Top 10 Best Countertop Ice Maker Reviews in 2021

It is really frustrating to run out of the ice when you need it the most – be it on a normal summer day or in an evening when a bunch of your friends knocked in for an unplanned party. In this sense, having a countertop ice maker, which will let you produce a large amount of ice in just minutes, is a great idea.

The countertop ice maker is also incredibly portable, meaning you can make ice cubes anywhere at any time, all at your convenience. If you have already set your mind to buy one ice maker now, we have made a list of the 10 best countertop ice makers in 2021 for you below.

Key Factors to Consider before Buying the Ice Maker Machine

Before you hit the list, let us tell you the significant factors that must be considered while buying a countertop ice maker. Else, you might end up with just an average ice maker even after spending chunks of money. Here, go through these factors, which will help you make the ideal purchase.

Size and portability

First of all, see the size of your ice maker. You might need to take your ice maker from one place to another. This is why pay close attention to the size of your ice maker. It should be neither too small nor too big so that it can ensure easy portability without compromising on productivity.

Ice production capacity and speed

That’s the key component of an ice maker. Given the fact, you can’t afford to miss a consideration of this factor. Investigate the ice production capacity of your ice maker. Also, check the time that it takes for a single operation. Generally, good-quality countertop ice maker machines can produce 9-10 ice cubes in a single operation and the required time for it is nearly 8-10 minutes. So, look for such an ice maker.

Water tank size

The next thing that you should consider is the size of the water tank of your ice maker. The bigger water tank is, the larger numbers of ice cubes the machine will produce. Generally, the water tanks with a holding capacity of 2-3L are considered the best. Nevertheless, the size of the water tank depends on the overall size of that machine.

Adjustability in ice cube size

This feature will help you differentiate between the top-notch and poor-quality ice makers because only the top-quality ones provide you the freedom to adjust the size of ice cubes. Yes, they will let you adjust the size of ice cubes in 2 or 3 different sizes. So, look into this carefully and buy the one that allows you this flexibility.

List of the 10 Best Countertop Ice Makers in 2021

Countertop Ice Maker Reviews

10- Vremi countertop ice maker

best countertop ice maker

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Vremi ice maker is a remarkable and portable countertop ice making machine that has already garnered a long list of happy customers under its name. It can produce 9 ice cubes of 8 grams in just 8-10 minutes and 26 lbs in 24 hours. Adding more to that, it is also incredibly energy-efficient and consumes only 120-watt of power.

Furthermore, this countertop ice maker has easy operation, too. Just fill the ice basket with water and turn the button on. It will automatically be off when the basket is full or needs to be refilled. Not only this, but it is also designed with warning lights that will let you know when the ice maker overflows. Just below the ice basket, it features a water reservoir of 2.2 liter, which lets the ice maker make new ice from the water of melted ice.

Key features

  • Quiet operation
  • 9 ice cubes in 8-10 minutes
  • 120-watt power
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Overflowing warning lights

9- hOmeLabs portable ice maker machine for countertop

countertop ice maker reviews

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Measuring 9.5×12.9×14 inches, hOmeLabs countertop ice maker is incredibly portable. From your outdoor parties to rooftop bashes, you can carry this little ice maker to almost anywhere. Speaking of its capacity, it can produce 1.5 lbs ices in a single operation and 26 lbs in a day. The ice cubes have a bullet-shaped design and they are completely chewable. You can set the size of ice cubes in a small or medium range depending on your needs.

Moving on to its features, it is inbuilt with a compressor that doesn’t need much energy to make the ice. Thus, this ice maker is also amazingly energy-efficient. To make the operation easy for you, it features warnings lights and automatic shut-off functions.

Key features

  • Warning lights
  • Automatic shut-off features
  • Bullet-shaped ice cubes
  • 26 lbs ice cubes in a day
  • Energy-efficient

8- COSTWAY ice maker countertop machine

frigidaire countertop ice maker

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If you want an advanced countertop ice maker with some smart features, turn your head to COSTWAY ice maker. Unlike many other ice making machine, it features a control panel that lets you manage the advanced features just at a tap of your fingers. To add further, it will inform you when the basket is full or needs more water. What to say more, it even lets you know when the ice cubes are ready to be taken out.

Furthermore, the ice-maker is equipped with a high-quality compressor, R134a refrigerant, and 9 corrosion-resistant condenser, which altogether help it to produce 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes in just 6-13 minutes. You can set the size of ice cubes between small or large depending on your needs.

Key features

  • 9 ice cubes in 6-13 minutes
  • High-quality compressor
  • Energy-efficient
  • Corrosion-resistant condenser
  • Quiet operation

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7- Portable countertop clear ice maker by Merax

countertop nugget ice maker

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If you want solid, hard, and dense ice cubes, Merax portable countertop ice maker is the best fit for you. It boasts to produce harder and denser ice cubes that seem to melt much slower than the ice cubes produced by other ice makers.

In addition to that, it is also inbuilt with a large ice bucket, which can hold 2.4 ices at a single time. The machine takes nearly 15 minutes for a single operation and produces 24 ice cubes. The size of cubes is also adjustable that can be adjusted in small, medium, and large sizes. On top of all, this remarkable countertop ice making machine is equipped with an advanced refrigeration technology, which ensures a quick and quiet cooling operation.

Key features

  • Advanced refrigeration technology
  • 2.2 L water tank
  • Automatic turn on/off features
  • 3 adjustable ice cubes sizes
  • 2.4 pounds ice at a time

6- Best Choice Products countertop ice maker

ice maker countertop

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Best Choice Products ice maker countertop is a stylish, compact, and feature-driven ice maker. Inbuilt with advanced technology, it produces a large amount of ice in just minutes. In total, it can produce 26 lbs of ice in a single day. To ensure easy operation, it is designed with a control panel. With the help of that, you can adjust the level of water, ice, and the size of ice cubes. In addition to that, it is inbuilt with an automatic overflow protection system too.

Moreover, this ice making machine is also incredibly small in size. It measures only 14×9.5×13 inches. Given the fact, it is lightweight and ensures easy portability. Even after its small size, it has a large water reservoir of 2.3 qt.

Key features

  • Automatic overflow protection
  • 2.3 qt reservoir capacity
  • 26 lbs of ice per day
  • Adjustable ice cubes size
  • An easy-access control panel

5- Northair portable ice maker machine countertop

igloo countertop ice maker

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As the name suggests, Northair countertop ice maker is incredibly portable. Having a size of 9.5×14.1×12.9 inches, it ensures easy and hassle-free portability. Furthermore, the ice maker has a large ice producing capacity of 26 .5 lbs in a day. In a single time, it can produce 9 ice cubes and the operational time is only 6 minutes. To allow you easy accessibility, it is also inbuilt with an indicator warning light, which will let you know when the basket is full or you still need to fill more water.

On top of all, it is incredibly eco-friendly and energy-efficient. All thanks to its R600a refrigerant that does its job without causing any harm to the environment. Moreover, it also offers a one-year full warranty.

Key features

  • 9 ice cubes in just 6 minutes
  • Energy-efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Warning indicator light
  • Bullet-shaped ice cubes

4- Ice Machine portable by Think Gizmos

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Think Gizmos ice machine is a good choice for the people who want a straightforward operation without much prior setting. Unlike many other countertop ice makers, it doesn’t require any plumbing. Just plug in the machine and fill the water reservoir. That’s it. It will offer you batches of ice cubes in just 6 minutes.

In the entire day, this ice making machine can produce 26 lbs of ice cubes. You can adjust the size of ice cubes in small, medium, or large size according to your needs. To customize the setting, you can take the help of its front control panel. Furthermore, the ice maker features a large bucket of 2.2 lbs. Moreover, the machine is also inbuilt with 4 non-skid legs that ensure firm stability.

Key features

  • 2.2 lbs capacity of ice bucket
  • 26 lbs ice cubes in a day
  • 3 adjustable ice cube sizes
  • Front control panel
  • Indicating lights

3- Portable ice maker by Allsees

magic chef countertop ice maker

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The ergonomic design coupled with remarkable features of this countertop ice maker will sweep you off your feet. Unlike other ice makers, it is inbuilt with an automatic shut-off function, which will automatically shut down the machine when the operation is done and the ice is ready to serve or the machine needs more water to get operated. All thanks to its high-quality sensors that never fail to detect the on-going operation of the machine.

Adding more to that, the machine is also designed with a top-quality compressor cooling system that ensures an efficient and quiet operation. The ice bucket has a holding capacity of 1-1.5 lbs. In addition to that, the size of ice cubes can also be customized in different sizes.

Key features

  • Energy-efficient and quiet
  • Portable and compact
  • Adjustable cube size
  • Compressor cooling system
  • Stainless-steel finish

2- NewAir portable ice maker

countertop crushed ice maker

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Sleek, sturdy, compact, and feature-packed are the words that do justice with NewAir portable ice maker. Being compact in size, it is a perfect fit for the low-space areas. Even after its small size, it is advanced in the functionality. The ice maker is designed with a powerful compressor that can help the machine produce 28 pounds ice in a day. A single operation takes nearly 6-15 minutes and yields a batch of dense ice cubes. The size of ice cubes is also adjustable. You can choose it from its 3 different settings. Furthermore, it is also incredibly energy-efficient, as it takes just 120 volts of power to get in action. Moreover, its compact and freestanding design makes it super portable too.

Key features

  • 3 adjustable ice cube sizes
  • 28 pounds of ice per day
  • Compact size
  • Freestanding design
  • 9 ice cubes in a single operation

1- Edgestar portable ice maker countertop

countertop ice maker amazon

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EdgeStar IP210SS1 portable countertop ice maker is a perfect blend of sturdy construction and high functionality. Made of robust materials, the machine has a stainless finish and features a silver lid too. Speaking of its ice producing capacity, it can make 2 pounds of ice at a single time and 28 lbs in a whole day. The water reservoir is also big and can hold up to 1 gallon easily. Furthermore, it offers you full freedom to adjust the size of ice cubes in 3 different sizes. To provide hassle-free accessibility, the ice maker is inbuilt with turn on/off buttons. Above all, it is incredibly lightweight and weighs only 31 lbs. Given the fact, it is also easily portable.

Key features

  • 310 W power
  • 28 lbs ice cubes in a day
  • Large water reservoir of 1 gallon
  • 2 pounds ice at a single go
  • Stainless steel finish


Don’t let your intense and sudden yearning for an ice-cold drink die just because you don’t have ice cubes at the moment. Just get one of these countertop ice makers and enjoy your chilled drink anywhere at any time after producing fresh ice cubes instantly.

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