You Can Now Get One of These DAC Just Under 100​ Dollars!

Although we might not clearly know the importance of a DAC, or digital-to-analogue converter, it is quite common in our daily life because most of our devices require the DAC to transform the audio into analogue signal in order to produce the output. These devices include music player, game console or even TV box. In today’s article, we would like to tour you through the top nine best DAC that you can get at the price of under 100$. This way, you are encouraged to save your money while getting the best quality of equipment that you need for daily life use. Also, we will provide the key features as well as a buying guide to help you with this shopping experience. So, if you are ready, start your shopping journey with us now.

list of the 9 Best DAC Under 100 Bucks  in 2022

9. Fosi Audio Q4 – Mini Stereo Gaming DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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To start with, we shall take a first look at this DAC under 100 from Fosi Audio. Just as the topic guarantees for you, it is affordable at the price of below 100. Users can set this up on their own easily with simply a plug to start playing the audio. There is no need for special software or drivers to help. It is compatible with USB, coaxial as well as optical output that can be connected with most audio systems. In addition, it is built in with a Hi-Fi headphone chip that works with headphones between 16 and 200ohm. It is operated with 160mW RMS which is paired with a computer or MAC. At a compact size, it produces a low jitter of 24bit or 192KHz. The circuit is also protective to prevent your audio system from burning.

Key Features:

  • Metallic shell
  • Installation: plug and play.
  • Input: optical, USB and coaxial S/PDIF
  • Output: RCA amplier
  • Headphone chip: compatible with 16 – 200ohm.
  • 18-month warranty

8. FX Audio DAC-X6 24BIT/192 Optical/Coaxial/USB Digital

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If you are a black lover and prefer all of your home facilities to be black, you should consider this black DAC under 100 dollars decoder from FX Audio. It provides a 12v power adapter to use with the plug to the power source. The standard input for this DAC is USB, coaxial or optical fiber. It features a 6.35mm headset to work with the RCA interface. Moreover, it can respond to the frequency between 20Hz and 20KHz. Plus, the output power ranges of DC between 90mw and 1000mw. With the output voltage of 12V, it is much more than the power of a 1A machine. The size of the machine is very compact, which has the dimensions of only 9 x 8 inches. Last but not least, the weight is only about 1.5 pounds, which means users can always carry this with them whenever they need the technology to do the conversion.

Key Features:

  • Power adapter: 12v
  • Standard input: USB/coaxial and optical fiber
  • Headset: 6.35mm.
  • Operating frequency: between 20Hz and 20KHz.
  • Output power: 90mw, 180mw, 450mw, 610mw, 910mw and 1000mw.
  • Output voltage: 12v.

7. AudioQuest DragonFly Black v1.5 Plug-in USB DAC under 100 Dollar

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Next, we have this DAC from AudioQuest. It has 3 color designs, which include black, red and blue. It is a 32-bit DAC which can be connected to personal computers. It is upgraded with better sound conversion quality, and it also consumes less power compared to the more traditional mode. It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Users can connect or pair the DAC with their smart devices using an adapter. It enhances the quality of every detail hidden in your audio to music. From transparency to immediacy and even richness, you can enjoy high quality details to help you with the quality of life. Last but not least, this digital to analogue converter can play everything that you have on your own MP3s as well as any files with high resolution of 24-bit.

Key Features:

  • 32-bit ESS
  • Less power consumption
  • Compatible with phones and tablets
  • Improve transparency and richness of music
  • Convert everything from your MP3s and 24-bit files.

6. KGUSS FX-Audio DAC-X6 Mini HiFi 2.0 Digital Audio Decoder DAC

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Moving onto the next DAC that we have for today, it is produced by KGUSS. It has both black and silver color. It comes with a volume control, allowing you to adjust the sound according to your preferences and demands. Users can also adjust the sound to be softer. It is compatible with various input modes, such as USB and optical fiber.

Moreover, the port for headphones is 6.35mm. Thus, it can be connected with a wide range of devices, including amplifier, vacuum amp as well as speaker. It uses the highest quality chip to guarantee you with the best output. It works with 2 special amps that are designed ideally just for perfect audio. There are 2 relay protectors to protect the headphones as well as speakers. Within 2 years, if you have any problems, you can always contact the customer service.

Key Features:

  • Low and high volume control
  • Input modes: USB, coaxial and optical fiber
  • Headphone port: 6.35mm.
  • 2 high quality amplifiers
  • 2 relay protectors

5. LiNKFOR 192kHz Digital to Analog Converter Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver DAC

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Let’s take a look at another great DAC from LiNKFOR. It is a 192kHz DAC which is able to convert all types of audio. It works with 3.5mm audio signal, and it is equipped with a high performance chip that is able to support the rate of 24-bit. It enables Bluetooth transmission, which features the stable connection of Bluetooth 5.0. This Bluetooth connection is dedicated ideally to transmit signal.

More importantly, users can use this DAC to convert Aptx, which is a low latency codec. As a result, its output is the high quality movies or TV programs that we can enjoy as entertainment. It works with a 3.5mm headphone amp. Also, it has the best volume control, and it supports Hi-Fi amplifiers, which enables you to enjoy a hearing feast at home. It is compatible with a wide range of applications, including TV box, Game console, HDTV or others.

Key Features:

  • Frequency: 192kHz.
  • Audio signal port: 3.5mm.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection and transmission
  • Capable of playing aptx
  • Volume control, Hi-Fi amplifier
  • No visual lag

4. HIDIZS Portable Headphone Amplifier USB Type C DAC

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For this digital to analogue converter from HIDIZS, it features a high resolution sound provided by the most advanced chip. The chip amplifier makes the sound quality excellent regardless of what the output device is. It enhances the signal-to-noise ratio to only 114dB. The sound quality is guaranteed to be 3 times better than a mobile phone speaker.

It meets the requirements of Hi-Res certification, and it enables the speaker of a mobile phone to produce the maximum frequency output of 24-bit or 192khz. It has a portable and lightweight design which you can connect at anywhere and anytime. It is compatible with all type C output, including Macbook and other speakers. Last but not least, it has a half year warranty from the manufacturer to guarantee the best quality of the product for you.

Key Features:

  • Hi-Fi sound quality
  • Signal to noise ratio: 114dB
  • Certified by Hi-Res
  • High resolution output: 24 bit
  • Design: compact and portable
  • Warranty: 6 months

3. Syba Sonic 24bit 96KHz USB DAC Stereo Headphone

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Now, we should also look at this great DAC from Syba. The chip is equipped with the most advanced noise reduction technology to filter all the unnecessary noise in the background. The quality of the sound is as high as 24-bit or 96KHz. It features a 2.035mm output of analog microphone that you can share with other stereo speakers. The stereo headphone features the port of 3.5 mm.

More importantly, it can help you solve many problems related to sound quality, which include the damage of a sound card from the computer. For the connection, users can use the USB cable which is provided in the package to connect to your devices. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, which include headset, speaker as well as microphone. Last but not least, it also has a microphone input for you to do the conversion.

Key Features:

  • Audio output: 24-bit or 96kHz.
  • Analog microphone output: 2.035mm
  • Stereo headphone port: 3.5mm
  • USB cable connection
  • Include microphone input with optical fiber output connection.

2. FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

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For the rank 2nd of the top ten best list today, we would like to recommend this DAC converter from FiiO. It provides black and titanium color for you to choose from. It is built in with the most advanced quality of DAC chip which is known as the PCM102. It can handle the maximum file of 24 bit or 96kHz. Using the linear filter, the audio quality is highly improved while eliminating all the unpleasant background noise.

The circuit is designed ideally to boost the performance, and therefore, a low noise floor is guaranteed regardless of what state it is. It uses the USB cable for connection, which also serves as a power source for this DAC. It is compatible with a wide range of outputs, including a headphone jerk and a coaxial digital for output. For the construction, it features an aluminum shell which is durable and strong enough for long term use. Lastly, it is also portable for you to carry it outdoors conveniently.

Key Features:

  • Files: 24 bit or 96kHz.
  • DAC chip: PCM102
  • Linear filter to filter out background noise
  • USB connection
  • Aluminum shell

1. Fosi Audio DAC Converter 24-bit/192kHz

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Last but not least, we have this DAC from Fosi Audio. It has black and silver color for you to choose according to your own preferences. Users can choose their own input mode with either USB cable or optical fiber. Along with the best volume control, you can get the precise sound quality by making your own adjustment. In addition, it is built in with a Hi-Fi amplifier chip that can be used to protect the headphone between 16 – 250ohm. It is able to provide just the best frequency of 24-bit or 192kHz. It also supports phone players by using the OTG function for the input. Moreover, it is compatible with three types of ports whose adapter can be purchased. These ports are type C, android and apple ports.

Key Features:

  • Color: black and silver
  • Input: USB cable, coaxial and optical
  • Volume control for adjustable sound quality
  • High resolution amplifier chip
  • Protection for 16 – 250ohm.
  • Output frequency: 24 bit or 192kHz.

Buying Guide

Although the subject is a DAC under 100, we still want to make sure that we can get our money’s worth by obtaining the best product with the best quality at the same time. Thus, we recommend you to look for the following features of a DAC before you buy it.

Connection: it comes with two types of connection: Bluetooth and USB cable. Some DAC can get the power directly through the USB cable, which means users do not have to plug it for power supply. For the Bluetooth connection, on the other hand, it should use the Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure a stable connection.

Hi-Fi stereo system: this ensures you with the best sound quality of fthe audio. For this system, it also comes with a volume control for you to make adjustments to your own sound quality. This way, you can customize to meet your preferences and demands.

Output modes: for output modes, it has a wide range of selections for you, which include USB cable, coaxial and optical fiber output.

File output: normally, it uses the 24-bit output or 96kHz.


In today’s article, we have explored the main features of the top ten best DAC under 100. It is so surprising that with such an affordable price, we can get an external digital to analogue converter to convert audio and sound from different devices. Nevertheless, the quality and function of this converter is not limited to the features mentioned above. It can help you a lot with your professional work and enhance the quality of your life. So, if you find it useful, choose one now to get yourself well-prepared for the next task in life.

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