Top 10 Doctor Kits Best for Toddler and Children to Play in 2022

Remember those days when electronic devices did not exist so kids spent their time playing toys and cherishing those moments? It’s sad that kids nowadays do not get to experience all of that because technology has changed the way they spend their time. According to a research study by JAMA Pediatrics in 2018, it’s found that kids develop language skills better when they play conventional toys compared to when they play electronic devices.

It’s also becoming obvious that kids tend to isolate themselves with a phone compared to playing with toys which they seek playmates. Understanding this concern, in this article, we will be introducing the top 10 best favorite toys that most people in the early generation spend their childhood playing; it is a doctor kit for toddler and children. These doctor kits will help encourage your kid’s intelligent and imagination for their real lives. For the expert’s recommendation, parents better get their children busy with these kinds of doctor kit toys rather than smartphones and tablets. Let’s have a look.

List of the 10 Best Doctor Kits for Your Kids in 2022

10. Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set

Doctor kit for boys and girls

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The first one in the list is a set of doctor kits for toddler from Melissa & Doug. It’s widely known as a great set because there are up to 25 pieces of realistic toys that your kids can play like a real doctor to examine the patient. It’s designed specifically for kids whose ages are from 3 to 6 years old, so the toy is not too big nor too small for their hand. On top of that, since it uses high quality material, these toys from Melissa & Doug are super durable

It can also be cleaned up when dirty. What’s also great about Melissa & Doug is it comes with a handy tote that you can use to store all the pieces too. It’s very useful as you can always keep your space clean and neat after your kid’s play time.

Key Features

  • Partnering with American Academy of Pediatrics to improve children brain and life skill
  • Each piece is designed like a real medical tools
  • Ideal for both girls and boys
  • Can be played alone or with partners to improve a kid’s socializing skill.

9. JGSY Doctor Kit for Kids | 45 Pieces Toy Doctor Kit

Pink doctor kit for girls

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Moving onto the next product, we have kid’s favorite doctor kit from JGSY. It is highly recommended because in its set, there are up to 45 pieces of accessories related with dental field counting from dental mirror, stethoscope, eyeglasses and many more. Each piece looks very realistic. Stethoscopes in particular can even make a heart-beat sound that makes kids feel like they are really a doctor. Having a full set of doctor kits, kids can effectively develop their imagination and learn about social skills as they are enjoying their time.

On top of that, they can also start working harder in order to become a real doctor by simply playing this role. This doctor kit for kids from JGSY comes in pink colors so it’s perfect to gift your daughter or any girls in your family.

Key Features:

  • The product has US ASTM standard
  • Kid-friendly – no sharp edges on any pieces
  • BPA-free and no other harsh chemical that can affect skin
  • Perfect for kids above 3 year-old
  • 100′ satisfaction guarantee on the item so there’s no risk in purchasing it.

8. LOYO Medical Kit for Kids – 35 Pieces Doctor Pretend Play Equipment

best play doctor toy for toddlers

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On the top 8th, we have another popular doctor kit for kids from LOYO. Produced wuth the purpose to familiarize themselves with real medical kits, LOYO doctor kit can effectively reduce your kid’s fear in terms of engaging with real doctors when they go to hospital. LOYO focuses on child-friendly design that allows them to play the toys safely. There is no peace among 35 total pieces that have sharp points or edges, so it’s completely safe to play with. Moreover, the plastic used to make this is also toxic-free. Surely, LOYO is the best gift for any kids; specifically, those whose age is 3 and above.

Key Features:

  • Realistic sound and light features on the toys like real tools
  • ASTM standard certified
  • Set comes with carrying bag for easy storage with snap lock on the case to prevent the toys from spilled out when carrying
  • Batteries to put in the toys are included in the package.

7. Joyjoz Pretend Play Medical Kit Set for Girls Kids with School Classroom and Costume Dress-Up

Pretend Play Medical Kit Set for Girls Kids

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Moving on, there is another thoughtful educational doctor kit for kids from Joyjoz. One of the key things that attracts a lot of customers to Joyjoz is because it offers a great product but with super affordable prices, so you wouldn’t have to empty your pocket for your kid’s gift. Besides, they are all high quality and pretty durable since it’s made from non-toxic BPA-free plastic, so you wouldn’t have to worry if the toys would get broken and more.

Each piece is smoothened in order to ensure there’s no sharp corner that can cut your kid’s body when they are playing. It’s perfect for both girls and boys to play.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a doctor coat
  • Set included with carrying bag to store toys or to carry from one place to another
  • Product is tested and passed CPSIA and ASTM test for safety certified
  • Best for kids from 3 year-old and above.

6. Kidzlane Durable Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic

12 Medical Doctor's Equipment, Packed in a Sturdy Gift Case

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Moving on, another set that is a perfect toy to gift your kids is from KidzLane. It’s very popular among parents that they buy this doctor kit for their kids. Kidzlane chose the best 12 medical tools that your kids can play for their entertainment. What’s also special is that those items also have integrated sound effects that look and feel like a real tool, so kids feel like it’s a real life game. It’s come in a carrying case where you can store or bring them anywhere. No matter where you go, you can always bring Kidslane along for your kids.

Key Features:

  • Realistic sound effects to give authentic feeling when playing
  • Comes with batteries that can be used in the toys
  • Can be cleaned with soap for hygiene
  • 100′ satisfaction guarantee that you can get your money back if your kid does not enjoy playing with the product.

5. MCFANCE Toy Doctor Kits | 48Pcs Pretend Play Doctor Kit

48Pcs Pretend Play Doctor Kit for girls and boys

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On the top 5th in the list, the best doctor kit for kids is from MCFANCE. Coming with a set of 48 pieces included, this doctor kit toy is perfect for both girls and boys to play for their everyday entertainment. The fact that it has many pieces, which is a lot more than the typical doctor kit in the market, allows your kids to be able to play with many other kids, so they can improve their social interaction, language and brain while understanding about doctor’s responsibility and more.

A lot of customers claim that their kids are happier and especially they have less anxiety when it comes to real doctor appointments; instead they become more interested in what doctor will be performed on them. It’s a really useful toy that every kid should spend their time playing.

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic toys that is certified by US toys standard for its BPA-free material and kid-friendly design
  • Realistic stethoscope with dress-up set to help with kid’s imagination
  • All pieces can be cleaned with soap for germ-free and healthy toys
  • Material is durable and no sharp edge

4. Fajiabao Doctor Kits for Kids with Stethoscope Medical Set

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Another kid-favorite doctor kids on the top 4th is from Fajiabao. This top 4th is another affordable product compared to most in the market. With pocket-friendly prices, you can get up to 14 pieces of items including stethoscope, needles, glasses, doctor coat and more. On top of this, there is also a mini doctor case where your kid can store the toys and carry them as if they are a real doctor. With these realistic doctor kits, your kid surely can spend hours playing without getting bored.

Key Features:

  • Doctor coat and doctor case is offered as a package
  • Realistic design on stethoscope with a heart-beat sound
  • Ideal to gift to both girls and boys

3. JOYIN Kids Doctor Kit | 31 Pieces Pretend-n-Play Dentist Medical Kit

31 Pieces Pretend-n-Play Dentist Medical Kit

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Next, another superior quality doctor kit for kids is from JOYIN. Coming in a set that has up to 31 pieces of toys, this brand surely knows what they are doing because all their products are made with super high quality plastic that fits safety test standards. There is also a wide case that can be used to store all the products so that they don’t get lost after play time. This doctor kid from JOYIN is perfect to play at home or even in classroom like role play because all of them are designed based on the real medical tool, so it looks and feels just like the genuine ones when playing them.

Key Features:

  • A set has up to 31 pieces of toys
  • Included with batteries to put in stethoscope
  • Big case for comfort storage and portability

2. Meland Toy Doctor Kit for Kids

Doctor Play Set for Girl Toddlers

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Moving onto the top 2nd best doctor kit for kids in the list, it is a product from a brand called Meland. Now, if you have a daughter or you are looking for a gift for a girl, this is definitely the one. It comes with a set of pink colors with many medical tools to play with. Moreover, Meland also offers a light pink nurse set that looks so cute on any girls

It’s available for kids whose age is from 3 to 8 year-old. What you can also do with your kids with this is to play with them while explaining to them about the tools, how do we use them and get them familiarize with those items so they feel more condition with meeting a real doctor and overcome their fears. With this, kids can also be more creative and you can also observe how they play to learn more about your kid’s personality and behavior.

Key Features:

  • Pink medical toy set to develop kid’s learning and creativity
  • Realistic electronic stethoscope with batteries given in the package
  • Can be used in school, for role play, picnic or at home
  • Best gift for girls; especially those whom parents want to be a doctor/nurse in the future

1. Battat Deluxe Doctor Kit 

Pretend Play Doctor Set for Kids 3 Years +

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If you were into doctor kit when you were a kit, you probably have heard about Battat before. Since 1897, this brand has set its foot very strong in the toys market by producing the most reliable and thoughtful toys that are purposely made to develop a kid’s brain and personality. Designed as a package with a case, this deluxe doctor set has 11 pieces of medical tools that are ideal for a kid to play during their playtime. With full experience for toy productions, Battat makes sure that their product is completely safe to work with by using only BPA-free plastic to produce them. It’s recommended for any toddlers from 18month and above.

Key Features:

  • Set comes in a compact box for convenient organization and storage
  • All toys are made in the right size for toddlers and lightweight
  • No chemical substance involves that can cause any potential danger
  • All tools are simple and can be familiarized very quickly.

Buying Guides

Obviously since doctor kit toys will be for kids, you want to make sure you only buy the best and the right product for them. To ensure a smart purchase, we have a few tips to share with you. First of all, choose the right color. Especially if you have a girl, giving them a pink doctor kit with everything to them. Choosing their favorite colors on their toys doesn’t only make them happy when they receive it, but also when they play with it every day too.

Moreover, you have to make sure that toys you are going to purchase as property safety standard approval. Again, since it’s for kids, you have to make sure they are not too small that kids can choke, they have no sharp edge that can cause possible injury, and they have no toxic substance in the material that can cause any skin sensitivity.

Lastly, you should identify how many will be playing these toys or if you want them to play these toys with anyone else. Suppose that there are two kids playing this together, you are recommended to look for any brand who offers more toy pieces so they can play those together without possibility of fighting over their favorite items.


In short, if you want your kids to have good feelings when they reminisce about their past, getting a set of this doctor toy kit would definitely give them the best childhood.

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