Top 10 Best Baby Doll Dresses in 2022 | Best Clothes for Baby Doll

Baby doll dress is a designed clothes for wearing on baby doll. If you buy baby doll for your little girl, it’s the best idea to get the baby doll dress along so that your little girl can dress up for her loved one nicely. So, are you looking for a dress for your cutie baby doll now? Well, it is not as easy as it seems. Buying a dress for yourself is not a big deal. It all takes to set up your mood and make the choice. That’s it. But, the case is not the same when you’re buying a dress for your baby doll.

The reason being, you have limited options in this case and you also tend to have very little idea about the doll dresses as you buy them occasionally for your kid. Given the fact, buying a good-quality dress for a baby doll needs hour-long research and sometimes even hard work. However, you don’t need to go through all that. We have done that part for you. All you need to do is to check out our customized list of top 10 best baby doll dresses in 2022 below.

Our Best Top 3

List of the 10 Best Baby Doll Dresses in 2022

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10- ZITA ELEMENT 24 pcs girl doll clothes dress

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ZITA ELEMENT offers you 24 different types of stylish dresses at an affordable rate. These dresses are designed for 18 inch-long doll. From fancy frocks to mind-blowing swimsuit, you can clad your doll in different types of dresses. To make her look beautiful in every dress, the set also offers you matching hair accessories. Some of the dresses are accompanied by a queen-like crown, classy hat, and colorful hairband. So, pair up the dress with the matching accessories and give your cute baby doll an alluring look. The dresses are made of soft and comfortable fabric. Given the fact, they feel good on your skin when you hold your doll. Adding more to that, they are also completely washable.

Key features

  • 24 pieces of dresses
  • Meant for 18-inch dolls
  • Matching hair accessories
  • Soft material

9- ZQDOLL 19 pcs girl doll clothes

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Want to pair your dress with that of your doll on every occasion? Well, turn to ZQDOLL girl doll clothes. From stylish frocks to simple one-piece dresses and summer outfits to winter wears, the set offers you 19 different types of baby doll dresses that are meant for different occasions. Not only this, some of the dresses come with even hairbands and hats. So, dress up your doll from top to toe and make her slay in style. Speaking of the construction materials of the clothes, they are made of soft and durable materials. Given that, they last for months even after regular washing. Not to forget, these dresses are the best fit for the dolls of 18 inches.

Key features

  • Fit for 18-inches dolls
  • 19 different dresses
  • Durable cloth materials
  • Hair accessories

8- ZITA ELEMENT Doll closet, 11.5 inches

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Yes, you read it right. It is a complete closet for your baby doll. The pack doesn’t offer you just a few pairs of doll garments, but everything that you need to dress up your doll from top to toe. Whether you want to clad your doll in a mini dress or in casual clothes or maybe you want her to look like a fairy in a long party gown, this set of baby doll dress won’t disappoint you. To complete the look in every type of dress, it provides you matching shoes, jewelry, and side bags. In total, the set features 51 items including 1 wardrobe, 1 trunk, 2 long gowns, 10 necklaces, 10 shoes, 10 bags, 10 hangers, and 3 mini dresses, 2 casual garments, and 2 swimsuits.

Key features

  • Meant for 11.5 inches doll
  • 51 items
  • Matching accessories
  • Jewelry

7- BARWA 16 pack doll clothes

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You will literally be allured by this set of colorful doll dresses. Though the dresses are meant for a doll, they are classically stylish and go well with modern fashion. The interesting thing about this set of doll dress is that it is affordable and features some really modish and chic dresses. In total, the set offers you 16 kinds of doll outfits including 5 fashion dresses, 5 tops, 5 pants, 3 beautiful wedding gowns, and 3 bikini swimsuits. Furthermore, the dresses are properly designed with velcro, hooks, and elastic bands, and straps that make it easy to put on and take off the dresses. With the fact that this doll dress set is budget-friendly and has some stunning dresses, it is a good fit for a gift.

Key features

  • 16 pair of dresses
  • Fit for 11.5 inches doll
  • Good-quality cloth material
  • Affordable

6- ZITA ELEMENT 18 inches girl doll dress

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If you don’t need multiple sets of doll dresses and one single dress is enough for you, turn your head to this ZITA ELEMENT girl doll dress. Unlike other doll dress sets, it features only one pair of dress that includes 1 jumpsuit with a ‘Happy Birthday’ print and 1 rainbow tutu skirt. That’s it. Speaking of accessories, it offers you 1 bow hair clip that boosts the overall look of the doll in this vibrant pair of dress. With the fact that there is only 1 dress in this set, it costs incredibly low. In fact, you can get it just for a few bucks. Ideally, the dress is meant for a doll of 18 inches. Nevertheless, it can go well with all dolls from 16-18 inches.

Key features

  • Ideal for 16-18 inches
  • A pair of dress
  • 1 hair clip
  • High-quality construction material

5- My Genius dolls unicorn clothes

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Are you a unicorn lover? Yes? Then, this unicorn doll dress will surely sweep you off your feet. Unlike other baby doll dress sets, the set features only 1 pair of dress including a bodysuit and a rainbow skirt. The bodysuit is printed with a cute unicorn face. Furthermore, the set also comes with a unicorn headband, which imparts a complete unicorn look. The headband is designed in such a way that it fits well in the head of an 18-inches long doll. Adding more to that, the horn is painted in a beautiful golden color that accentuates the beauty of the doll. So, dress up your lovely doll in this colorful unicorn dress, adorn her with a unicorn headband, and amaze the people around you.

Key features

  • Fit for 18 inches doll
  • A unicorn headband
  • 1 pair of unicorn outfit
  • Homemade construction

4- MY GENIUS dolls clothes unicorn with sleepover masks

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Another unicorn doll dress by MY GENIUS that has impressed a lot of unicorn lovers out there. What makes it different from previous MY GENIUS baby doll dress is the style of the dress. Unlike the previous one, it is a sleepover dress that features a unicorn-styled pajama with a silver-colored horn. Adding more to that, it also features a furry tail and unicorn feet. Given the fact, the dress renders a complete unicorn look from toe to top. To add further, it is also equipped with 2 matching unicorn blindfolds. One is meant for the doll, while another one is for your baby. Speaking of the construction materials of the dress, it is made of soft fabrics, which feels comfortable and cozy when you hold the doll in your arms.

Key features

  • Unicorn pajama dress
  • 2 blindfolds
  • Soft construction material
  • Meant for 18 inches doll

3- ebuddy 10-sets fashion doll clothes set

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Want a bunch of stylish dresses for your lovely baby doll? Well, turn your head to ebuddy doll clothes set. As the name suggests, the set includes 10 pairs of fashionable dresses that are meant to be used on 10 different occasions. From an elegant rose mermaid dress to royal princess garment and stylish flamingo bikini set to voguish off-shoulder dress, this set of colorful baby dresses lets you dress up your doll beautifully in multiple ways. To complete the look, the set also offers some additional accessories such as headband, crown, hat, and head clip. You just need to pair the accessories with the dresses wisely. So, dress up your doll according to your preferences and make her grab the attention of people.

Key features

  • 10 pair of dresses
  • Fit for 18-inches long doll
  • Additional accessories
  • Affordable

2- Ecore Fun 10 items baby doll clothes dresses

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If your baby has two dolls of different sizes and you want to buy only a single set of doll dresses that can be fit for both of them, Ecore Fun baby doll dress is the perfect fit for you. Unlike its competitors, Ecore Fun offers the dresses that can be used for the dolls of 14-18 inches. To add further, the dresses are different in design and you can use them on different occasions too. In total, the set includes 1 pant, 1 shirt, 2 dresses, 3 jumpsuits, and 3 matching headbands. What puts this amazing doll dress apart from others is that its soft, comfortable, and flexible fabric, which makes it easy to take off and put on the dresses without any problem.

Key features

  • Fit for 14-18 inches doll
  • 10 sets of dresses
  • Comfortable and soft materials
  • Washable

1- XFEYUE 7 sets 18 inches doll clothes

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XFEYUE doll dress is the best pick for the people who don’t need many sets of doll dresses. It features only 7 stylish dresses that can be used on different occasions. From the stylish off-shoulder dress to fancy frocks, this set offers you different types of trendy dresses including 5 skirts, 3 shirts, 2 pants, 3 hairbands, and 1 underwear. Owing to the variety of dresses, this set of doll dress has amassed a long list of happy customers under its name. What makes the user go crazy after this set of dresses is the modern style with the perfect pinch of fashion. Not to forget, the dresses are meant for the dolls of 18 inches.

Key features

  • Ideal for 18 inches doll
  • 7 sets of dresses
  • Stylish design
  • High-quality construction

Key factors to consider while buying a baby doll dress

Just because you’re buying a dress for a doll, don’t pick any random dress. Make sure to consider the significant factors that will make your purchase worth the money. Here, we have talked about those factors in detail.


In this context, buying a dress for a baby doll is not different than buying the one for yourself. Given the fact, the size of the baby dress is the most significant factor that you need to consider while buying. Be clear with the length of your baby doll beforehand and make the purchase accordingly. In the market, you can get doll dresses for the dolls of 14-18 inches easily. If you need above or below that, you might need to put some effort into the hunt of your baby doll dress.


Though you’re getting a dress for a doll, give some time to choose a fancy design. Just don’t pick any random dress. Make sure it is stylish and fashionable. Usually, a set of baby doll features multiple types of modish dresses that can be used on different occasions. From long gowns to stylish beach dresses, there are all types of fancy dresses in a single set. So, look for such a type of doll dress set.


Don’t ignore the consideration of the fabric materials of your doll dress just because a doll has nothing to do with the softness of the fabric. You can certainly put some rough cloth on your doll. It won’t affect her, but it will definitely affect the skin of your baby when she’ll hold her doll in her arm. This is why go for the doll dresses that are made of soft, comfortable, and cozy fabrics.


At last, make sure your prospective doll dress is worth the money. Usually, doll dresses are not much costly. You can get a set of multiple pairs of high-quality dresses just for a few bucks. So, make sure you’re not spending money more than the worth of the dress.


Kids get happy when you buy clothes for them but they get happier when you get a pair of dresses for their baby doll. So, buy one of these stylish doll dresses and gift your baby not just a few pairs of doll dresses but a whole lot of happiness and joy.

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