Top Quality Automatic Mahjong Tables on Sale in 2022

Mahjong is a very intriguing game suitable for adults and seniors, it promotes competitiveness, fun and excitement as well as being one means to exercise your brain and strategy making skills. With the automatic mahjong table, you can now rest easy and have work done for you so you can just sit back and focus on winning the game. In order to assist you into having only the best experience with the automatic mahjong table, we have compiled a list of the top ten best automatic mahjong tables for you. Let’s reading down below to find out.

List of the 10 Best Automatic Mahjong Tables in 2022

Video Demonstration of How Automatic Mahjong Table Works by Mike102688

10. WPYST 144Tiles 44mm Assembled Automatic Mahjong table Comes 2 Sets of Magnetic Tiles without Number

Automatic Mahjong table Comes 2 Sets of Magnetic Tiles without Number

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This mahjong table is made from only the best quality and durable material to sustain the form and quality of the table. The table also has a cup and phone holder, drawer to store any necessity and mahjong tiles, a usb charger and as well as an ashtray on each side of the table. Since the table is an automatic, it has a feature to shuffle the mahjong tiles automatically, it also has a button to allow you to push it when needed to roll the dice. You can also switch the mode of the table accordingly to your playing style.

The mahjong table is very easy to use and has many features other than it being automatic. With this mahjong table you can enjoy a never-ending excitement and fun time with family and friends.

Key Feature

  • The package has a dimensions of 48x40x39 inches
  • Many switchable modes and mahjong style to play with
  • Durable and automatic product
  • Many additional features to the table

9. Usamahjongtable 144Tiles 40mm Numbered Tiles Ultra Thin Mahjong Table Automatic

144Tiles 40mm Numbered Tiles Ultra Thin Unfoldable Automatic Mahjong Table with Wheels - Chinese

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With this style of mahjong table, the design of the table is of a classic look with four pedestal attached wheels to the bottom of the table for easy commuting and relocation. Installed with the automatic feature, the table is able to shuffle and spread out the mahjong tiles quickly, efficiently and on its own. It can also roll the dice with just a simple push of a button. The mahjong table set comes with two sets of blue and green magnetic mahjong tiles made from melamine to complete the set. Playing mahjong not only gives you the fun and rid of your boredom, it also improves your connection with the people around you and your brain activity. Anyway, don’t forget to get a set of Mahjong along, otherwise you will be able to play the game with just table alone!

Key Feature

  • The overall package dimensions is measured of 41.5x37x21.5 inches
  • Include with two set of 144 magnetic mahjong tiles and poker set
  • The table has tabletop dimensions of 38”x 38”x 3.5” and four equipped pedestal wheels
  • Advanced technology to make the table automatic

8. Automatic American mahjong table 144 Tiles 44mm Ultra Thin Folding

automatic american mahjong table

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This is an automatic American mahjong table. As for this particular mahjong table, it has an ultra thin and classy design. It is so much more than a normal mahjong table because the table is automatic and has many features added on to the table such as coin drawers, USB chargers ports, phone holders and a LED screen. To make sure that the table can be easily accessed and relocated, the design also includes the table with four universal pedestal wheels to the bottom of the table. The table will automatically reshuffle the mahjong tiles on its own and will roll the dice too with a push of a button to do so.

This automatic mahjong table will give you the best time with the game, allowing you to have a good time with friends and family, creating a stronger bond over a fun strategic game of mahjong.

Key Feature

  • The mahjong table set includes the automatic table and 2 set of magnetic blue and green colored mahjong tiles
  • Classy and moveable table design
  • Can be folded into an 85 degrees fold
  • Functional and efficient features design added onto the automatic table

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7. usamahjongtable 148Tiles 28 mm Japanese Riichi Automatic Mahjong Table

professional mahjong table

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This mahjong table has a unique table design that can be played with Japanese mahjong tiles only. The table is able to shuffle the tiles together and spread it automatically without having to be set to do so and it also features a button to push when the players need to roll the dice. Moreover, the design of this particular table allows it to be easily folded and has four wheels to provide easy relocation of the automatic mahjong table.

Efficient and comfortable playing time is ensured with this mahjong table, experiencing an automatic feature that shuffles and rolls the dice easily. Gift yourself with the best time possible playing mahjong with this mahjong table.

Key Feature

  • Specific table designs with many features
  • The table set includes the automatic tables and two set of magnetic mahjong tiles
  • Durable fabric table top and include four pedestal wheels
  • High quality table motor designed by a trustworthy company

6. CHANGHE Automatic Mahjong Table with 4 Drawer

folding mahjong table with drawers

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This mahjong table has a distinctive design that is classy, attractive and stylish. One of its best and unique features is its high sensitivity to muting noise. Another quality found within the design of this automatic table is its ability to fold using electric technology. The table set includes the automatic table and two more sets of magnetic mahjong tiles, usable for not only Chinese mahjong games but other game styles as well. In addition to all of these features, the purchasers can also contact the suppliers to create and design their very own customized automatic mahjong table.

This recreational automatic table for mahjong games is highly advanced with its sleek designing and smart features. Make purchase of this smart automatic mahjong table and receive a 1 year warranty.

Key Feature

  • Sleek and stylish design of the table
  • Functional, advanced technology installed and convenient
  • Has a electric folding and mute noise reduction features
  • Great for playing with different mahjong styles

5. USA MJ TABLE: automatic American mahjong table

mahjong table topper

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Although it may seem like a typical mahjong table, this table is actually an automatic typed mahjong table. With the luxurious solid ash wooden cover, besides being an automatic mahjong table, this table can be used for general daily purposes like a regular table. Each side of the table is featured with drawers and handles to store necessity and comfortability measures. Like any other automatic featured mahjong table, this antique style tale can also shuffle the mahjong tiles effectively and roll the dice for each player within a press of a button.

For a multipurpose table, make purchase of this mahjong table. Make use of your exciting mahjong game time with its easy automatic features and antique looks.

Key Feature

  • Antique table looks with advanced automatic features
  • Multipurpose, can be used as a normal table or an automatic table
  • Additional features added to the table
  • Made from high quality ash wood material

4. Usa Automatic Mahjong Table Dining Table with 4 Legs

automatic mahjong table chicago

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This mahjong table set includes the automatic table and two sets of mahjong tiles with two different colors of blue and green. Moreover, this mahjong table can also be used as a dining table as it is equipped with a removable table cover designed to have durability functioning. The mahjong table also has other features such as side cup holders for each side of the table, drawers, phone holders and also USB chargers on each side. With its automatic functions, the table can automatically shuffle the magnetic mahjong tiles for the players and they can also roll the dice automatically just by pushing a button on the table.

Have a great, fun time with family and friends with the help of the advanced technology mahjong table with its automatic table and magnetic tiles.

Key Feature

  • Durable table cover to use as a fine dining table for an alternative to an automatic table
  • Functional and essential features included in the table
  • The table set included all essential to a great mahjong game
  • Switchable modes for various type of mahjong game

3. usamahjongtable 144Tiles 44mm  Folding Automatic Mahjong Table

antique mahjong table

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This foldable automatic mahjong table is made from high quality materials and has a length of 5 feet long and a dimension of 39”x 39”x 30.5”. The table can be folded and works its shuffling functions automatically, allowing the players to have their mahjong tiles shuffle without having to do it themselves. Moreover, the players also do not have to spend time rolling the dice as they can roll it automatically too with a push of the button. The table also supports the mahjong game style of the Philippines and Indian not just the classic Chinese mahjong game style.

A pretty, sleek design and functions just like any other automatic table with a twist of usage as an alternative to a normal dining table makes this table very functional and creative.

Key Feature

  • Equipped with four attached wheels to the table
  • Can be folded 90 degrees to free up space when not needed
  • Can be also be used alternatively as a dining table
  • Made from high quality materials and durable

2. Mahjong Table Mah Jong Equipment with 4 Drawers

automatic mahjong table on amazon

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For a normal looking mahjong style table, this particular table will meet the requirement. The table is also a multipurpose table, it can be used as a mahjong table, a chess table and also a dining table. The table has solife wooden frame and tabletop with a non-slip feet feature at the area of the table’s bottom. In addition to the non-slip feature, the table also has bold legs designed to ensure stability and durability of the mahjong table. The table is easy to install and set up with various features included such as drawers and solid cover. It is the very definition of comfort and simple table style. This table is great for playing mahjong with family and friends, its quality and durability is highly guaranteed and will last for a very long time.

Key Feature

  • High quality materials with durable table cover
  • Functions as many different types of table
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Tools, instructions and notes are all included in the package

1. usamahjongtable 144Tiles 44mm Unfolding Automatic Mahjong Table with 4 Drawers

automatic mahjong table manual

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Another classic mahjong table design is constructed in this brand’s automatic table. It has a simple yet delicate style that will capture the attention for its designs. The table has an automatic feature which allows it to self-auto shuffle the tiles and roll the dice for the players when they push the button. The table as well is also a strong durable table with a metal stand to ensure the stability and longevity of the mahjong table. The table set comes with this automatic table, two sets of magnetic mahjong style and as a plus side a set of Hello Kitty mahjong tiles.

Play mahjong with ease and comfort by making purchase of this mahjong table, not only will you experience the best time, you will also make great company with other people.

Key Feature

  • Durable and strong metal stand
  • Great quality table with automatic features
  • Additional features that enhances the quality of the table are included
  • Plus side gift set that comes with the original mahjong set for you

Buying Guide

When it comes to the mahjong table, features can be very fickle and the quality might not add up to its potential as the best automatic mahjong table, therefore to guarantee the best possible we have some buying guides criteria for the purchasers to follow through.

Materials: The material and motor technology should always be checked to ensure it works efficiently and for a long time.

Functions: As an automatic table, the mahjong table should be able to shuffle the tiles on its own without having to be set to do so. Rolling the dice should also be part of its essential function.

Accessibilities: Some mahjong tables can not be as convenient as they can be without the features such as having drawers, cup holders and so on.

Additional Features: Additional features such as wheels and foldability are always encouraged to have in an automatic mahjong table.


What better to spend a fun time with your family and friends than to engage everyone in an exciting game of mahjong. Make your precious quality time a fun and happy one without any dull moment or tiring work with the help from an automatic mahjong table.

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