Top 10 Best Fire Escape Ladders in 2022 | Editor’s Best Choice!

Although accidents do not every day, we still have to get ourselves prepared and ready for the accidents to come. Among all the disastrous events, fire is one of the most common things that people tend to always eliminate. Therefore, a fire escape ladder can be a useful tool in case of emergency to help you with the escape. If you are not sure where to find the best fire escape ladder, our article is designed ideally for you to learn about the top ten best fire escape ladders. We also ensure to include the key features as well as the buying guide section for you.


List of the 10 Best Fire Escape Ladders in 2022

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Fire Escape Ladder Reviews

10. First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Made of Steel and Anti-SlipLadderbest fire ladder for escape

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First of all, we have this fire escape ladder from FIRST ALERT. It is made to have a length of 14 feet, which is equivalent to the height of a two-story house. Therefore, you can escape from the upper floor easily if the fire is striking your house. On the construction side, it is made of durable and sturdy steel, which is tested to load the maximum capacity of 1,125 pounds. It is supported by the nylon straps to add extra strength and durability to the structure. More importantly, FIRST ALERT is a well-known brand which is trusted by people all over the world. The steps are coated with rungs to give you a smooth footing and prevent you from slipping. For these reasons, the quality of the product is guaranteed with a 6-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Built from high strength steel with nylon strappings.
  • Each step can hold about 375 pounds, which make the total capacity of 1,125 pounds
  • Length: 14 feet, equivalent to 2 stories

9. Kidde Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs

best fire escape window ladder

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Next, let’s take a look at this fire escape ladder from Kidde. It is very easy to you because you only have to attach it to your window in order to escape quickly. It has a total length of 13 feet. Since the ladder is made for you to escape from fire, the structure itself is resistant to fire and flame. There is no need for you to assemble the ladder before usage because it is designed for you to escape immediately. The ladder is made of steel and nylon, and the ladder includes slip resistant steps which ensure you with a safe experience. It is also sturdy enough for you to climb up and down easily, and each step is wide enough to support your body with great balance. When the weight is well distributed among the steps, the whole ladder can support the maximum weight of 1,000 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Total height: 13 feet
  • Constructed of steel and nylon, which are both flame resistant
  • Maximum loading capacity: 1000 pounds, if weight are distributed evenly
  • Anti-slip steps

8. Hausse Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape Ladder

Fire escape ladder for balcony

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Moving onto the next fire escape ladder from Hausse, it is a 25 feet ladder which is a better choice for you if you are living in a higher story house. It is recommended to have this ladder in every house because it is for emergency use. In case of flame, you can attach the ladder to the window via hook attachment and go down slowly and securely. There is no need to assemble the ladder using any tools. It is fast enough to open and provide the stair for you to climb down just immediately. It is built to be strong and sturdy, and each step is equipped with an anti-slip rung. Therefore, security is already ensured for you. It has proved to withstand the maximum weight of 1,000lbs. Moreover, a canvas bag is included for you to store the stair.

Key Features:

  • Ladder length: 25 feet
  • Flame resistant and anti-slip function to offer security
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 1,000lbs
  • Canvas storage bag included

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7. Portable Fire Ladder 2 Story Emergency Escape Ladder

best fire escape ladder 2 story

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SHAREWIN also offers us with one of the best fire escape ladder 2 story in the market. It is a portable ladder with a very strong and sturdy design to help you in case of emergency. The height is about 15 feet, allowing users to climb down from the second story with confidence. Each step is made wide enough to accommodate your demand and ensure you with safety. It has a space saving design, which is collapsible and then foldable to a smaller size for a convenient storage. After it is fully expanded, it can be attached to the window in order for you to escape with safety. It is certified by EN131, and it can offer a high load of 990lbs. Also, it features the steel hook to support the structure with stability and durability.

Key Features:

  • Made with steel frame for a durable structure
  • Foldable for a space-saving storage
  • Certified by EN131 from EU for safety measure
  • Total length: 15 feet

6. X-IT 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

fire escape ladder for balcony

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Let’s have a look at this fire escape ladder from x-it products. It is an emergency with the length varying between 13 and 53 feet, or between 2 and 6 stories. However, the 2-story ladder is the most used by consumers. It has won the award of being the safest and strongest emergency ladder to help you get out of the house if there is a flame. In addition, it fits with all sizes of windows and walls which make you climb down fast and sturdily to ensure the best safety. However, when not in use, there is a storage bag which you can store it easily and put it under your bed or other places within each. Moreover, it is tangle free, and it can support the maximum weight of 1,000 pounds while the ladder itself is lighter than 6 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Length: 13 feet for two stories, and other sizes are provided
  • Awarded for being the safest
  • Maximum loading capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Storage bag included

5. ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder 25 ft | Best Escape Rope Ladder

fire escape rope ladder

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For this fire escape ladder from ISOP, it is available at a reasonable price. The ladder is strong and solid with the support of rope and resin to protect you in the emergency case. Due to its highly durable construction, it can withstand the maximum weight of 2,000lbs, while the breaking point is as high as 11.2KN. It is suitable for almost all types of windows, which means you can escape with convenience. It is very easy to use during the evacuation. Users do not need to assemble or set it up with tools needed for help. It is as long as 25 feet, which is equivalent to 8 meters. The ladder is resistant to flame, and therefore, users do not have to worry about the fire catching you from the front. Apart from its lightweight and compact design, it offers 4 other sizes according to the level of your house.

Key Features:

  • Length: 25 feet
  • Supports up to 2,000 pounds and lasts for 11.2KN
  • Flame resistant
  • Compact, portable and lightweight

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4. DELXO 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder | EN131 Certified Extendable Ladder

Extension fire escape ladder for home

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If you want a ladder for both adults and children to climb with convenience, you should consider this ladder from Delxo. It is suitable for every home use since it is for emergency evacuation. The ladder can be connected with windows or doors for escape while the flame is catching you. the hook is retractable, and it can be maximized to let you climb down with stability. With the hook attachment, it can minimize the impact or possibilities of an injury. If you need to use it, you can start the operation immediately because there is no need for tools to assemble the ladder. On top of that, the step is designed to be anti-slip to prevent you from falling down due to any expected accidents. Moreover, for the weight, it can support the maximum weight of 1,000lbs, which means all of your family can climb down together with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Connection hooks included for attachment to the window
  • Wide step and sturdy structure
  • Maximum supporting weight: 1,000lbs
  • No tools needed for the assembly
  • Length: 13 feet.

3. Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

fire escape window ladder

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Here is another model of fire escape ladder from Hausse. The evacuation operation with this ladder is very easy to operate since it can be simply linked to the window in order to stay still and let you escape sturdily. You do not need to ask help from any tools in the house. The installation can be finished within a breath. The ladder is strong and sturdy enough to support your demand. The rungs are slip resistant to make your every step smooth and secure. Before sent to you, it has already been tested to prove that it can load at the maximum level of 1,000lbs. Moreover, it can be extended up to 13 feet high, which is equivalent to your 2-story house.

Key Features:

  • Durable and slip resistant design
  • Loading capacity: 1000lbs
  • Length: 13 feet
  • Connected to window for attachment point

2. LUISLADDERS Fire Escape Ladder 3 Story with Anti-Skid Rungs | Portable Emergency Escape Ladder

permanent fire escape ladder

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We shall not miss this fire escape ladder from LUISLADDERS as well. In case of emergency, users can quickly attach this ladder to the window or window frame to make a ladder to climb down easily. It comes with a V type design which is suitable for most standard sizes of window. It has a tangle free style, which means you do not have to assemble the product. When not in use, it can be folded small in order to store anywhere within reach. It is compatible with under bed or other places in the bedroom. It is certified by the EN131 for the security, and it has been tested to load at the maximum of 1,000lbs. The total length of this ladder is about 25 feet, or equivalent to three stories high.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most window sizes
  • Loading capacity: 1,000lbs
  • Height: 25 feet

1. Emergency Fire Escape Ladder | Portable Ladder With Anti-Slip Rungs And Wide Steps V Center Support

Portable Ladder With Anti-Slip Rungs And Wide Steps V Center Support

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Last but not least, this is one of the most recommended fire escape ladders, which is the product of HYNAWIN. It comes with V type design to support your weight in the central part and make it sturdy enough even during the emergency. It is made of aluminum, and therefore, it is both lightweight and durable. The ladder has a height of 15 feet, which is about the height of a two-story house. While the ladder is compact and portable, the steps are designed to be wide for a fast escape. It is also anti-slip to ensure your best safety. On the capacity side, it can support the maximum weight of 990lbs, which is about the size of 3 people.

Key Features:

  • Material: aluminum frame
  • Height: 15 feet
  • Wide steps and sturdy design
  • Loading capacity: 990lbs

Buying Guide

When it comes to your safety, it is essential to have the right product choice to minimize your risk during emergency evacuation. Therefore, here are some features for you to consider while choosing a fire escape ladder.

Materials: the structure of the ladder should be made of steel or aluminum, but aluminum is the most desirable since it is light in weight and durable in construction.

Height: there are various heights for the ladder, which is to accommodate your demand at different stories. Normally, the two-story high ladder is the most favorable, which has the length of approximately 12 feet, since it is compatible with many situations.

Loading capacity: while making rope and steel, it should still feature a high loading capacity, which is at least 900lbs. This way, it gives the chance to 3 people climbing down and escape at the same time.

Wide steps: people tend to be nervous during emergency cases. Therefore, wide steps is quite essential to ensure your safety to prevent you from slipping.


In conclusion, above are the top ten best fire escape ladders. It is important to take good care of yourself, and therefore, to get prepared for the case of emergency. So, you are highly recommended to get a fire escape ladder because you will not know which day the disaster comes.

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