Top 10 Best Compressor Guitar Pedals in 2022

Every guitarist wants to make good sound and music that keeps inspiring them and others. With that, having a compressor guitar pedal is like an icing on a cake. Guitarists know they need a good quality compressor guitar pedal to add the extra touch to the sound of their music. They know that a pedal for compressor guitar is exactly what they need if they want to step up their guitar rig’s game. The function of a compressor guitar pedal is to enhance the sound of a clean guitar while also not ruining its original sound. If you are a beginner or do not know much and wish to know more about these pedals, below we have listed our top 10 compressor guitar pedals you never knew you needed.

List of the 10 Best  Compressor Guitar Pedals in 2022

10. kokko Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal

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This acoustic guitar effect pedal by the brand Kokko increases the volume of the tones without distorting it. It is made with aluminum alloy which is high quality and is durable. The two built in EQ makes it easy to control either high or low frequency separately with an LED indicator to display the effect status. This pedal does not call for a battery, it is Powered by an AC adapter (Note that it will not be included with the guitar pedal). The rubber pad on the backside of the pedal is anti-skid which increases stability and steers it clear of friction.

This effect pedal has the input impedance of 1M Ohms and the output impedance of 10k Ohms and the size measured as 11cm * 7.1cm * 6.7cm.This specific brand of guitar pedal is perfect to bring along your guitar as it comes in mini size.

Key feature:

  • Two built in EQ control
  • LED indicator for effect status
  • Increase volume without causing colored sound

9. Wampler Ego Compressor V2 Guitar Effects Pedal

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This used but still new ego compressor by Wampler is very easy to work with especially with the five built in controls which includes: sustain, tone, blend, attack and volume; all of which are put together to enhance the quality of the music you make with your guitar. This compressor requires 19V batteries and has the dimensions measured as 7 x 4 x 7 inches. This control allows you to adjust the level of the ego compressor. The higher sustain is set, the longer the notes will go on. However, please also note that this can also affect the noise floor which will also be raised in accordance to the sustain control. The higher it is set, the more presence is added to the sound. This control is where the signal gets blended or “mixed” as it before it gets to the output. The attack knob lets you adjust when you want the compression effect to start. The higher you set it, the more distinct effect it makes on the sound.

This compressor as reviewed by buyers who have tried numerous other compressors is the best compressor. It is said to be the extra enhancement that every guitarist wants.

Key feature:

  • Have controllable knobs to adjust
  • Equipped with functions which allow the signal to be blended
  • Available function to remove or keep the signal by bringing the bypassed signal in

8. Donner Compressor Pedal Ultimate Comp Guitar Effect Pedal

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This compressor pedal is by the brand Donner. This compressor pedal has three controllable knobs which allows you to adjust the level, tone and compression with two models which are normal and treble. This compressor uses DC 9V adapter supply (not included). It is made out of whole aluminum alloy and is measured in dimensions as 4.7 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. The input and output Jack has analogy through ¼” mono audio jack and also has true bypass for zero tone coloration.

The Donner compressor pedal had received plenty of good reviews to back its great quality from its practical size and classic look to how well this compressor works. Users who purchased this compressor now only use their guitars with this compressor because of its great performance. The price is inexpensive as well.

Key feature:

  • Three control knobs: level, tone, comp and two modes: normal and treble
  • Is made to go well with electric guitars as well as other different styles of playing
  • Made with aluminum alloy

7. JHS Whitey Tighty Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal

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The JHS guitar effect pedal is 6 x 4 x 3 inches in dimensions, perfect size to add to your guitar rig. The three functional knobs on this pedal will allow you to be able to control the volume, blend, and compression levels to your preferences. This compressor pedals gives you studio-like quality tones which is a great enhancement to the clean tone your guitar makes. This compressor guitar pedal by JHS has scored a number of reviews by its users for how easy it is to use and the many and superior features it has. It has also received compliments on how much better it makes the sound.

Key feature:

  • Three controllable and functional knobs: volume, blend, compression
  • Perfect size to bring along
  • Enhance the clean tone of your sound

6. Boss CS-3 Compressor/Sustainer Pedal for Guitar

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The CS-3 compressor pedal by Boss has four functional knobs namely: level, tone, attack, and sustain; all of which can be adjusted to make the perfect sound you want. This product’s dimension is measured as 4 x 3 x 6 inches and requires 1 lithium ion battery; it’s body material made of plastic.

This model is very fitted for guitarists and bassists who need compressors that are assistive in compressing the louder signals while cranking up the lower signals. Moreover, it offers smooth sustain without ruining the state of the original sound quality. The Boss compressor pedal is reviewed as useful and works just the way it is supposed to with a great and agreeable price.

Key feature:

  • Built in controls: level, tone, attack, sustain
  • Compress Louder signals and boosts lower ones
  • Provide smooth sustain

5. MIMIDI Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal Super Mini Pedal

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This compressor guitar pedal is by MIMIDI, it’s full metal shell made with aluminum alloy making it stable and strong. This pedal requires AC adaptor 9V DC and is 4.2 x 2.2 x 2.1 inches in dimensions. The MIMIDI compressor guitar pedal has LED light that works as an indicator to show whether the compressor is working or not. Furthermore, it also has true bypass to ensure zero tone coloration; keeping the sound at its original state.

The controls built in are effective and simple to set, it has perfect delay sounds, low noise and last but not least, nice echo. The size of this compressor is perfect to bring along without taking up too much space. There are three built in knobs including: Level knob: control the effect sound volume, EQ knob: control the sound tone, Comp knob: control the level of compression

Key feature:

  • small, perfect size and affordable
  • Has three knobs: level, EQ, comp
  • Easy to operate and is zero tone coloration.

4. Xotic SP Compressor Guitar Pedal

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The Xotic SP compressor is designed to have the functions to create a diverse number of compressor tones including vintage, subtle, modern and many more. This brand of compressor provides the same OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) just like what is used in many of the best compressors guitarists know. It has two built in knobs namely blend and volume which allows you to control the level of the blend of signals and of course the volume. This compressor is measured as 4 x 6 x 4 inches in dimensions.

This model is reviewed as the best transparent compressor on the market by many Guitarists. In addition, it is also complimented for the variety of settings and styles that can be chosen. This compressor also does a good job at not distorting the quality of the original sound.

Key feature:

  • Two adjustable knobs including blend and volume
  • Requires 19V batteries
  • Has a variety of compressor tones

3. Caline CP-47 Pressure Tank Compressor Compress Guitar Effect Pedal

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The CP-47 compressor guitar effect pedal is by the brand called Caline, it’s body is made using aluminum alloy which is known to make its body stable. It’s signal input and output are 1/4″Monaural Jack and can be powered by either DC 9V power adapter or 9V batteries (Please note that neither of these will be included). This model is measured as 11.3 * 6.3 * 3.3cm/ 4.4 * 2.5 * 1.3in in size. There are three built in knobs to control the intensity of level, EQ and Compression.

In order for this pressure tank compressor to work properly, it is recommended by the company that you use the power adapter whose polarity is positive pole outside and negative pole inside.

This compressor has earned its reputation for having high quality tones and a good value.

Key feature:

  • Has two options of power supply ( DC 9V power adaptor or 9V batteries
  • Has three adjustable built in knobs: level, EQ and compression
  • Made using aluminum alloy

2. MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compressor Pedal

wampler pedals - ego compressor

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The compressor pedal by MXR is one of the most popular among guitarists for its function to even out the signal. It’s dimension measurement is recorded as 5.8 x 4.5 x 2.8 inches and requires 19V batteries or Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter. This compressor works generally well with guitar and bass, it brings out the sound very well and has a good effect for the toning of the sound as well. It is a very classic pedal design and is also very easy to use for beginners and professional musicians alike.

This dynamic compressor is very easy to use and is known for its ability to work with increased sustain while having stable dynamics. In addition, it’s also known for its suitable price.

Feature key:

  • This product has constant output signal
  • The compressor offers Sensitivity control
  • The compressor provides various tones

1. JOYO JF-10 Dynamic Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal

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The JF-10 Dynamic compressor guitar pedal by JOYO is used once and is still in great condition. It is 4.7 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches and has three functional built in knobs which includes sustain, level and attack. It is very known for its dynamic compressor, professional guitar AMP and effect pedal. This compressor pedal requires 19V batteries. This particular model is also certified by CE and RoSH. The JOYO dynamic compressor guitar pedal was reviewed as a great investment for it being a smooth compression and it being worth the amount of money you spend on it.

Key feature:

  • three controls for adjusting sustain level and attack
  • Package comes with 19V batteries
  • Certified by CE and RoSH

Buying guide

To make sure that you have enough information to decide on which one of the guitar compressors is best for you, it is important that you consider these few things:

Built in control knobs: Having the built in knobs are not only easy but also efficient as it makes it very simple to be able to adjust the effect of the compressors in accordance to your preference, therefore, search for compressors that have these knobs that you can adjust.

Power supply requirement: It is also important that you note down the power supply that you have in order to match the compressor that you want. It is also important to have a compressor that you have enough power supply for to run.

Compressor size: Look for ones that are convenient to bring along with your guitar, that way you can always have it with you to create sounds that will inspire you.


Guitar compressors are great additions to your instruments. If you have not used it and would like to try or are currently looking for one, choose one from our list above and you will be able to notice the differences in the quality of your music sound.

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