Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Best Flexible Solar Panels in 2022

Nowadays, everyone is struggling with electricity bills in one way or another. To deal with the pocket robbing bills, we monitor all-electric appliances, but all our effort goes in vain. What if we tell you that you can cut down on energy consumption without installing a traditional solar panel? Conventional panels can be replaced with flexible, compact solar panels to minimize energy consumption. Moreover, due to their size and ease, flexible solar panels are used for solar projects. In addition to that, they can also be used on-the-go. If you are going camping or hiking, these flexible solar panels can be your saving grace. But how to know if you can trust a brand? Don’t get daunted; let us help you with our top 10 flexible solar panels.


List of the 10 Best Flexible Solar Panels in 2022

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1. Best Overall: TP Solar Monocrystalline Bendable Panel

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  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Flexibility: 30 degree
  • Length: 42.3 inches

Are you looking for multiple panels that can make an off-grid solar panel for your RV or trailer? If so, check out the TP-solar panel that is 42.3 inches long. A single board has 12 Volt charging capacity, and you can connect them in series to make a solar board. Each piece is fully flexible and can be set in an arc of 30-degree.

Another good thing is that this solar panel is temperature-resistant and waterproof. So you can set it up on your roof or boat without any hesitation. It can resist water better than aluminum or glass panels. Whether you want it for your trailer, RV, boat, or travel purpose, these will be reliable and efficient.

Key Features

  • Has a year guarantee and lifetime support
  • Highly waterproof and temperature-resistant
  • 12 Volt charging capacity
  • Can be used in a series set-up for boats or trailer

2. Best Runner-up: Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panel


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  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Flexibility: 248 degree
  • Length: 59.2 pounds

If you want something with more flexibility, then check out the Renogy solar panel. It has a 160 Watt and 12 Volt power capacity with a flexible arc of 248 degrees. Hence, it can be installed in any place where a standard solar panel can’t be mounted. This model has different power variations in the range; 50W, 100W, 160W, and 175W.

You get a bit of variety to choose from, all of which are perfect for outdoors. Installation and transportation are easy, considering its only 1/10th of an inch in thickness. You can use it on boats, RVs, roofs, or over any uneven surface. The polymers used in this are waterproof, ensuring it lasts for years, even in the sea.

Key Features

  • Can be used in off-grid panels
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Available in different power capacities
  • Waterproof and has a flexible arc of 248-degree

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3. Best Under $300: Xinpuguang 2-piece Flexible Solar Panels

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  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Flexibility: 40 degree
  • Length: 46.26 inches

If you are looking for a complete kit, then you might want to check this out. The set includes two pieces of monocrystalline solar panels of 100W, a charging controller of 20A, an extension cord with PV connector, an alligator clip extension cord, and a 2-in-1 parallel connector. This model is relatively popular due to the variety it offers.

In this range, there are six different power options; 200W, 300W, 400W, 600W, 800W, and 1000W. All these options make sure you don’t have to settle on anything less than your requirements. It’s designed to endure high snow, strong winds, and temperature changes. Hence, it can be used anywhere from cabins to tractors. The multi-layered lamination sheets make sure that it can withstand any wear and tear.

Key Features

  • Six models with different power specifications
  • Can be arced to 30-40 degrees
  • Can endure snow, heat, and rain
  • Perfect for curved or uneven surfaces

4. Best Value For Money: Eco-Worthy Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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  • Weight: 3.97 pounds
  • Flexibility: 30 degree
  • Length: 45.3 inches

If you want the solar panel to last you a few more years, go for this monocrystalline panel. It has an ETEF surface, which is known to last up to 9-10 years. The flexible solar panel has black shingled solar cells that won’t crack. You can set it up on any curved surface due to its 30-degree flexibility arc.

Its power specifications are 100W, 12V, and is mainly used for charging lead-acid batteries. Additionally, you can find more power variations in this model: 100W, 200W, 400W, and 800W. The surface is non-sticky and will be cleaned automatically when it rains so that you won’t be troubled with maintenance.

Key Features

  • Non-stick, auto-clean surface
  • Won’t crack or break
  • ETEF panel will last years
  • Monocrystalline, shingled panel module

5. Cheapest Amongst All: SunPower Monocrystalline Compact Solar Panel

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  • Weight: 3.97 pounds
  • Flexibility: fully flexible
  • Length: 25.5 inches

Are you looking for a smaller flexible solar panel that will give you room to explore? The SunPower 50W solar panel is 25.5 inches long and can be mixed with higher power panels with the right connectors. This particular solar panel is especially suitable for those who travel much. If you are backpacking or camping, you can use this for charging your equipment.

In case you have an e-bike, it’s excellent to power them too! It’s pretty flexible and can be used over curved surfaces without any trouble. As with any solar panel, it’s waterproof and has an ETEF lamination. Correlatively, it comes with five years of warranty to ensure you get all your money’s worth.

Key Features

  • Has five years of warranty on it
  • ETEF laminated surface
  • Can be used with higher power panels in an off-grid
  • Fully flexible and lightweight

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6. Largest One: Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar Panel

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  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Flexibility: Foldable
  • Length: 64.5 inches

If you are into boondocking, then you don’t want to miss out on this one. This solar panel is a collection of 4 solar panels in series, each panel being 20 inches big. The model was initially made for solar generators but garnered attention due to its durability and ease of access. All the panels fold to become a 20.5-inch long case that weighs only 5 pounds.

There are buckles to hold it together and a sewn-in handle to carry them. The cloth case is of Oxford material, which is heavy-duty enough to last for years. It’s also waterproof and suitable for camping, hiking, outdoor recreations, and boondocking.

Key Features

  • 100W power capacity with three USB ports
  • Package includes a foldable solar panel that folds up into a carry case, ten DC connectors, and an MC4 cable
  • Waterproof oxford material
  • IPX4 surface makes the panels water-resistant

7. Compact One: SunPower 110W Flexible Solar Panel

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  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Flexibility: 30 degree
  • Length: 45.9 inches

If you want something that you can handle on your own, then consider looking into the SunPower panel. It’s a polymer constructed solar panel and hence will last you years. Due to its raw materials, it can resist water, heat, and winds better than PET solar panels. It weighs only 4 pounds and can be bent into a 30-degree arc, making it perfect for curved and uneven spaces.

You can purchase it in bulk to set-up an off-grid or just get it individually according to your requirements. The model is compatible with MC4 cables as it comes with PV4-S connectors. If you go for it, you will get a five years warranty on the product and two years warranty on its power.

Key Features

  • 18.8V, 5.9A, and 110W
  • Polymer construction; waterproof
  • 30-degree flexible arc
  • Compatible with irregular terrains

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8. Semi-flexible: Dokio Semi-flexible Lightweight Solar Panel

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  • Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • Flexibility: Semi-flexible
  • Length:  43 inches

If you don’t want a fully flexible solar panel and would prefer a semi-solid panel, then here’s a great option. This ultra-thin Dokio solar panel can be mounted on sailboats, tents, RV, Trailers, caravans, and e-bikes. It’s easy to install due to its six metal grommets where you can attach fasteners. If you don’t like this mounting system, then you can opt for adhesive or Velcro.

With its thickness of 2.5mm(0.1 inches), you can also choose to use it for mobile usage. The junction and surface of the panel are waterproof and can be used in any environment. If you are looking for a lightweight panel that can pull some heavy-duty weight, this is definitely recommended.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • 0.1 inch thick, easy to install
  • Can be mounted with glue, Velcro, or metal fasteners
  • 100W, 12V, and 43 inches long

9. Best For Marines: Solar Cynergy Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Flexibility: Semi-flexible
  • Length: 51.5 inches

Are you on a sailboat majority of the time? If yes, then you will need a panel that can endure extreme heat and saltwater. Whether you want it for your sailboat or are taking it along a trip to recharge your gadgets, it will fulfill all your requirements.

The PET lamination makes it saltwater-resistant and splash-resistant. Hence, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning the fog. It’s designed carefully to keep it lightweight and thinner than the majority of aluminum solar panels. However, the best thing might be that it has a 25-year warranty on its power output!

Key Features

  • Twenty-five years warranty on power output
  • Splash-resistant and waterproof
  • Low-maintenance and ultra-thin
  • Perfect for saltwater

10. Most Sturdy: Newpowa Monocrystalline Solar Panel For Marines

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  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Flexibility: Not flexible
  • Length: 53.85 inches

This is for those who are professionals working at sea and would prefer something more substantial. This monocrystalline solar panel has an aluminum frame but is more compact as compared to traditional panels. It was designed for off-grid modules; however, you can use it individually too.

Due to its solid framing, it weighs a lot more than the others on the list and is not flexible. But due to its weight, it can withstand up to 2400PA wind and 5400PA snow. Hence, it’s suitable for places that experience heavy winter along with water bodies. The diodes are pre-installed, so you won’t struggle to set it up.

Key Features

  • Comes with a set of pre-attached MC4 cable
  • Twenty-five-year warranty on power output
  • Can endure strong winds, snow, and saltwater
  • Easy to set-up

Your Saviour On-the-go

Generally, it’s difficult to charge your gadgets if you are always traveling. So you will be cutting down on both money and effort if you decide to get a flexible solar panel. However, that’s not their only application; these are also used on smaller boats and RVs. Overall, they can be used for anything that requires energy to work. Nowadays, traditional solar rooftops are also getting replaced with flexible ones. They need less maintenance, and installation is even easier thanks to their flexibility and size. If you decide to go for it, we hope our list of top 10 flexible solar panels will help you in your search.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques.1 Do Flexible Solar Panels Become Less Efficient Over Time?

Ans- The straightforward answer would be yes; they do lose efficiency over time. Traditional solar panels and flexible panels both need to be replaced over the years. Flexible solar panels with PET coating can last up to 5-6 years, while ETFE coated flexible panels last up to 10 years. After this, you will need to replace them.

Ques.2 How To Clean A Flexible Solar Panel?

Ans- If your panel was exposed to saltwater, then clean it with fresh water. If not, then mix some mild neutral soap with regular water. Wash it gently and don’t use a hard or abrasive cloth or material. In case of oily or greasy surface, use methylated spirit or denatured alcohol. If you want to do a bit more, apply a coat of any plastic protectorate once it’s thoroughly dried.

Ques.3 Why Are Flexible Solar Panels Less Used?

Ans- As compared to traditional solar panels, flexible ones are thinner and lighter in weight. Their size leads to smaller lifespans in flexible solar panels. A conventional solar panel can last 20 years while flexible ones last half of that. That’s the only reason they aren’t widely used. In terms of performance, flexible solar panels don’t lack anything.

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