation.

This earbud also provides the accuracy level at 95′. This is super effective when you need to do daily translated conversation in international languages, such as English and Chinese. The translation can take only seconds to achieve based on the type of language. It supports iOS 11, Android 7.0 and Bluetooth 4.2 for connection. The transmission range of this earbud is measured at the maximum range of 20 feet.

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#8. Pomya Lightweight Language Translator Earbuds

33 Languages Real-time Translation Headset for Travelling

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Another choice for a good translation earbud is from Pomya. There are more than 30 languages for translation in this earbud, and therefore, it can help you perform real-time cross-cultural communication within time translation. With a simple design, it is suitable for all indoor and outdoor purposes, including studying, traveling and business.

The earbud is equipped with an advanced 5.0 chip, and this new technology ensures a smooth music as well as phone calls. When you do not need it as a translation set, you can also use it as a Bluetooth headset as well. You can listen to your favorite songs and voices with the best convenience.

More importantly, it features a lightweight and portable design. Therefore, it will never add any burden to your ears even if you have it on for the whole day. It also causes no pressure which might be harmful in the long run.

#7. Supreme Tech Language Translator Earbuds for iOS and Android

Voice Translation Earpiece – Real Time Two-Way Translation Gadget

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Supreme Tech is another language supporter for you during a trip. The fact is that it is the best solution even if you need to have a conversation with the foreigner. It is very easy to operate since it can be paired with most iOS and Android systems. It can also be connected with apps to perform the translation function more effectively and efficiently.

There are up to 5 translation modes for this small translator earbud. The modes include group translation, instant translation, face to face translation, broadcast and language tutor. As a result, no matter in what situation, you can always maximize the values of the earbud in order to get the best communication even if you do not speak the same languages.

With a full charge, you can use this small translator earbud for up to 5 hours, and thus, there should be no problems for you to use it for traveling outdoors.

#6. NIUJF Comforatble Language Translator Earbuds

Real Time Intelligent Translator for Business Learning

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Moving onto the next language translator earbuds from NIUJF, it is a smart language translator which is compatible with various mobile operating systems. These systems include iOS10 and Android. There are up to 33 languages in this earbud, which include the most common ones, such as Chinese, Russian, Italian, French and Japanese.

The earbuds are operated on a considerably long battery life. You only need about 2 hours to charge, and then, it can stand by for up to 120 hours with confidence. If you are out of translation work for the earbud to do, you can use it for music streaming, which can last for about 4 hours.

The design of this earbud is super outstanding, since it ensures the best comfort for all activities, including communicating, running, traveling as well as driving. With the integration of the most advanced technology, it provides a quick pairing process, and the transmission range is as high as 10 feet.

With many other great features, the earbud is suitable for translation, playing games, watching videos and many other components.

#5. Frontier Bluetooth Earbuds Translator

Wireless Bluetooth Translator with APP

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This language translator earbud from Frontier is also worth taking into consideration. It is made up of 35 languages for the translation function, and it supports 2 way translation to prevent all kinds of misunderstandings. It can also work as a Bluetooth earphone when you no longer need it to do the translation for you.

It is compatible with various smartphone operating systems, including iOS 8.0 or up and Android 6.0 or up. You only need to press the button to get the earbud ready to begin to get the translation. Moreover, the translation process is ensured to be very fast and accurate. It can take only about 2 seconds to get ready. Moreover, it is capable of asking for support from various websites as well, such as Google and Microsoft.

There are charging cases provided in the package, and the charging cases also include a microphone and speaker as well. This is for your demand when you need to do the translation for a stranger.

#4. ASHATA Earbuds with 19 Languages

ASHATA Waterproof 19 Language Translating Headphones

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For this language translator earbud from ASHATA, it is equipped with the most advanced detection function, so that once you put the earbud into your ears, it will begin to play for you. This is for the music function. On the other hand, it can also serve as a translator, which requires you to integrate a mobile app to make the translation process smoother and more efficient.

This earbud comes with a tap function, and it requires you to double click in order to play. This is also suitable for answering phone calls or hanging them up. For the translation function, you can have the voice automatically translated based on your demand. There are up to 19 languages in total, and these languages include Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and many other business languages.

Also, you can choose the most comfortable accent that matches your demand.

#3. Walfront 16 Languages Earbuds

Wireless Earphone Translator Portable for Learning Travelling Business Meeting

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What about this language translator earbud from Walfront? The earbud is capable of translating up to 16 languages, and what you have to do is simply speaking to the earbud in order to get it translated. The translation result will come in the voice with the local accent to make it easier for communication.

The earbud is operated on a Bluetooth 4.1 system, and it enables the wireless connection range at up to 10 meters. This is very convenient when you need to connect to your devices, and they are not somewhere nearby. Also, the audio output comes with high quality, which includes the HiFi audio effect.

The communication is guaranteed to be smooth and stable. It is suitable for various settings, including running, traveling as well as driving. With a full charge cycle, it can last for about 5 – 8 hours for listening. The talking function might last only 4.5 hours.

#2. JIANYANA Earbuds for Smartphones

Real Time 19 Languages Translation Bluetooth Earbuds

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Here comes this language translator earbud from JIANYANA. It is available in 2 color options: black and white. It is a smart translator which also includes a charging box in the package. This makes it very convenient for traveling as well as business meetings. The unit can integrate both Bluetooth connection and smartphone app function to achieve a more effective translation result.

Also, the earbud is easy to operate as you only need to wear it and double click to get it started for music playing. This one is also convenient enough when you need to answer phone calls or hang up the phone. The earbud supports 19 languages in total. As a result, no matter where you are going, you can still find a suitable language to communicate with the local people. This saves you a lot of time and energy in doing the communication in the local area.

#1. fosa Earbuds Translator with Hi-Fi

Earphone Device Voice Translation Support 19 Languages

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Last but not least, we should not miss this language translator earbud from fosa. It is made with the most outstanding detect function which plays the music automatically for you. When you drop them out of your ears, the music stops also. With the music playing function, it can last about 5 – 8 hours, while the translation mode can last shorter at only 4.5 hours.

It is operated on a touch function, which allows you to touch in order to play or pause. The sound quality comes in a Hi-Fi effect to help you on a daily translation task. It is based on Bluetooth 5.0, and this enables the fastest wireless transmission ever.

The design of this earbud is small and compact, making it easy for traveling. There are 19 languages in total for translation. So, no matter they speak Japanese or Portuguese to you, it should no longer be a problem with this earbud.

What makes the best translator earbuds?

Without a high quality and outstanding design, the earbud would become a burden to you instead since it might cause confusion and misunderstandings. So, below are the criteria that you should evaluate before making a purchase.


A good translator earbud can translate from 19 to more than 30 languages. It also includes various accent versions. This allows you to choose the most comfortable version for yourself.


Low accuracy will lead to a lot of misunderstandings. A good translator earbud ensures up to 95′ of accuracy. This should be applied to the most commonly used languages, such as English, Chinese, French, Japanese and a few more languages.


It should be compatible with various smartphone operating systems, such as iOS and Android. However, some earbuds only support the later versions of the system, so before buying, you need to see if it is suitable for your smartphone system.


Apart from serving as a language translator earbud, it should support other functions, such as music streaming. This enables you to use it as a normal Bluetooth headset.

Battery life:

The battery life should not be less than 4 hours in a full charge cycle. A good earbud supports about 4 – 5 translation hours and 5 – 8 music hours. This is enough for you to use on a daily basis.


To sum up for this article, we have shown you the top 10 best language translator earbuds. With such an earbud, you will never have any problems with traveling again. You can always communicate with your business partner and local residents in various countries with convenience. Thank you for shopping with us, and we hope that the earbud can help you a lot on a daily basis.

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