Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Best Aviation Headsets in 2022

An aviation headset is used to communicate clearly among people on board while cancelling unnecessary noise on planes or helicopters. Because the headset serves us a very specific function, not many of us are looking for it. We are looking for it when we are in need of a headset for clear communication and cancel out noises in cockpits of airplanes or helicopters. Still, there are many good headsets out there and bad ones that it’s hard to know what is good and bad. Without further due, we are bringing you here to the 10 best aviation headsets in 2022 with their key features and a product buying guide.

Our Best Top 3

List of the 10 best Aviation Headsets in 2022

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10. Rugged Air RA200 General Aviation Pilot Headset Features Noise Reduction

best aviation headset for student pilot

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Rugged Air is a good headset to go for. It has a 3.5-millimeter jack for our music devices. Moreover, it is manufactured with foam as seals for our ears that give excellent comfort to our ears when it is protecting our hearing ability. Rugged Air can reduce noise with a rate of 24dB and features as audio speakers for a 50mm performance. Lastly, it has a bag for storing it for later uses.

Key Features

  • Features 3.5-milimeter jack for music devices
  • Manufactured with foams as seals for ears
  • Includes rate for noise reduction 24dB
  • Perform as an audio speaker
  • Storing bag for later uses

9. Kore AVIATION KA-1 Premium Gel Ear Seal PNR Pilot Aviation Headset

best aviation headset under 200

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Kore is a premium aviation headset packed with features. There are several qualities with it. First, it is excellent with canceling noise and protects your hearing with its rate for noise reduction around 24dB. That’s a great one to go with an aviation headset. For this reason, it offers comfortable and complete seals around our ears for clear and sharp communication through the headset as well. What’s more, Kore has a volume control on both ear cups.

Moreover, wearers can plug it to your smartphones for both Android and iOS with its 3.5 millimeter plug as well. Besides, a carrying case is a part of the collection that enables convenience for bringing the headset around from one flight to another. It’s good for flight schools as well as student pilots and instructors, for a perspective. Users will also receive five-year warranties for the company for buying it as well. Lastly, it’s a reliable headset. The product comes with a design by headset experts with around 3 decades of experience.

Key Features

  • Featured with rate for noise reduction 24dB
  • Offers comfortable & complete seals
  • Volume controls on both ear cups
  • Plug into our smartphones
  • Carrying case for storing it
  • Reliable headset designed by experts

8. Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Standard Dual Plug Cable, Black

best aviation headset for airline pilots

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Bose is a cool aviation headset. It reduces noise for 30′ that enables clear communication. Furthermore, the clamping force is 30′ less than the conventional one, so it doesn’t give much pressure to our ears. Additionally, wearers will receive clear audio with Bose.

The product features a special tech design that we all can mute audio communication signals for one or another or mix two signals together as a receiver end. However, it’s not a wireless aviation headset. Communication still relies on those wires and plug in, as a result.

Key Features

  • Reduce noise for 30′
  • Clamping force 30′ less than the conventional
  • Receive clear audio with it
  • Special tech that enables muting audio
  • The tech that designs for mixing two signals together
  • Serves as wired aviation headset

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7. Bose Proflight Series 2 Aviation Headset, Non-Bluetooth, Dual Plug Cable

best aviation headset for airline pilots

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Bose 2 boasts a light and thin aviation headset. That enables you to control communication when being on flight with ease. Wearers can also adjust mic without a fuss. It is designed to cup noises and put in at a moderate level as there are a lot of noise pressures going around turbine aircrafts or helicopters. Again, it is a lightweight headset that gives in comfort to wearers.

The noise cancellation is just good because it diverts you to hear what you are supposed to hear rather than unnecessary, loud and noisy noises.

Key Features

  • Light & thin aviation headset
  • Control communication while on flight
  • Designed to ap noises
  • Put noises in a moderate level
  • Divert wearers to hear what they suppose

6. Kore Aviation P1 Series PNR Pilot Aviation Headset – Black

aviation headsets for sale

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Kore Aviation is a good-to-go aviation headset. It can reduce noise for a rate of 24dB. Furthermore, the earcups just stay in place. It gives out a firm control over your ears, and you feel comfortable wearing Kore Aviation. Moreover, it has a 3.5-millimeter plug for your smartphones or MP3 players. Kore Aviation is sleek and plated with gold for its plugs. It’s a modern headset for modern aviators. Users will receive one-year warranties from the company beside the solid performance offered by it.

Key Features

  • Reduce noise for 24dB
  • Earcups staying in place
  • Gets a firm control over ears
  • Feel comfortable wearing it
  • Featured with 3.5-millimeter plug
  • Modern headset for modern aviators
  • One-year warranties

5. LightSpeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset

wireless aviation headset

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LightSpeed doesn’t work without a battery. Two packs of AA batteries power the headset that let it into a function for 40 hours. For your peace of mind, it designs with a battery indicator if you are having hassle over whether when the battery is in a low mode. Wearers can switch between stereo and mono, additionally. Lastly, wearers get volume controls for both cups that boast flexibility for wearing the aviation headset.

Key Features

  • Powered with two packs AA batteries
  • Functions for 40 hours straight
  • Featured with battery indicator
  • Switch between stereo & mono
  • Control volumes for both cups

4. UFQ ANR L2 Hi-Lite in Ear Aviation Headset-Compare

Super Light only 175g Clear Communication Great Sound Quality headsets for aviation

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UFQ lets you have a firm experience when in flight. There are several reasons with it. It has a good rate for a noise reduction. Having the headset cap your ears firmly as for a noise reduction. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight aviation headset for wearers. Wearing it is comfortable as well because the ear tips are made with memory foam. Users can connect with your smartphones or MP3 players with a Bluetooth connectivity for listening to music beside receiving aviation signals and protecting your hearing from huge noises as well. The product’s belt is easy for a handheld and carrying around, lastly.

Key Features

  • Good rate for a noise reduction
  • Cap your ear firmly
  • Featured as a lightweight aviator headset
  • Ear tips manufactured with memory foams
  • Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones

3. Lightspeed Zulu 3 Aviation Headsets – GA Plugs

lightspeed sierra reviews

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There is no comfort without Lightspeed 2. It brings about between 30 and 50′ space for comforts to your ears compared with a conventional aviation headset. Moreover, the cable is premium to be used with Lightspeed 2. That is not a bonus but additional quality to the already excellent quality with it as a qualified aviation headset.

Users can connect it with your smartphones via a Bluetooth connectivity for music and more. The mic is just adjustable with all types of voices, so it’s good for a clear and sharp communication for everyone on board and with the air traffic control. Wearers will get seven-year warranties from the company that is also a reliable one in the market. This is a reliable aviation headset with warranties from yet a reliable company, lastly.

Key Features

  • Brings about space 30′-50′ for ears’ comfort
  • Premium cable to used with
  • Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones
  • Adjustable mic for all types of voices
  • 7-year warranties from the company

2. David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headsets

David Clark Aviation Headset Review

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Wearers will enjoy a good experience with just the functional aviation headset. Even though we all are supposed to wear those headsets, David Clark enables easy wearing as the head pad is made with memory foams. It gives a soft touch to our ears. Additionally, a microphone placement is easy with the Flex Boom Universal style of tech. Additionally, wearers can control volumes with the knobs. Lastly, users will get five-year warranties from the company; although, it is already a reliable aviation headset available in the market.

Key Features

  • Head pad manufactured with memory foam
  • Featured with soft touches to your ears
  • Easy microphone placement with Flex Boom Universal
  • Control volumes with knobs
  • 5-year warranties from the company

1. R Spider Aviation Headset for Pilots

Aviation Headset for Pilots, Aviation Headset with Comfort Ear Seals, 24db Noise Cancelling

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Although it’s just an aviation headset, R Spider also brings about six choices of colors for pilot students and instructors who want to come in styles. Wearers of the aviation headset can input with your smart devices such as phones and MP3 players for music. Furthermore, it has a good rate for noise reduction with 24dB. Moreover, users will control the volume with knobs at both end sides of the aviation headset.

In addition, the ear pads have an excellent design for noise isolation. It protects our hearing ability well. What’s more, wearers will get clear audio and communication from inside it rather than disturbing noises from outside. For our comforts, the head pads are constructed with doubled memory foams as well. It has no clamping feeling with the aviation headset.

Key Features

  • 6 color choices to choose from
  • Input with our smart devices for music
  • Good rate for noise reduction: 24dB
  • Control volume with knobs at both ends
  • Ear pads manufactured with memory foams
  • No clamping feeling for wearers

Buying Guide

Rate for Noise Reduction: A piece of aviation headset is supposed to protect our hearing ability. Therefore, it should have a good rate for noise reduction. The rate for noise reduction should be around 24dB. There can be a lot of noises around turbines and even for helicopters. That’s not only about precise communication among every on board and with the air traffic control. It’s also about protecting your hearing ability as we all jump from one flight to another in those cockpits or on board those helicopters.

Clear & Sharp Audio: Aside from protecting our hearing ability, a piece of aviation headset is supposed to let us communicate with each other precisely. Therefore, it should give clear and sharp audio for communication among everyone on board and with the air traffic control. Communication is very important when being on boards as we all need to admit this.

Comforts: Some aviation headsets are too tight for our ears. Even though it does its function very well for protecting our hearing ability and communication purposes; it doesn’t give us easy flights with those tight aviation headsets. A premium aviation headset has its ear tips or caps manufactured with memory foam or other materials that give soft touches to our ears and not much pressure to those ears. That’s a hotspot for a premium and quality aviation headset.

Connection with smart devices: Sometimes, you are not the pilots or co-pilots. You are just on board and need to protect your hearing. Without wasting much time getting bored on those helicopters, some top-graded aviation headsets come with qualities for you to connect with your smart devices such as phones and MP3 players for music and some fun games. Wearers can also switch between the communication among everyone on board those flights and your smartphones. That’s an exceptional bonus with connectivity with those smart devices.

Styles: Styles are not the most important of all, but there shouldn’t be a fuss for choosing a stylish aviation headset. Some of us whether be pilots or passengers on boards like to have great tech with styles. Colors and outlook designs matter also to those pieces of aviation headsets. We all want to look cool as long as those headsets do their very basic jobs very well.


Everyone on board helicopters or in those cockpits needs a piece of aviation headset. That’s not a want, but that’s a necessity. As important as an aviation headset is for protecting your hearing and clear communication, there are varied aviation headsets out there in the market.

A premium aviation headset should do its jobs well such as protecting our hearing and offering flexible and clear communications among everyone on board and with those air traffic controls. It shouldn’t be too tight to our ears. Additionally, we should be able to connect it with our smart devices if we just don’t care as passengers on board helicopters. Some of us also want those aviation headsets that do the job with excellent styles and outlook designs as well.

All in all, please feel free to consider features in the product buying guide to make a decision. These are the most important qualities a premium aviation headset should have.

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