The Best Choice Bluetooth Tower Speakers for Home Theatre Audio in 2022

Bluetooth Tower Speaker is a kind of floor standing speaker which provides an excellent sound quality for home cinema, music and karaoke. These days, home studio or music set up is really simple and easy with a couple of high-quality Bluetooth tower speakers or Bluetooth freestanding speakers as some people call them. There was a time when we had only wired and bulgy speakers, but today the whole scene is changed. All is made possible due to the drastic evolvement of technology that has given us wireless, slimmer, larger, and more space-saving tower speakers with superb sound quality.

No wonder why today these tower bluetooth speakers are creating uproars around the world and making it a bit challenging for the people to pick the one out of the crowd. Yet, it’s also an opportunity for us to choose our own type of speakers that fits our need. Today, we will walk you through the best options of various bluetooth speaker brands for your home theatre audio. You can also check out the Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Tower Bluetooth Speakers at the end of the article if you like.

List of the Best Bluetooth Tower Speakers | Floor Standing Speakers in 2022

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12. GOgroove Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Built-in Subwoofer

Floor standing bluetooth speaker

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This Blueooth tower speaker is built with dual drivers and powered subwoofer. It is best for booming quality sound for home theatre and audio. The design has a dock on top, which is quite convenient to place our smartphone or tablet on it. There’s also a charging pot for you to keep your smartphone or table’s battery alive while playing your music.

The set up of the speaker system is simple and easy. It has three levels of basses for you to choose at your favorite. The functions you can use include MP3 player mode, FM Radio, Wired and Wireless options, and remote control. Having it one is just enough to power your music or movie theatre for your home.

Key specifications you need to know

  • Connectivities: Bluetooth, MP3 Mode, & 3.5mm Aux
  • Type: Subwoofer & Floor standing
  • Weight: 10.1lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.87 x 8.5 x 38.3 inches

You may also check out the advantages and disadvantages we have collected for you below. That’ll help you decide if you should go for this speaker model or not.

  • Easy to set up and control
  • Good quality sound and bass
  • Wired and wireless options for connectivity
  • FM Radio option
  • Come with USB charting pot and holding dock
  • Remote control available
  • Some users experience disconnection with iOS device

11. Craig Bluetooth Tower Speaker: CHT914C Stereo Home Theater Tower Speaker

Craig Wireless Tower Speaker

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If you’re looking for an American-made tower speaker, then the Craig Bluetooth Tower Speaker is your choice. Craig Electronics has produced electronic device since 1963, and this speaker model is great for several ways. There are two models of Craig speakers that caught our attention i.e. the Craig CHT914C Stereo Home Theater and the iCraig 2.1 Channel Tower Speaker CHT907. For us, we love the first one for its simple and nice appearance. The set comes with four powerful speakers of which you can connect with one another and your music player wirelessly. You can connect the speaker with laptop, smartphone and other players via Bluetooth. The volume control is digitized, allowing you to have full control over it.

Besides, the speaker is also inbuilt with FM Stereo radio. That’s an extra functions in case you like to tune in your favorite radio program. But it seems not necessary if you already have a Radio app in your smartphone already.

Key specifications you need to know:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Black Color
  • Stereo Audio Mode
  • Digital volume controle
  • FM Radio function available
  • Dimensions: 9.06 x 9.06 x 15.75 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 pounds

Through our research and talking to some users, we’ve got different opinions on it. Some like the speaker a lot, while some are not happy with it. Below is the summary of pros & cons we have collected about the speaker so that you can make your decision before purchasing it.

  • Easy to set up
  • Convenient wireless connection
  • Good stereo sound
  • Good for the price
  • Output is a bit low if you need a very loud one
  • Bluetooth is disconnected sometimes

10- Polk T50 home theater floor-standing tower speaker bluetooth

Polk T50 home theater floor standing tower speaker bluetooth | innovative technologies bluetooth tower speaker

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If you want to get the theater-like experience at your home, this Polk T50 can be an impressive Bluetooth tower speaker for you. Featuring one tweeter, one 6.5 inches driver, and two 6.5 inches bass radiators, this freestanding speaker produces a sound quality of which some users claim as second to none. But trust me, there is no such a second to none. It’s just a matter of which specification you want to compare. Each model of speakers has its own uniqueness.

However, the Polk T50’s uniqueness of the sound is that it is well-balanced and reaches all corners of the house. All is due to its dynamic balance technology that enables this floor standing speaker to produce an immersive sound.

This tower Bluetooth speaker is also compatible with almost all types of home theater receivers, stereos, and home theater processors. So, connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled music device and amplify not just your music experience and but also video as well as gaming thrill.

Key specifications you need know

  • Dynamic balance technology
  • 2 bass radiators of 6.5 inches
  • 1 tweeter
  • 1 driver of 6.5 inches

9- Floor standing Bluetooth tower speakers by VENLOIC | Best floor standing speaker

Floor standing Bluetooth tower speaker by VENLOIC | floor standing speaker review

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If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a good-quality Bluetooth freestanding speaker, VENLOIC speaker deserves your attention. Inbuilt with mid-bass woofer, it produces stellar sound and impressive decent response. To provide you a versatile music experience, this innovative technologies bluetooth tower speaker is designed with an SD card slot and a USB port. Just insert your memory card or any other music device through USB and enjoy your favorite music the way you want.

Adding more to that, this floor standing speaker is remote controllable that lets you change the setting of the audio sound with just at a tap of fingers. Speaking of its construction, it is made of MDF wood and has chrome rings. Furthermore, it also has a compact and slim design that makes this tower speaker fit even in a corner.

Key features

  • 1 SD card slot
  • 1 USB port
  • Wooden construction with chrome rings
  • Remote controllable

8- Soundstream sound tower portable Bluetooth speakers

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Soundstream sound tower Bluetooth speaker is a good fit for the people who can spend a chunk of money but can’t compromise on the sound quality of the speaker. Being a high-end Bluetooth tower speaker, it brings the music to life with its unmatched sound quality and deep thundering bass. Unlike other Bluetooth tower speakers that spread the sound only in 360 º angles, it produces an omnidirectional sound that reaches equally in all directions from top to bottom and left to right. To give an extra kick to the sound quality, it is inbuilt with a patented DAPC super bass system and a 50-watt subwoofer. Speaking of its compatibility, it is compatible with almost all types of Bluetooth-enabled music devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Key features

  • All-directional sound
  • 50-watt subwoofer
  • Patented DAPC technology
  • Compact design

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7- Klipsch RP-280F floor-standing speaker | innovative technologies bluetooth tower speakers

Klipsch RP-280F floor-standing speaker | innovative technologies bluetooth tower speaker

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Whether you’re shaking your legs in your favorite music or swooning over your much loved romantic flick, Klipsch RP-280F tower Bluetooth speaker will take your experience to a whole new height with its incredible sound quality. What puts this wireless floor-standing speaker apart from the crowd is that it is designed with a square-horn mouth coupled with a circular-horn throat that produces a high level of sound frequency and offers you super crisp sound quality.

Moving on to its features, this tower speaker bluetooth is equipped with 1 titanium tweeter, two 8-inches woofers, and a hybrid tractrix horn that delivers the natural and room-filling sound. Other than the functionality, this high quality sound speaker is also known for its sturdy wooden construction with an aesthetic polymer finish.

Key features

  • 1 tweeter
  • Dual woofers
  • Wooden construction
  • Removable grille

6- Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones designed floor-standing loudspeaker | tower speaker bluetooth

Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones designed floor-standing loudspeaker | tower speaker bluetooth

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True to its name, Pioneer SP-FS52 floor-standing loudspeaker is a pioneer brand in this industry. It has already swept the masses of people off their feet with its amazing and unmatched sound quality. All thanks to its 3 woofers, 1 high-efficiency tweeter, and 8 high-quality crossover components that do their job seamlessly and produce an exceptional sound.

In addition, this tower bluetooth speaker is inbuilt with vented pole pieces that improve the bass response and offer you deep and far-reaching music. The awesomeness of this floor standing tower speaker is not limited just to the music, but you can amplify your video and gaming experience as well. Moving on to its design and user-friendliness, this innovative technologies bluetooth tower speaker has a slim design that is space-saving and portable for your compact room.

Key features

  • 5 woofers
  • 1 high-efficiency tweeter
  • 8 crossover components
  • 130-watt power

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5- ELAC Uni-fi floor-standing speaker | best tower bluetooth speaker

ELAC Uni-fi floor-standing speaker | best tower bluetooth speaker

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Breathe into the tunes of your favorite music with this incredible tower speaker bluetooth. Unlike other wireless tower speakers, it is designed with 1 inch’s super soft tweeter and a thick midrange of 4 inches that function together and offer you a music experience like never before. Adding more to that, the ELAC Uni-fi floor-standing speaker is inbuilt with vented pole pieces and 3 aluminum woofers with oversized magnets that yield clear, crisp, and loud sound.

Furthermore, the wireless speaker has a balanced 3-way design that enables it to manage the low, medium, and high bass frequency seamlessly. The frequency range is 42-25000 Hz. The remarkable thing about his Bluetooth freestanding speaker is that it is designed with a sturdy base and feet that keep it stable on the floor without any additional support.

Key features

  • Sound frequency 42-25,000 Hz
  • Balanced 3-way design
  • 3 aluminum woofers
  • Stable feet

4- Klipsch RP-280F tower bluetooth speaker | floor-standing speaker ebony

Klipsch RP-280F tower bluetooth speaker | floor-standing speaker ebony

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Bring some musical spark in your life with this stellar tower Bluetooth speaker. Inbuilt with two 8-inches woofers and 1 hybrid tractrix horn, it produces a dynamic sound that reaches to all corners of the house. In addition, the hybrid horn improves the frequency of the sound and makes it more natural and pleasing.

Adding more to this wireless floor standing speaker, it is also equipped with a titanium tweeter, which intensifies the sound quality minimizing the distortion. Speaking of its construction, the awesome tower wireless speaker is made of premium wood and has a polymer coating that can seamlessly blend in with any type of home décor. Moreover, it also has a space-saving design that makes it fit anywhere even in low-space areas.

Key features

  • Two 8-inches woofers
  • 1 hybrid tractrix horn
  • One 1-inch tweeter
  • Wooden construction

3- Polk Audio TSi300 3-way tower speaker bluetooth

Polk Audio TSi300 3-way tower speaker bluetooth | sharper image bluetooth tower speaker

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Polk Audio TSi300 3-way tower speaker is designed to offer you a cinematic sound experience. Whether you want to go wild with the music or swooning over your favorite movie, or just want to immerse yourself completely in your loved video game, this wireless tower speaker won’t disappoint you. It is inbuilt with a deep bass response and two 5.25 inches woofers that never fail to produce mind-blowing sound quality.

The thing that puts this tower wireless speaker from its competitors is that it eliminates the internal resonance and offers you more energy-efficient operation. Adding more to that, it is designed with a dynamic balanced technology that makes sure to offer you well-balanced, smooth, and natural sound. Furthermore, it is also designed with a dome tweeter that sharpens the sound and improves the frequency. The general frequency range of this tower Bluetooth speaker is 47-24000 Hz.

Key features

  • Two 5.25 inches woofers
  • Dynamic balance technology
  • 1-inch tweeter
  • Sound frequency 42-24000 Hz

2- Polk Audio signature series S60 floor-standing speaker wireless

Polk Audio signature series S60 floor-standing speaker wireless | innovative technologies bluetooth tower speaker

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This Polk Audio floor-standing speaker is made for the people who are the real music freaks. From stellar sound quality to mind-blowing features, this Bluetooth tower speaker is truly one-of-a-kind. The pack includes 2 high-quality speakers that together take your music experience to new heights. Speaking of features, it is designed with three 6.5-inches large woofers and one 1-inch dome tweeter.

Adding further to that, it is also designed with patented power port technology that yields deeper bass response minimizing the distortion. Thus, this wireless tower bluetooth speaker provides you crisp and loud sound for music, movies, as well as gaming. To ensure firm stability on the ground, the tower speaker bluetooth is inbuilt with 4 sturdy and little feet that do their job without a fail.

Key features

  • Three 6.5-inches woofers
  • 1 tweeter
  • Patented power port technology
  • 4 feet

1- MartinLogan Motion 60XT floor-standing speaker | sharper image bluetooth tower speaker

MartinLogan Motion 60XT floor-standing speaker | sharper image bluetooth tower speaker

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From its modish design to innovative features and impressive user-friendliness to incredible functionality, MartinLogan truly deserves to be on top. Made of sturdy materials, it has a red glossy finish, which renders an aesthetic look. Moving on to its features, it is designed with a folded motion XT tweeter that minimizes the distortion and provides you a faster bass response time.

Further more to that, the tweeter has a large surface of nearly 8 inches, unlike other Bluetooth tower speakers that have only 1-inch’s tweeter. Furthermore, the woofer of the speaker is also made of aluminum. Given the fact, this tower Bluetooth speaker produces amazingly dynamic, natural, and resonating audio. To provide reliable stability, the speaker is inbuilt with 4 spike-designed feet.

Key features

  • Almost 8-inches large tweeter
  • 4 spiked feet
  • Aluminum cone woofer
  • Stylish design

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Tower Speakers

Differentiating between the top-notch and poor-quality tower Bluetooth speakers is not easy. You’ll be able to do this only if you keep the below-mentioned significant factors in mind before buying a Bluetooth tower speaker.


The size of the speaker is the first thing you should look into. The reason being, a Bluetooth freestanding speaker is not meant to be fixed in a place. You’ll be using it in different places within your house. Given the fact, it has to be portable and lightweight. Also, make sure your prospective Bluetooth tower speaker has a compact and slim design so that it can be fit anywhere. You’ll get different sizes of Bluetooth tower speaker in the market. Go for the one that is suitable for your space.

Construction material

You might be thinking why it is important to consider the construction material of your Bluetooth tower speaker when it is an electronic device. Aren’t you? Well, you need to check the construction materials of your Bluetooth freestanding speaker because you’ll be moving it from one place to another regularly, so it has to be sturdy enough to endure the daily wear and tear. Generally, the top-quality Bluetooth tower speakers are made of wood.


This is probably the most significant factor that you can’t afford to ignore while buying your Bluetooth tower speaker. So, be careful with it and buy the one that is inbuilt with all basic features such as woofers, tweeter, bass, USB ports, grille, and horn. These are the components of a speaker that actually help it produce a stellar sound quality.

Sound output

At last, check the sound output of your Bluetooth tower speaker. To determine the sound quality of your Bluetooth freestanding speaker, examine how many woofers it features and what it is the frequency rate of the sound. Ideally, the top-notch Bluetooth tower speakers are inbuilt with 2-3 woofers and have an average sound frequency of 45-25,000Hz. So, check this thing carefully and get the one that has at least this much sound output capacity.


The boundaries of entertainment are boundless when you have Bluetooth tower speakers. So, get one of these advanced Bluetooth tower speakers and soar high in your own world of music tuning into a complete cinematic sound.

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